Read this Vivid Seats Review and Buy TicketsIn an industry lacking transparency, it is important to take the word of trusted sources. This is why we want to discuss Vivid Seats in great detail. We want to provide you with a breakdown so you have all the important things covered when buying tickets. We will go over many things from promo codes, fees, customer service, refunds, and apps, and try to answer many of the questions that get asked each day.

After speaking directly to one of the biggest sellers of tickets online, we’ve learned that Vivid Seats is the strongest reseller in the industry. Outselling companies such as SeatGeek and StubHub. They also beat the Ticketmaster reseller program. This makes Vivid Seats a trusted brand among the sellers which also means they are a trusted brand amongst the buyers.

Vivid Seats

We can write for days when it comes to a Vivid Seats story, but in this case, we will look into the most important things. Outside of price and seat location, peace of mind is the most important thing buyers think about when buying tickets. It’s making sure that you receive the tickets that counts. Vivid Seats will make sure you get your tickets or a refund will be available.

As a ticket marketplace, there are thousands of tickets being bought & sold each day. A small percentage of tickets that get sold have issues. This could be from the seller never actually owning the tickets, the tickets being sold on another marketplace first, or the seller didn’t follow up with the transfer process. In most cases, the problems that occur aren’t from Vivid Seats.

*** Something to Think About *** People selling tickets don’t want any issues. For the most part, they are trying to make money selling the tickets and don’t want any hassles. The more issues that arise the more pain they will feel. Sometimes a seller can be charged back two times what they sold the tickets for. For example, if they sold two Metallica tickets for $1000 and something happened where the buyer didn’t get the tickets. The seller will have to refund the $1000 and potentially have to refund another 100% of the original price. So, this would be $2,000. This is to avoid sellers from being fraudulent.

Vivid Seats knows how important their customers are. If they can apply the right protections, sellers won’t have a real opportunity to scam someone.

Truth About Vivid Seats Promo Codes

Vivid Seats Promo CodesCall them promo codes or discount codes, these were created by internet marketing companies many years ago to provide incentives for purchasing. We do not currently have a specific promo code for you to use. However, the links on our site will most likely get you the same deals that are out there.

If you are looking for coupon codes and promo codes on sites such as Retailmenot, you will most likely come across codes that are expired or potentially give you $20 off your order if you meet the threshold.

If you made it this far, send us a message if you plan to make an order. Use the links on this page or just below and we can send you 3% of your cost. If you buy 4 tickets and the total with fees is $1,000, we can send you $30. All we would need is the event, date, and potentially one more number. Use our About Us page to reach us.

Get 3% Cashback on Your Ticket Purchase at Vivid Seats

Is Vivid Seats Legit? – Some people call ticket brokers a scam. The bottom line, they are a marketplace bringing buyers and sellers together.

If you missed out on the presale or on-sale purchasing of tickets from say Ticketmaster, Live Nation, or AXS, you’ll be left with buying tickets from the secondary market.

If VS were illegitimate, they wouldn’t still be in business after 20 years. Yes, we can all complain about fees and markups. They understand supply and demand and find a market for the ticket industry. There isn’t a scam involved with Vivid Seats, the thing most people dislike is the fees.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about those pesky FEES.

Vivid Seats Fees

When people get asked about buying tickets and what they dislike the most, it always comes down to the FEES associated with buying the seats. We still don’t understand why ticket fees cost so much. There are usually fees for the venue, the seller fees, processing fees, and many others.

Vivid Seats Fees are HereHere is the one thing you will need to understand. Prices you see on the marketplaces may differ from say StubHub to Vivid Seats or SeatGeek to Vivid Seats, however, the price in the end usually works out the same. You are either paying more for the tickets and less on fees or you are paying less for tickets and more for fees.

VividSeats will not clearly say what their ticket fees are on a case-by-case scenario until you are at the checkout. You can usually expect to pay 10%-20%. Again, this will be based on how the seller of the tickets wants to present their pricing.

Customer Service

The most important feature we look at is customer service. This is critical when making an expensive purchase. When we have potentially high-ticket items, we want to make sure we have someone to talk to if something should go wrong. With VividSeats customer service you can feel confident should you need a person on the other side of a phone.

Their website answers dozens of questions. Everything from buying to selling tickets, cancellation policy, and all kinds of general ticket information.

Vivid Seats Buyer GuaranteeYou can use their drop-down key which will look for very specific issues, such as, I still haven’t received my tickets. Will I get them before my event? With their 100% guarantee, they will monitor the transfer of tickets up until the moment of the show. Remember, a lot of tickets won’t get transferred to you until a day or week before the show. Don’t let this scare you off. Ticketmaster or Live Nation tends to not pass out the original tickets until very late to avoid fraud or scalpers.

So, if your questions aren’t answered that way, you can reach customer service on Live Chat, or email, or you can call them in the United States using the phone number 833.228.5143. International callers should use 925.206.3066.

With these methods of answering questions, you shouldn’t have issues getting your problem resolved. You can even reach out to us and we can do our best to help you out. Keep us posted on how your customer service experience went so we can update this VividSeats post to reflect that.

100% Buyer Guarantee

We mentioned above how Vivid Seats provides a buyer’s guarantee. This means should you have issues getting into your event, Vivid Seats will make sure you are paid back the amount you spent. In most cases, they will also provide some kind of credit or gift card. Remember, the last thing Vivid Seats wants is for you to have problems. When dealing with so many different people things could happen. Should it happen to you, you’ll have to accept the outcomes and just wait for your money back.

Sell on Vivid Seats

We keep talking about buying tickets, fees, getting your money back for issues as a buyer, and so on. Being the seller of tickets has a different look to it. Yes, just like all of the other marketplaces like SeatGeek and StubHub, you can sell tickets you bought on other platforms directly on Vivid Seats. You will then be on the other side of the situation.

Vivid Seats Sell Your TicketsYou can list your tickets for free on the VS platform. Reasons for selling include having too many tickets, not being able to attend, or maybe you want to sell some season tickets. Life can get in the way at any moment.

Once your tickets sell, you can then transfer them to a mobile device, email them, or ship them to the person. Soon after the event occurs you will get paid for your tickets. You will be charged 10% of the cost of the tickets. Say you sell two Morgan Wallen tickets for $750, you will not get $750. You will end up with $675, which is the $750 minus the 10%.

Please make sure you check out the requirements to sell tickets. This is very important. Also, read through all of the FAQs on their site to get a full understanding. With such a large market of tickets, Vivid Seats should be one of the sites you use to list your tickets. Let us know if this Vivid Seat article is helping you sell more tickets.

Vivid Seats App

Other than not being able to see the seating chart as clearly as on a PC or Laptop, the Vivid Seats app is a great tool for buying tickets. The tickets you buy will sit in the app and then can be used for entry into the event. You should download the app here for iOS and here for Android.

Earn Rewards

Vivid Seats RewardsMany companies no matter the industry offer a rewards program. Vivid Seats is just another company providing you incentives to use their services. After digging in, we discovered that this is a pretty cool rewards program.

You’ll need the app to join which is step one. You’ll then get stamps for every ticket you purchase. You then receive credit when you hit 10 stamps. You’ll receive credit toward your next purchase equivalent to the average of the previous 10 tickets. You can read all of the fine print on your own, but be aware there are time restrictions.

Vivid Seats Common Questions

We pulled together some of the common questions ticket buyers have and hopefully we can give you enough information to work with. If we are missing some of the answers, please contact Vivid Seats directly.

How does Vivid Seats Work? Vivid Seats is a ticket marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together. You can buy with confidence from VS knowing they will hold the seller responsible should there be an issue.

What is Vivid Seats? This is a third-party marketplace for buying tickets. They compete with companies such as StubHub and SeatGeek.

How to Sell Tickets on Vivid Seats? Create an account and then submit the tickets and price you want to sell. Be sure to own the tickets before listing. Expect to pay a 10% fee. Also, if you plan to sell a lot of tickets look to create a Skybox account.

How Much are Vivid Seats Fees? To sell your tickets a 10% fee will be applied. When buying tickets you’ll be looking at an eleven to twenty percent fee. This varies based on the seller’s asking price.

What is Zone Seating on Vivid Seats? A lot of times seats will get mixed in a specific area or what is better known as a zone. Actual seats won’t always be exact, but they will be what you think you ordered or better.

Where are My Tickets? Two things can happen if you are waiting for your seats. The seller of your seats may not be required to deliver them to you up until a day or two before the event. Also, the primary ticket site may not deliver the seats to the original buyer until very close to the event.

How to Accept Tickets on Vivid Seats? You will see a location in the app that will allow you to accept them. Sometimes you will receive an email where you will be taken to Ticketmaster to gain access as well.

Do You Update this Article? We are constantly updating our site to help ticket buyers and sellers. It’s important to share any information that may help the next person.

How Reliable are Vivid Seats? All sites that sell tickets are reliable. It comes down to whether the seller of the tickets will follow through as they should.

What Does Super Seller Mean on Vivid Seats? This means this person or brokers has been selling a lot of tickets on Vivid Seats for some time and they are trusted. We suggest you look towards the super seller if possible.

How to Cancel Vivid Seats Tickets? More than likely you can’t cancel your tickets after purchase. Sometimes you will see this as a feature and if it is important to you, then I suggest you look into insurance.

How to Sell Mobile Tickets on Vivid Seats? You have to go into your account and upload the seats to your seller’s account. Once this is done you’ll be all set.

How to use Vivid Seats Rewards Cash? Once you meet the threshold to use your cash, you will then be able to apply the credit to your next ticket purchase.

How to Contact Vivid Seats? You have a couple of options. You can use the chat feature on their site or you can call Vivid Seats directly. The numbers are above.

How to Add Vivid Seats Tickets to Apple Wallet? Just like anything else that you want to apply to your wallet, you’ll be able to add the VS tickets.

When does Vivid Seats Pay Me? You’ll have to wait several days after the date of the event. This avoids cancellations or postponements.

Why don’t Vivid Seats Show Seat Numbers? This is due to not fully knowing where the seats are according to the seller. You will get seats in that section you requested but the actual seat number won’t be listed until you receive them on your mobile device.

How to sell Ticketmaster Tickets on Vivid Seats? More than likely you will be selling all primary ticket sites on Vivid if that is what you want to do. You will list the tickets on Vivid and then transfer the tickets through Ticketmaster when they are bought.

That will sum up this Vivid Seats breakdown. We’ve gone over why we think they are legit, what you need to know about promo codes, the fees, the rewards, customer service, and many other things that will give you confidence when buying tickets at Vivid. There could be other questions that may have not been answered and you can always contact us for more information. Good luck with your buying or selling and let us know how your event went.