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If you’re a dedicated Jets fan or just visiting Winnipeg for the night, attending a hockey game could be the perfect way to enjoy yourself. We’re here to assist you in achieving that goal. Selecting the best seats to watch the Winnipeg Jets is crucial for a great experience. That’s why we’ll explore and review the best place to sit inside Canada Life Centre. Additionally, we’ll guide you on the best time to buy tickets and other important factors to consider. To complete our discussion, we’ll share some history about the team and what you can expect in terms of ticket prices.

Best Seats in the Canada Life Centre

We’re going to explore seating options inside the Canada Life Centre for a Winnipeg Jets game. With numerous choices available, we aim to provide insights on what you can expect from different sections. Keep in mind that each seat offers its value, which is an important consideration when comparing prices.

Lower Level – Sections 101-127: These sections encircle the arena, offering some of the best views. If you’re looking to see the Jets shoot twice, aim for seats around section 112. For fans of the visiting team wanting to see them shoot twice, sections 125 and 126 are ideal.

Between the Benches – Sections 118 and 119: Seats in these sections are a VIP experience, placing you right between the two benches. They are highly sought after and come with a higher price tag due to their unique perspective and proximity to the action.

200 Level – This level also encompasses the entire arena. While these seats are on the second tier and might not be as coveted as those on the 100 level, the views from the lower 10 rows are quite good. This can be a smart way to save money while still enjoying a great view, thanks to the intimate setting of a smaller arena.

300 Level – As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. These are the most affordable tickets but aim for the lower rows to maximize your experience. Be on the lookout for price differences between the 200 and 300 levels; a small adjustment in rows could lead to savings.

Suites – Access to suite-level seating means an upgraded experience. While they might not offer all the amenities found in other arenas, they provide the comfort and exclusivity suites are known for.

Pro Tip – You may find some interesting savings on all of these levels if you wait until the last minute to buy tickets.

Best Time to Buy Winnipeg Jets Tickets

When planning your night out, timing your ticket purchase is an important factor to consider. Here are some tips that might help you save money and fully enjoy the game.

Schedule: One of the advantages of hockey is the number of home games each season. Identify a few games you’re interested in and start looking for tickets approximately 15 days before the game date. This can give you a good balance of price and selection.

Compare Ticket Prices: We recommend using some top sites for your ticket purchases. Take the time to compare prices on these platforms to find an option that fits your budget.

Pick the Day: Opting for a weekday game can lead to significant savings. A Tuesday night game, for example, might be cheaper than a Friday night game due to lower demand.

Which Team: Games featuring high-profile teams, like the Edmonton Oilers, tend to have pricier tickets. If you’re looking to save, consider attending a game against a team that’s not performing as well that season, as these tickets might be less expensive.

Ticket Considerations

Considering attending multiple Winnipeg Jets games this season? Explore the variety of ticketing options available to enhance your experience. Here are four main methods to secure tickets for the upcoming season:

Season Tickets: Ideal for the devoted fan planning to attend several games. While the initial cost is higher, season ticket holders enjoy numerous benefits and the opportunity to resell their tickets, potentially at a profit.

Single Game Tickets: If you’re interested in attending just one game, single game tickets are readily available. Simply select the game you wish to attend to get started.

Group Tickets: Perfect for committing to approximately 2-8 games during the season. While you can’t choose the specific games, this option offers affordability. If you’re unable to attend a game, you can pass the tickets to a friend or sell them.

Last Minute Tickets: For those looking to save, purchasing tickets at the last minute can be a great strategy. Availability may vary based on the opponent, but platforms like SeatGeek or StubHub can assist you in finding deals as the game approaches.

Go Down History Row

The Winnipeg Jets, who play their games at the Canada Life Centre, have been part of the NHL since 1979. Since joining the league, they have yet to clinch a Stanley Cup victory. Despite winning divisional titles and making numerous playoff appearances, the Stanley Cup has eluded them.

Throughout the franchise’s ups and downs, the Jets have been home to some remarkable players. Teemu Selanne, Blake Wheeler, Bobby Hull, and Dale Hawerchuk have all made significant contributions to the team’s successes. It may take additional talent to push them over the top, but the fanbase remains solidly behind them.

Over the years, the Jets have developed some intense rivalries, particularly with fellow Canadian teams like the Oilers and Flames. These matchups are always eagerly anticipated, as they face each other multiple times each season. Rivalries with the Minnesota Wild and Nashville Predators have also become quite heated. Games against any of these teams tend to be among the most exciting, and as a result, they may also command higher ticket prices.

Jets Expected Ticket Prices

Despite having one of the smaller arenas in the NHL, the Winnipeg Jets offer reasonably priced tickets. However, the final cost will depend on various factors we’ve discussed previously. We provide a list of some upcoming games, giving you an idea of what to expect to pay for entry-level home game tickets. Keep in mind, that prices are subject to change and are likely to fluctuate right up to the last minute.

Opponent Lowest Ticket Prices
Washington Capitals $45
Nashville Predators $38
Calgary Flames $40
Seattle Kraken $38
Vancouver Canucks $54

Get to a Game this Weekend

With the information provided, you’re now ready to attend a Winnipeg Jets game. The key question is, what’s the best option for you? We’ve guided you on the best seating areas and discussed various ways to buy tickets. Remember, ticket prices fluctuate throughout the season, so it’s essential to aim for the best seat within your budget for an incredible game experience. If you’re unsure about where to sit or how to find the most affordable tickets, feel free to send us a message.


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