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Best Seats for a Wiz Khalifa Concert

Wiz Khalifa Tickets and the Best Seats

Are you looking for some Wiz Khalifa concert tickets for an upcoming show? You’ve come to the right place. Not only will you find some of the best seats for a Wiz Khalifa concert, but you will also learn about some history, figuring out the best time to buy tickets, ticket prices you can expect for a concert, and some statistical information that brings it all together.

Before we get into all of that we have the upcoming shows that may be near you. If the listings run out before you see a city near you, go ahead and hit the load more button. This will take you to the full page of ticket listings for all dates.

Best Place to Sit at a Wiz Khalifa Concert

There are all kinds of events coming up on this current tour. We will select a venue and break down some options for you. Use this as a reference for similar locations. There are a lot of amphitheater events coming up. We suggest you don’t sit on the lawn. Try to get to one of the outer sections but closer to the stage. For this event, you’ll be glad you have a seat.

The Smoothie King Center has a pretty standard venue seating chart for concerts. The floor is usually going to be the most expensive option. We suggest you look in the inner bowl levels in sections 112,113,114,101,124, and 123. Try to get toward the lower part of the section. If don’t see anything available in the first 10-15 rows go to the next section and work your way around.

You can also consider sections 106 and 107. These sections may seem further back, but the views will be good and the sound will be ideal. You’ll also pay less for a raised view which is worth it sometimes.

Best Seats in the Smoothie King Center

Get to Know Wiz

Cameron Tomaz, more commonly known as Wiz Khalifa, was born in North Dakota in 1987. He moved from military base to military base with his family when he was a child and recalls writing his own lyrics and making music as early as 9 years old.

Eventually, Wiz Khalifa followed his musical inclinations and began self-recording songs and albums in his dad’s home studio in Oklahoma. When he reached high school, he began recording with a local studio in Pittsburgh. His music recording and natural ambition gained him the attention of Rostrum Records, and from there, he climbed the ladder to fame.

Khalifa’s debut album that launched him into the modern rap scene was Show and Prove, which was launched in 2006. He followed up that album with Deal or No Deal and a no-charge, downloadable mixed tape called Kush and Orange Juice in 2010.

Wiz Khalifa’s biggest hits include:

  • “Hopeless Romantic”, from Rolling Papers II
  • “Say Yeah”, a single
  • “See You Again”, a single
  • “Sucker for Pain”, a single made with Logic, Ty Dolla $ign, and featuring X Ambassadors
  • “Fr Fr”, from Rolling Papers II
  • “Young, Wild, & Free”, from Mac and Devin Go To High School, made with Snoop Dogg and featuring Bruno Mars
  • “Black and Yellow”, from Rolling Papers
  • “Real Rich”, from Rolling Papers II
  • “So High”, from Blacc Hollywood, featuring Ghost Loft

Rostrum Records was also contracted with Mac Miller, who unfortunately passed away on September 7, 2018. The two rappers were signed on the same label and enjoyed the same benefits and challenges of what it means to be a professional rapper. After losing Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, and other artists paid an emotional tribute to Mac Miller by thoughtfully dedicating different songs to him as they sang them at the Rolling Loud Festival on September 18, 2018.

Wiz Khalifa’s name allegedly stems from an Arabic word that means “wisdom”. When he was fifteen years old, his stage name, Khalifa, was shortened to Wiz, which was meant to be short for Wisdom. Now sporting both the nickname as well as his stage name, Wiz Khalifa tends to make music that contains themes about where he is from, who he is friends with within the music industry, and what’s on his mind. The sounds of his experience get parties going and crowds wild.

The Wiz Khalifa Experience:

Wiz Khalifa concerts have character and cater to a rad culture. If inflatable blunts being tossed around the crowd paired with quality rap music sounds like your type of venue, you’ve got to see Wiz Khalifa live. His concerts are notoriously hazy and filled with colorful lights and props. His performances are said to fluctuate from high-energy to chill and laid-back.

Wiz Khalifa performs with a sleek, wise style, sports leather jackets, and slick dance moves as he riles up his fans. Fans dress with style as well and show up ready to cheer and dance to their favorite music or sway and sing to the more laid-back beats.

Best Time to Buy Tickets to Wiz Khalifa

Browse the listings above to see the latest ticket offers to see Wiz Khalifa live today. You can spend days and even weeks researching ticket prices and when to buy, however, we’ve found that about two weeks before the show is when you want to press the buy button. If you miss the presale, we suggest you wait awhile as prices will tend to come down.

You don’t want to force the purchase if you see a lot of tickets available. If you use the listings above you will see how many tickets are still out there. The more inventory you see the more likely the prices will drop. This is when you can wait. You can get a rough estimate and see how the numbers change day by day. Don’t wait too long, but there is a good chance you can get a better ticket price.

Wiz Khalifa Ticket Prices

Here are some of the current ticket prices we see for Wiz Khalifa. These are subject to change so keep that in mind. These should give you a good idea of what to expect to get in the concert. These are the lowest costs tickets. There are many more that are way more expensive and they will have better seats. Some of these ticket prices will be General Admission as well.

Location Lowest Ticket Price
RV Inn Style Resorts Amphitheater $73
Ruoff Music Center $43
Pine Knob Music Theatre $84
Barclays Center $45
Golden 1 Center $49

Wiz Khalifa Statistics

We like sharing what is happening in terms of the popularity of a performer. Our two favorite media outlets consist of Spotify and YouTube. Each one will tell you where the action is. These numbers are always changing so keep that in mind if you are reading this much later.

Starting off with Spotify, we see that Wiz Khalifa has over 32 million listeners each month. This puts him in the upper 20% for sure. His top songs are See You Again and Young, Wild, & Free, and each has well over one billion listens. This is a pretty wild amount.

In terms of YouTube, the channel has taken off and continues to grow. His current subscriber count is over 27 million people. The same songs as above are two of his biggest videos. You can see his channel and dig into more of the videos. We also expect the subscribers to grow as the tour gains steam.

Buy tickets to Wiz Khalifa today!

Wiz Khalifa’s latest tour tickets are here. Whether you are attending the concert solo or with friends, be sure to act when you see a great deal. This could be the best time to buy Wiz Khalifa tickets. Do a little bit of research and it will help you find some of the best seats in the venue. If you have any questions about ticket buying let us know.


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