Vivid Seats is a ticket resell site. Like many other similar sites, Vivid Seats offers customers the opportunity to purchase resold tickets that might not be available anywhere else.
They also allow you to sell tickets if you wish. They offer tickets for many major sporting events, including collegiate sports, WWE, tennis, boxing, and MMA fights, horse racing, and NASCAR. There are also tickets for the theater, comedy club events, and concerts. If you are looking to buy or sell tickets for these events or many others, Vivid Seats is able to assist you.

General Information

Vivid Seats was founded in 2001 and is currently based out of Chicago, Illinois. Founded by two college roommates, the company reported revenue of about $65 million in 2011. They have been at the forefront of the ticket resale industry for quite a while now, solidifying their spot as a customer favorite and have earned a strong reputation at the same time. Since 2011, the business has gotten much bigger. Reports say that they have expanded their employee base by 400 percent since then and have moved their offices to a larger space.

Get Tickets to AnythingOn their site, you can search for tickets in a number of different ways; by date, type of event, venue, location, or specific sports team or band. This makes finding what you are looking for very easy, and it also makes finding random events that you will enjoy but might never have thought of on your own a lot easier, too.

Security is Key

Vivid Seats has a strong reputation and has taken steps to keep it that way. They are a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers and they’ve been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2003. Their site takes strong security measures to protect your personal information and make sure that the tickets you buy and sell are completely legitimate and delivered safely. They have a 100 percent buyer’s guarantee on all tickets being purchased so that you will always get valid tickets on time or your money back. This is a great thing for your peace of mind if you had any previous doubts before proceeding.

Fees You Can’t Avoid

There are fees when you are buying tickets, but they can be tough to find before you actually are ready to buy. Fees are not announced until the final checkout screen, which can be a little frustrating if you thought that you were going to be paying a certain price and then see that your checkout price is much higher. Fees can range and are based upon the fees that the original ticket seller added on, but there is not an easy way to distinguish these. Do keep in mind that these are on par with pretty much every other ticket resale site out there. This is an industry-standard, but their pricing model could be displayed a little more openly. Because ticket prices are all determined beforehand, Vivid Seats actually has little to do with all of this. Their profit comes from the commission paid by sellers.

If you are selling tickets, there is a 10 percent commission that you pay to the site off of the purchase price given. For example, if you have a $100 ticket before the extra fees are added on, you will see a return of $90 once the ticket sells. Listing the ticket itself is free of charge other than this commission.

Best Promo Codes

The best way to save money at Vivid Seats is with a promo code. These can be found in various places around the web and in other promotional items. If you are looking for tickets at this site, it’s always best to try and find some money-saving promotional codes to use before you purchase anything. They also have a customer loyalty program that can help offset costs if you are planning on using this site multiple times.


Tickets can be emailed to you if the event is close at hand. There may be a charge to have the tickets emailed to you, depending upon the original seller and the event itself. Tickets can also be mailed to you directly, and there is, of course, a shipping fee associated with this. If you need your tickets faster than the expected delivery date, rush delivery can be obtained for a higher price.

Finally, depending upon the event itself, Vivid Seats has an instant download option where you don’t even need to wait for an email to receive your tickets. Once you pay for them, you can click a link and the ticket will be downloaded right to your computer. This is a unique feature that most other sites do not offer.