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Best Place to Sit in the United Center

Best Seats in the United Center

When it comes to sports and concert arenas, the United Center stands out as one of the biggest in the United States. Hosting the Chicago Bulls of the NBA and the Chicago Blackhawks of the NHL, you can expect large crowds throughout the fall and winter months. Throughout the year the United Center plays host to many different events. You can expect all of the big concert tours such as Adele, Bruce Springsteen, Green Day, and Lady Gaga to appear in this arena. What the future looks like will be listed below. You can see all of the upcoming events happening at the United Center. If you wish to see more click the Load More button for even more details. Also, depending on the event you want to see the best seats inside the United Center are critical to ensuring a lifetime experience.

Best Places to Sit In the United Center

Our site focuses heavily on where to sit at sporting events and concerts. In this case, we will go over some of the better sections and seats around the United Center. Each event will carry its own best seat selection so keep that in mind when selecting.

Bulls Courtside Seats – These are the cream of the crop when it comes to experience. Courtside seats will cost you the most, but there is nothing like seeing a game up close. There are two rows of courtside seats so keep that in mind. Try to get the A row if you can. When you get these seats you will also get some perks like waiter service.

Main Level – Running from sections 101 through 122, the main level will give you some nice views. These sections are available for both hockey and basketball games. Some rows will get removed due to the proximity to the rink which is larger than the basketball court.

Bench Seating – If you want to sit behind the bulls look for section 101/102 and if you want to be behind the visitor’s bench look for section 121/122. For Blackhawks games, look for section 101 and the opponents will be in front of section 122.

*** When it comes to club level, suites, and boxes, you will more than likely find some kind of sponsor for that area. These sections can change names all of the time due to the sponsor’s budget. Keep that in mind should something not be what it is anymore.

Lexus Club Level – With over 3000 seats in the Lexus Club Level, you will have access to not only great seats but amenities as well. For both Bulls and Blackhawks, these seats are highly sought after since they provide a more VIP status of enjoying the game. Look for friendly wait staff, small restroom lines, and shorter concession lines.

Theater Boxes – This is an area within the club level that gives fans access to mega suites and lounges. You’ll find couches, large-screen TVs, and all kinds of complementary goods.

Upper Level – In the 300 level you will find seats. That’s about it. There is nothing special about these seats other than the price. You can save money but you’re leaving a better experience behind.

Standing Room Only – If you want to get access to a game but aren’t sure until the last minute this may be the way to go. It can get you in the arena and you can see the game from a standing area. Not the best way to watch the game but you will get the full crowd feels.

Concert Seating – As for concerts, you have a whole bunch of other seating arrangements. This can vary from each artist performing. One type of setup is a stage being left to right. This opens up all kinds of floor seats where the court and rink would be.

As you are looking for concert tickets, there are two things to look at when trying to save money. The floor seats will have different sections. You can see a significant price drop from just one section. We suggest you try to get the front row of the section just behind the more expensive section. Not only will you have the first row, but you can save a little money for concessions and tee shirts.

Some History and Facts

Opened in 1994, the United Center has become an iconic staple in the downtown area of Chicago. The structure took over two years to build and has had several big renovations over the years. There are many other great venues in the country and if you are interested in reading about them you can find information on them you can check out our best venues page.

Currently, the United Center has a capacity of 21,000 people for a basketball game, 20,000 for a hockey game, and 23,500 people for a concert. These numbers will vary from each event, but for the most part, it can hold a lot of people.

Starting with a WWE Summerslam event in 1994, the United Center hasn’t looked back. Playing host to the Democratic National Convention, the Blackhawks Stanley Cup runs, and of course, Michael Jordan bringing home several NBA Titles for the Chicago Bulls, this location keeps on giving to the local fans.

Other events you may find yourself watching at the United Center include bull riding, Monster Truck Jam, NCAA Basketball, UFC matches, and much more. Use the listings above to find the best seats in the United Center for the event you want to attend.

More history and big moments will happen at the United Center. It will be up to you to make it out to the event and enjoy it.

Parking Your Car

One of the biggest annoyances of attending live events in such a large arena is parking your car. We say this throughout the site if you can deal with public transportation. you’ll save yourself some headaches and money.

If you do plan to park your car try and use one of the different parking apps such as SpotHero. This will guarantee you a parking spot so you don’t have to worry about that aspect of the event. How much does it cost to park near the United Center? On average, you are looking at around $20. This will go up on some events and will come down on others. If you are a season ticket holder you should learn about the different parking establishments and find the best deals. Some season ticket holders will get parking passes with their tickets.

Arrival Expectations

Like many venues, there will be things you need to know before attending. For example, what can you bring in?, what is the bag policy?, are there any Covid restrictions in place?, like mask coverings? Nowadays, most tickets are paperless. In certain circumstances, you will need a PDF, but for the most part, it will come down to Mobile tickets.

Although we find it a pain, the United Center is completely cashless. You have to have some kind of card or phone payment setup. I understand the reasoning, but sometimes you just want a $3 item and want to pull out a few bucks and not worry about it. It is what it is. As far as bag policy, you can bring in a small purse or personal bag. It can’t be big or a backpack. Some medical and diaper bags are allowed after a significant search is done. Give yourself enough time to get through security so you aren’t late.

Covid-19 Guidelines – Currently, there aren’t any Covid restrictions but if you see a wave of infections, you should consider looking at the United Center website for more details. You can wear a mask if you wish.

Restaurants Nearby

Are you looking for some restaurants near the United Center? Well, the good news is there are several options for you to choose from. The meal you want could depend on what event you’re attending. A concert for Michael Buble or Harry Styles could fetch a different meal than if you are attending a Blackhawks game. Here are a few options to check out for whatever event you are going to.

Billy Goat Tavern – This is a no-big-deal joint offering all kinds of American food. You can expect burgers, hot dogs, and other items in that category. It can get quite lively on a game night so give yourself some extra time if you plan on having a couple of beers.

Park Tavern – If you are into craft beers, this is the place for you. Serving up more American fare, the Park Tavern provides a lot of fun for its guests. You can expect great customer service with a wide array of appetizers

The Rosebud – Although a little further out from the United Center, this Italian restaurant is really good. It has some cool outdoor eating and the customer service is spot on. This reasonably priced restaurant is perfect before you go check out Andrea Bocelli live.

Check Out the United Center

You came here looking for the best place to sit in the United Center. We hope the information on this page helped you get the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. There is a lot to know about the United Center so keep that in mind when attending a Bulls, Blackhawks, or concert. When you buy a ticket you will feel good knowing you are going to have a great experience. If you have any questions about buying tickets inside the United Center you can always reach out to us.


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