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Ready to snag tickets for Usher’s upcoming live shows? Now’s your chance to see one of the greatest entertainers hit the stage. We aim to get you to the show at a reasonable price. We’ll cover ideal seating options and the best seats. Next, we’ll discuss Usher’s rise to fame, and wrap up with key stats from streaming services. But first, let’s look at some of the tickets that are available.

Right below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of upcoming Usher events. Whether he’s in residency in Las Vegas or on tour, the best seats to see Usher can be found here. If the date or location you’re interested in isn’t listed, the ‘load more’ button will reveal all active events. Good luck finding your tickets.

November 30
05:00 am
November 30, Thu, 05:00 am
Dolby Live at Park MGM - Las Vegas
December 02
05:00 am
December 02, Sat, 05:00 am
Dolby Live at Park MGM - Las Vegas
December 03
05:00 am
December 03, Sun, 05:00 am
Dolby Live at Park MGM - Las Vegas
December 06
12:30 am
December 06, Wed, 12:30 am
Little Caesars Arena - Detroit
December 13
12:30 am
December 13, Wed, 12:30 am
Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia - Philadelphia
February 11
11:30 pm
February 11, Sun, 11:30 pm
Allegiant Stadium - Las Vegas

Best Seats for an Usher Concert

Finding the best seats at an Usher concert involves more than mere chance. We specialize in optimizing seating choices for concerts and sporting events. For instance, let’s consider Usher’s concerts at the Dolby Live at Park MGM in Las Vegas. Even if you read this later, the principles can apply to similarly structured venues.

The Dolby Live at Park MGM has over 6,000 seats, making it larger than most assume. Its wide design also offers opportunities for closer proximity to the stage.

Stage Seating – These tables cater to small groups aiming for an intimate experience with Usher. The artist often interacts with these attendees, making these seats highly coveted. Monitor these seats to see if someone decides to drop the ticket price in your favor.

VIP – We don’t see tickets available for this area. We aren’t sure why, but if something opens up here you should consider these. This area will be a top-level viewing of Usher.

100 Level – Interior sections here are pricey. To economize, opt for rows further back. Be cautious about spending too much on the outer wings of this level.

200 Level – Sections 202 and 204 are your best bet, as prices drop considerably compared to section 203, with only a minor compromise in view quality. The closer rows in these sections offer excellent value. For maximum savings, consider the back rows of this level if you miss the first five rows.

300 Level – Prices in the central part of this level start high but may decrease as the event nears. To save, consider rows further back that offer nearly the same view as the front rows.

400 Level – This level offers reasonable pricing. Prioritize sections 404, followed by 403 and 405. Opt for the first three rows if possible, as they provide the best value relative to the 300 level.

Take your time with purchasing Usher tickets at the Dolby MGM. If something pops out at you then you should make your move. If you are willing to pay a lot of money then don’t hold back and buy your tickets today.

Best Place to sit in the Dolby Live at Park MGM

A Look Back at Usher

Usher has enjoyed a long-lasting career, maintaining his youthful energy on stage over the years. Debuting in 1994 with his first album, he revolutionized the way many people experienced music. His discography now boasts nearly 10 studio albums, not counting his numerous collaborations and features with other artists.

Despite this extensive catalog, Usher has embarked on only four major worldwide tours, a surprising number given his prolific output. Nonetheless, these tours have put him on some of the most prestigious stages in the world.

In the United States, he’s graced iconic venues like Madison Square Garden, KIA Forum, and TD Garden, as well as the Smoothie King Center. These performances in major cities shouldn’t overshadow his early days in smaller venues, which were instrumental in shaping his career.

Most recently, Usher took up a residency at Dolby Live at Park MGM, a venue known for its intimate atmosphere yet high-energy shows. Notable artists like Bill Burr, Cody Jinks, Marcus King, Bruno Mars, and Toby Keith have also shared or are set to share this stage, adding to its reputation as a must-see performance location.

Popularity Continues to Grow

We have our own method of checking a performer’s popularity which will help us determine ticket prices for concerts in the future. We look at two of the biggest ways to listen to music nowadays. By using YouTube and Spotify, we can determine the growth and where Usher stands today.

We kick things off with YouTube. Usher has dozens of videos dating back many years. His top videos have well over 300 million views with his top video Yeah!, almost reaching one billion views. He currently has almost 8 million subscribers on his channel. Any new video he adds will be shown to that many people potentially.

Spotify is our favorite way to determine how many people are listening to an artist. The numbers will fluctuate for sure, but with almost 35 million listens each month you can expect ticket prices to be above average. The same song that we mentioned on YouTube, Yeah!, has over a billion listens and this will continue to climb.

Overall, with the amount of listens and views, you can expect any event to have a fairly high price tag. Sometimes you have to commit to the price to help you get to the show you really want to attend.

Buying Tickets in this Market

Don’t miss this opportunity to see Usher live. The venue offers the ideal setting for a memorable night. Utilize our recommended methods for securing the best seats without spending more than you have to. If you’re in Las Vegas or planning to visit, also consider shows by Adele, Lionel Richie, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry. The entertainment in the area is top-notch. Act quickly, as Usher’s residency is for a limited time.


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