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The Winnipeg Jets are one of the handful of NHL teams based out of Canada. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Jets have a huge following of fans, both in Canada and in the U.S. Hockey fans of all ages love this team, and there’s no secret why this is. The Jets have been quite successful since being introduced to the National Hockey League in 1999. Tickets to Winnipeg Jets games are hot items, and landing a few for your friends or family members can be a big deal. Remember to shop around for the best deals possible by using sites like SeatGeek or StubHub to get the best seats at the lowest prices.

The Winnipeg Jets of today are not the same franchise that once played in the city of Winnipeg. The original Jets played from 1972 until 1996. The Jets that are located in the city today were originally known as the Atlanta Thrashers when they were founded as an expansion team in ’99. When they relocated to Winnipeg in 2011, the team adopted the name of the Jets as an act of homage to the original Winnipeg team. That original team is now known as the Arizona Coyotes.

The team has created some fierce rivalries over the years, and tickets for these games always sell out just a little bit faster. The Coyotes remain a rival thanks to their once-shared location, as are the Anaheim Ducks, who quickly defeated the Jets in one of their few playoff appearances. As the Jets spend more time as a professional team, they continue to earn rivals, and finding tickets to Winnipeg Jets games for these events can be tough to do. You’ll need to act fast and search around to find the best possible seats.

The Winnipeg Jets are a fun team to watch, and whether you are watching them play at home or away, a Jets hockey game will be an amazing experience. Be sure to buy your tickets well ahead of time and don’t forget to plan the rest of your trip out so that you can get the most out of your experience.

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