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Willie Nelson might just be one of the most influential living legends in the world of country music. But labeling him as a country star is a little restricting when it comes to his musical style. Yes, he has definitely made his mark in this genre of music, but his influence extends far beyond country music. As he goes out on tour again, tickets to Willie Nelson shows are bound to sell out in most areas. He is one of the biggest names ever in the music industry, and this is sure to be a wildly popular tour. If you want seats, we highly recommend checking out SeatGeek and other third party tickets, especially if the show near you has already sold out. This will better your chances of getting tickets, and it will help you to save on inflated costs, too.

Willie Nelson rose to fame in the late 1950s, and songs like “Crazy,” “Whiskey River,” and “Georgia on My Mind” helped to cement his place in the annals of country music. He has released many albums over the years, and has even written several books and co-starred in a handful of films. Again, his influence extends far beyond his music.

Influencing countless musicians in the country genre, and many others outside of it, Willie Nelson’s mark on music cannot easily be determined. Bands like the Zac Brown Band, George Strait, and Lady Antebellum owe a lot to the groundbreaking that Nelson did. He has played with other legends like Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and more.

Today, Willie Nelson is well known for his activism and his outspoken views on society. His music is still a huge part of his identity, especially for his fans. Tickets to Willie Nelson shows remain hot items more than 50 years after his career began as a result of this. If you’re a country music fan, or you just love to hear great musicians and storytellers perform, this current tour is likely going to be a one of a kind experience for you. Willie Nelson remains a mammoth figure in the music business, and this will be something that you never forget.

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