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Best Seats to see Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend Tour Dates and Best Seats

Vampire Weekend has a busy schedule with numerous upcoming concerts, and we’re here to assist you in finding the best seats. With many dates on their calendar, once you pinpoint your preferred location, our venue breakdown will guide you in selecting the ideal seats. Additionally, we’ll share some background on the band, offer insights into ticket pricing, and reveal some intriguing streaming statistics that might be new to you.

The ticket listings above showcase Vampire Weekend’s upcoming concerts. It’s possible that the events listed may not include a venue in your area. If that’s the case, click on the “Load More” button. This action will direct you to a page listing every tour date Vampire Weekend has planned, ensuring you don’t miss out on their performances.

Best Place to Sit at Vampire Weekend Concert

Although Vampire Weekend performs in a variety of venues, from arenas to amphitheaters, we’ve chosen to focus on the Huntington Bank Pavilion in Chicago. This large venue can accommodate up to 30,000 people, ensuring there’s a great seat for everyone. Let’s explore the options.

General Admission (PIT) – Unlike the complex stage layouts seen in some arenas, the amphitheater’s pit area is straightforward. Being in the pit puts you closest to the stage and with a lively crowd. However, the lack of seats makes it less appealing to us, despite offering an incredible concert experience.

101/105 Sections – With only two 100-level sections, these seats are desirable. They offer views and acoustics similar to the pit, but with the comfort of a seat. Due to the limited number of seats, expect to pay significantly more for these sections.

200 Sections – The 200 level is an excellent choice for enjoying a Vampire Weekend concert. It provides the sound and views you’re looking for. Aim for sections 202-206, though sections 201 and 207 are also good. They might not compare to the central sections, but they’re worth considering, especially if there’s a significant discount. Moving back within the section is also a good strategy.

300 Sections – These seats offer a decent experience. Your views will be from farther back, but the sound remains excellent. Sections 307 and 308, near the mix table, offer particularly good sound quality. Sections 301-305 have a more intimate, box-like feel, offering a unique concert experience. If you’re considering sections 310-314, try to get seats in the lower seven rows to mitigate the distance from the stage.

VIP Boxes – The VIP Box seats, located stage left near the back of the pavilion, offer a premium experience. They’re ideal for those who prefer to avoid large crowds and come with additional amenities but at a higher cost.

General Admission (Lawn) – The lawn area offers freedom and a relaxed atmosphere. Arriving early can secure a better spot, as the concert experience diminishes further back. Early arrival makes this a more affordable option for seeing Vampire Weekend.

Vampire Weekend Concert Seating Tip – Waiting until the last minute for tickets might not be advisable. Keep an eye on different areas to see where tickets might be more available. Sellers may lower prices to sell quickly, so check frequently to find a great deal.

Let’s Look at Some History

The Indie/Rock music scene became significantly more intriguing in 2006 with the formation of Vampire Weekend. Since their inception, they’ve gone on four tours, with a fifth one on the horizon. Whether fans caught their performances during the Contra tour in 2009 or the Father of the Bride tour in 2019, they were treated to an array of fantastic music.

Vampire Weekend has had the privilege of playing on many prestigious stages across the United States. Their performances have ranged from The Fillmore in San Francisco to the legendary Radio City Music Hall, and they’ve also graced the lineups of several major music festivals, including Coachella, Austin City Limits, and Lollapalooza.

Throughout their career, they’ve achieved significant milestones, including winning a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album for “Father of the Bride” at the 2020 Awards.

The band has been fortunate to share the stage with numerous artists, contributing to their listening growth. Collaborations and performances with artists such as Steve Lacy, Santigold, Ra Ra Riot, Kid Cudi, Mitski, and HAIM have played a pivotal role in the evolution and expansion of Vampire Weekend’s audience.

Vampire Weekend Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for Vampire Weekend concerts fluctuate daily at every venue, from Madison Square Garden to the Moody Center. Below, you will find a list of venues where Vampire Weekend is scheduled to perform, along with the lowest cost ticket price available. Keep in mind, that these prices are always subject to change, and this reflects the cheapest option to gain entry to the venue. Naturally, prices for good, better, and best seats will be significantly higher.

Venue Lowest Ticket Prices
Moody Amphitheater $
Hollywood Bowl $
Climate Pledge Arena $
Saint Louis Music Park $
TD Garden $
Red Hat Amphitheater $

Steaming Statistics for Vampire Weekend

Listening to our favorite artists has become more accessible than ever, with platforms like YouTube and Spotify offering vast music libraries. These services are used worldwide, and by examining the popularity of a band like Vampire Weekend on these platforms, we can get a sense of their fanbase size, which in turn can influence ticket pricing for their concerts. However, it’s important to note that popularity metrics are just one factor in determining ticket prices.

Starting with YouTube, Vampire Weekend has a modest presence with only 8 videos and 303,000 subscribers. This figure alone doesn’t provide a comprehensive view of their potential ticket prices, but it’s expected that their YouTube following will grow. Their most popular video, “Step,” has garnered 22 million views. In comparison, artists like Jennifer Lopez, who has a longer career span, have videos with significantly higher view counts, such as one with 2.2 billion views.

On Spotify, Vampire Weekend attracts around seven million listeners each month. This number is also expected to increase, but it doesn’t immediately suggest that their concert tickets should be priced above the average. The track “A-Punk” is particularly popular, with about 445 million streams. This level of engagement on Spotify demonstrates a strong and consistent listener base, which is a positive indicator of the band’s popularity, It could influence ticket pricing strategies.

Going to a Show Near You

This is your opportunity to catch a Vampire Weekend concert near you, whether it’s set to be held indoors or outdoors. The band is known for delivering a fantastic performance, and with their special guests, attendees can look forward to a diverse mix of genres at each event. To see if you can find a great deal on tickets, consider checking out listings on StubHub. There are various options available for purchasing tickets, and we’re here to help by providing reviews of those sites. If you have any questions about buying tickets to see Vampire Weekend or need assistance in finding the best seats, feel free to send us a message. We’re committed to helping you have an unforgettable concert experience.


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