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If you’re gearing up for a Zach Bryan concert, you’re in for a memorable experience. We aim to help you fully enjoy his next show by providing information that assists you in securing the best seats at a more affordable price. In addition to guiding you on ticket selections, we’ll also offer insights into the expected ticket prices for his upcoming performances. Furthermore, we’ll cover his rise to fame, exploring his popularity on various streaming services and what makes his music so great.

May 19
05:00 pm
May 19, Sun, 05:00 pm
Gulf Shores Public Beach - Gulf Shores
June 01
02:00 am
June 01, Sat, 02:00 am
Oakland Coliseum - Oakland
June 03
02:00 am
June 03, Mon, 02:00 am Arena - Los Angeles
June 04
02:00 am
June 04, Tue, 02:00 am Arena - Los Angeles
June 05
02:00 am
June 05, Wed, 02:00 am Arena - Los Angeles
June 08
03:00 am
June 08, Sat, 03:00 am
T-Mobile Arena - Las Vegas
June 09
03:00 am
June 09, Sun, 03:00 am
T-Mobile Arena - Las Vegas
June 15
01:00 am
June 15, Sat, 01:00 am
Empower Field at Mile High - Denver
June 16
01:00 am
June 16, Sun, 01:00 am
Empower Field at Mile High - Denver
June 20
11:00 pm
June 20, Thu, 11:00 pm
Ford Field - Detroit

To start planning your concert experience, take a look at the ticket listings for Zach Bryan’s upcoming events. These listings are arranged in chronological order for your convenience. In case the venue you’re interested in isn’t listed initially, simply click the ‘Load More’ button. This will reveal a comprehensive page with all the available events. Sift through the ticket options to find a seat that aligns with both your preferences and your budget, ensuring you have the best possible experience at a Zach Bryan concert.

Best Place to Sit at a Zach Bryan Concert

As Zach Bryan embarks on a series of performances across various venues this year, choosing the right one for an optimal experience is crucial. Given the high ticket prices at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, we’ll focus on the T-Mobile Arena to help you navigate the seating chart and find the best seats.

Stage Layout – The venue features a 360-degree stage in the center of the floor, offering a unique and expansive front-row standing area.

Floor Seats – With the floor encompassing almost the entire stage, General Admission (GA) floor tickets could be a viable option, though prices are steep for a standing-only spot, around $450. If you’re aiming to get close to the stage, it’s a gamble but could pay off. However, for those who prefer seats, the lower inner bowl offers a more comfortable viewing experience.

Lower Level – The front row of section 6 is the most expensive, nearing $2,500. A more economical choice would seat 10-15 rows back, costing around $600, saving you nearly $2,000 without sacrificing the view. It’s advisable to avoid corner seats even if they’re cheaper, and instead, focus on middle sections, 15 rows back for a balance of cost and view.

Upper Level – Ticket prices in the upper areas are slightly less expensive, dropping by about $50-$150 compared to the lower level. Opting for the first few rows in the upper level could be good, but you might find better value in the upper rows of the lower section. Avoid seats far back against the wall, as the sound quality tends to be poorer.

Tip – With many tickets available on the resale market, consider waiting as the event date approaches. Monitor the number of listings and track different areas for potential deals.

Football Stadiums – The stage setup in football stadiums differs, often resulting in an abundance of available tickets. Patience is key here; don’t rush your purchase unless you spot an exceptionally good deal. This strategy could enable you to secure tickets early without the stress of last-minute hunting.

Zach Bryan Ticket Prices

When considering ticket prices and budgeting for Zach Bryan’s current tour, it’s important to note that the event is turning out to be more expensive than initially anticipated. Interestingly, the high ticket prices don’t seem to be influenced by the presence of other acts like The Middle East, Levi Turner, Mt. Joy, The War and Treaty, Sierra Ferrell, Jason Isbell, and Matt Maeson. Instead, it appears that Zach Bryan’s solo draw is the primary factor driving these elevated prices.

We will provide a snapshot of ticket prices at various venues throughout the year. These figures will represent the “get-in” price, which is essentially the cost for the least expensive seats available. It’s crucial to remember that these prices are subject to change and are just a starting point. For better seats, the cost will likely increase significantly. This information should help you plan accordingly and set a realistic budget for attending one of these highly sought-after concerts.

Venue Lowest Ticket Prices
United Center $162
Fiserv Forum $209
Thompson-Boling Arena $192
Ford Field $167
Gillette Stadium $312
Golden 1 Center $126

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Zach Bryan’s remarkable climb from a Navy man to a social media sensation, and now a rising star in the music world, began with the release of his debut album “DeAnn” in 2019. This pivotal album set the stage for his current success, exceeding his own expectations and earning him a spot in the spotlight of the music industry.

Throughout his relatively brief but impactful career, Zach has graced stages at iconic venues such as The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, The Troubadour, The Gorge Amphitheatre, and Red Rocks Amphitheater. These performances, often in more intimate settings, have showcased his incredible talent and appeal.

In addition to his solo work, Zach Bryan has been fortunate enough to collaborate with other talented artists, further enhancing his musical skills. His song “I Remember Everything” features the gifted singer Kacey Musgraves, and he has also teamed up with Maggie Rogers to create the track “Dawn.” These collaborations have not only broadened his musical horizons but also introduced his work to a wider audience.

Onstage, Zach has shared the limelight with noteworthy names like the Turnpike Troubadours, Charles Wesley Godwin, and Parker McCollum. The synergy with these folk-style groups and musicians has played a significant role in propelling Zach to his current standing in the music world. As he continues to perform at larger venues, the unique charm and authenticity he brings to his music ensure that fans will have an extraordinary experience at his shows.

His Popularity on the Streaming Services

Analyzing streaming services is a valuable approach to understanding an artist’s popularity and its impact on ticket sales and pricing. The supply and demand dynamics in the ticket industry are heavily influenced by an artist’s fan base size and engagement level. For Zach Bryan, whose upcoming shows are scheduled at large venues, this analysis is particularly relevant.

Starting with YouTube, Zach Bryan has a surprising profile. Despite having 120 videos, he has less than one million subscribers. While this is still a significant number, it’s somewhat unexpected considering he’s booked to perform at major venues like the KIA Center, Ohio Stadium, Lincoln Financial Field, and AT&T Stadium.

Moving to Spotify, the story changes significantly. Zach Bryan’s presence on this platform underscores the rationale for selecting such large venues for his tour. He has almost 30 million monthly listeners, a clear indicator of a strong and widespread fan base. His track record on Spotify is impressive, with several songs accumulating over 200 million listens, and “Something in the Orange” nearing 700 million listens.

To gain a more rounded view, we also looked at a non-streaming platform, Instagram. Here, Zach Bryan has about 3.5 million followers. The combined insights from YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram paint a clear picture of his broad appeal, explaining the choice of large venues for his performances. These platforms, with their varying figures, collectively contribute to understanding the demand for his shows and the consequent ticket pricing strategies.

Let’s Get to the Show

With all this valuable information at your fingertips, you’re well-prepared to confidently choose the best seats for a Zach Bryan concert. Take this research and apply it to the most reliable ticket sites, and select seats that fit your budget and preferences. Remember, the date of the event will be upon you before you know it, so it’s advisable not to delay in securing your tickets. Should you have any queries about the events or need help understanding the seating layouts at different venues, feel free to send us a message. We’re here to assist and ensure you have an excellent concert experience.


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