UFC 295 – Jones vs Miocic

Best Seats to Jones vs Miocic

Best Seats to UFC 295

The absence of UFC coverage on our end is about to be rectified. We’ll share the best seats for the upcoming UFC fight to elevate your evening out. Additionally, we’ll cover crucial details about the fighters, Jones and Miocic, and highlight emerging stories within the UFC world. Get ready for a full-scale look at UFC 295 at the Garden, from ticket acquisition to the best places to sit.

Before we go into some of the finer details of UFC 295 and other things we want to supply you with tickets to the event. The listing below will take you to the seating chart at MSG. We discuss where to sit for UFC 295 in the next section.

Best Place to Sit in the Garden for a Fight

Given the magnitude of the Jones vs. Miocic clash, UFC has aptly selected Madison Square Garden, an arena with a storied fight history spanning decades, as the venue. MSG serves as the perfect backdrop for an encounter of this caliber, making the choice more than fitting.

Now, onto securing the best seats for UFC 295. There are numerous variables to consider, from sightlines to proximity to the action, and we’re committed to guiding you through this complex process. Brace yourself, however; regardless of your seat choice, it’s important to realize that an event of this scale won’t be budget-friendly. Prepare for an investment in the experience.

UFC 295 Seating Chart

Examining the lower level and floor of Madison Square Garden, it’s evident that proximity to the action is crucial. In an arena as expansive as MSG, you’ll want to grab seats that offer close-up views of the two fighters. That’s why we’ve focused our recommendations on the 100-level and floor areas.

That’s not to discount the suites or upper levels. Watching the big screen will still immerse you in the energy of the live event. You have to ask yourself, is it worth shelling out $1000 to be that far removed from the action?

Now, let’s discuss current pricing by section. As of this article being written, the cheapest lower-level ticket for UFC 295 is around $1,300. On the floor level, that price jumps to $2,400. If you’re aiming for a ring-side seat—identified by an ‘F’—the cheapest option currently stands at $4,500. Be aware that these figures are subject to change as the event approaches.

Madison Square Garden UFC 295 - Best Seats to the Event

On the right side of the octagon, you will see section 2F. There are currently tickets available in every row except one and in section 2, behind that, there are plenty of tickets. Here is a breakdown of what sections and row prices look like. Notice the wild swings as you move back just one row.

Section and Row Price
Section 2F Row 1 $18,504
Section 2F Row 2 $9,554
Section 2F Row 3 $8,957
Section 2F Row 4 $8,361
Section 2F Row 5 $6,085
Section 2F Row 6 None
Section 2F Row 7 $6,848
Section 2 Row 1 $5,675
Section 2 Row 2 None
Section 2 Row 3 $4,705
Section 2 Row 4 $4,474
Section 2 Row 5 $4,289

From what we can tell you’ll be paying a lot of money if you buy right now. We see a lot of tickets available on the resale markets and this is your chance to remain patient. Check out both StubHub and SeatGeek once a day or every other day. Look at some of the cheaper tickets above and see if they go lower. You can also throw VividSeats in there as well. You may start to notice other rows start to drop in price as well. If it becomes a stalemate for weeks at a time you’ll have to start making a decision as it runs up to UFC 295.

Who is Jon Jones?

Jon can still fight with the best of them. After becoming the youngest UFC champion at the age of 23 in 2011 during the UFC 94. Now he is 35, and he is ready to take on a major opponent. We can expect some changes from what we have seen in the past.

Some of the many great opponents.

Jones vs. Brandon Vera: On March 21, 2010 – Winner
Jones vs. Vladimir Matyushenko: On August 1, 2010 – Winner
Jones vs. Maurício “Shogun” Rua: On March 19, 2011 – Winner
Jones vs. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson: On September 24, 2011 – Winner
Jones vs. Lyoto Machida: On December 10, 2011 – Winner
Jones vs. Rashad Evans: On April 21, 2012 – Winner
Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson: On September 21, 2013 – Winner

Due to suspected doping issues and being part of a legal situation with a hit-and-run, Jones did not return to fighting for some time. He eventually, not with ease went on to win more fights leading us to this big battle in November. We expect more great things during this fight including some of the techniques that many of his fans know too well.

Who is Stipe Miocic?

Getting to know Stipe Miocic is relatively easy. He’s been around since his first match during UFC 136 back in October 2011. Since then, he’s taken on many big-name opponents and is about to have one of his biggest tests against Jon Jones.

Age-wise, Stipe is a bit older than Jones which could be a factor.

Miocic vs. Stefan Struve: On September 29, 2012 – Lost – Lessons were Learned.
Miocic vs. Roy Nelson: On June 15, 2013 – Winner
Miocic vs. Gabriel Gonzaga: On January 25, 2014 – Winner
Miocic vs. Fabricio Werdum: On May 14, 2016 – Winner
Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou: On January 20, 2018 -Winner
Miocic vs. Daniel Cormier: On July 7, 2018 – Lost

It Stipe suffers a defeat he knows how to fight back and learn from his mistakes. He is now ready even at his age to take on one of the best in the world. He’s come too far not to take home the title or at least show what he is made of.

Upcoming Fights

There are other matches coming up in the future and we will be sure to share those with you. Be sure to check out Allen vs. Craig a week after this fight on November 18. This will be located in Las Vegas.

June 08
09:00 pm
June 08, Sat, 09:00 pm
KFC Yum Center - Louisville
June 22
01:00 pm
June 22, Sat, 01:00 pm
Kingdom Arena - Riyadh
August 03
03:00 pm
August 03, Sat, 03:00 pm
Etihad Arena - Abu Dhabi

UFC Keeps Getting Stronger

Global expansion is the number one reason UFC has become one of the most-watched sporting events. With an increase in visibility on mainstream channels such as ESPN, the viewership was only going to increase exponentially.

From women’s divisions to global growth, there is no holding back in what UFC is to become. We have a huge fight coming on November 11, 2023, so if you can get tickets be sure to get the best seats your budget can afford. These big-time fights can get very expensive so be ready to pay a lot of money no matter where you sit.


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