Toyota Center

Best Seats in the Toyota Center

Best Seats Inside the Toyota Center

We try and give you as many details as possible when it comes to the arena near you. If you are located around the Houston, TX area, you most likely know about the Toyota Center. Although the first event wasn’t by the Houston Rockets, this arena is now considered one of the older NBA spots after opening in 2003. The Toyota Center is a multipurpose arena, hosting basketball, concerts, and hockey. Right below you will find all of the upcoming events that will be taking place. Be sure to hit the load more button in case you don’t see the event that you want to attend. There will be a full list available for you to choose from.

July 17
12:30 am
July 17, Wed, 12:30 am
Toyota Center - Houston
July 21
12:00 am
July 21, Sun, 12:00 am
Toyota Center - Houston
July 27
01:00 am
July 27, Sat, 01:00 am
Toyota Center - Houston
July 28
01:00 am
July 28, Sun, 01:00 am
Toyota Center - Houston
July 29
01:00 am
July 29, Mon, 01:00 am
Toyota Center - Houston
August 09
12:30 am
August 09, Fri, 12:30 am
Toyota Center - Houston
August 11
01:00 am
August 11, Sun, 01:00 am
Toyota Center - Houston
August 13
11:30 pm
August 13, Tue, 11:30 pm
Toyota Center - Houston
August 17
01:00 am
August 17, Sat, 01:00 am
Toyota Center - Houston
August 18
12:30 am
August 18, Sun, 12:30 am
Toyota Center - Houston

Best Place to Sit in the Toyota Center

It’s all about the best seat in the building. Our goal is to help you find the best seat inside the Toyota Center without crushing the bank. We all know how expensive professional sports games and concerts cost these days. There doesn’t seem to be anything that is stopping the prices from rising. Eventually, people will have to put a foot down and say, nope, I’m not paying that. Well, until then we will go over some of the seats to consider inside the Toyota Center.

Lower Level – The area you should strive for no matter what is the lower level. This will give you the best views of the court or concert. All of the sections (100 Level) are considered the lower level. Look for section 119 if you would like to sit behind the Rockets bench and section 121 if you prefer to sit behind the opposing team. Both of the tunnels for the players to come in and out of are in sections 111/112 and 102/103. This is a great area to be to get some close-up looks.

Courtside Seats – The most expensive tickets in the building are the Houston Rockets Courtside Seats. These are premier-level seating and will give you the best experience. Make sure you consider that there are several rows connected to courtside seats. This also means you will see significant price drops if you go a row back. You’ll get access to lounges and clubs around the arena, VIP Parking, comfy seats, and so much more.

Upper Level – The area we suggest you avoid in any arena or stadium is the upper level. The obvious reason why this is looked at is because of the price. The reason most people don’t want to sit here is because of the views. It’s simple, avoid the upper level if you can afford it. Spend some extra money to get to the lower level. You’ll be glad you did.

Frost Bank Club Seats – A nice area to consider is the Frost Bank Club Seats. These seats are on either side of the horizontal of the court. It gives you nice views and amenities. You can get access to more leg room, great views, VIP parking, and access to special clubs and restaurants inside.

Heineken Star Club – This is a nice place to take in a game in sections 113/114. You will have access to very comfortable seating, all-inclusive food and soft drinks, VIP parking, and many other things.

Suites – It’s all about suites if you can get those tickets or have a company that has those tickets. There are different levels of suite life, but for the most part, you get access to some nice things like parking, TVs, bar top seating, concierge service, private restrooms, and so much more. You can dig around and find out which is best for you.

Although we mainly focused on seats at a Rockets game, the same holds for concerts as well. However, there will be floor seats available for you to select as well. This may even include a pit area. Some of these things will have to be based on your discretion. If you can get a good section and row on the floor for a concert you should jump on those tickets.

Find the Cheap Parking

The good ole parking dilemma we all face when going to a live event. There are plenty of parking spaces to go around. We suggest you get your parking passes ahead of time using sites like SpotHero. This will save you some time and potentially a few bucks. It’s best to avoid hassles if you can. You can expect to pay around $15 for a game and possibly $20 should it be a bigger game or major event.

Restaurants Around the Center

Part of the experience of going out to an arena is grabbing a bite to eat. There are many options for you to choose from. We will go over a few restaurants you may want to check out before or after a game or concert. Do your research on this of course, but don’t forget to apply this to your ticket budget.

Pappasito’s Cantina – We will start with a Tex-Mex location because you are in Texas. This is a great place without breaking the budget. Look for an excellent staff serving up margaritas, Salsas, and any kind of Mexican food you can ask for.

Hearsay On The Green – This is the place for if you want new American-style dishes. It’s a fairly classy place offering a great selection of food. Try a buffalo chicken sandwich and some homemade fries. You can learn more about it here.

The Rustic – This is the atmosphere you want before or after an event. Grab some burgers and brews in this really big location. The staff is great and your options are endless.

How Did We Get Here

The Toyota Center was opened in 2003 after construction began in July 2001. The original cost of the structure was $235 million. Compared to today’s standards of venues, you could build 4 of these. Toyota was the original naming rights sponsor and it continues to remain that today.

It hosts the NBA Houston Rockets with a seating capacity of 18,000. You can also find hockey inside with seating of just under 18,000. Also, there have been and will be plenty of concerts to come through. More than 19,000 people can take in an event depending on the stage setup.

The first event that occurred inside this new arena was a Fleetwood Mac. This occurred on October 6, 2003. It was several weeks later when the Rockets took on the Denver Nuggets on October 30, 2003, to officially open this home court to Houston.

Here are some of the events that have popped in over the years. This is in no particular order. Acts such as Prince, Van Halen, Green Day, Coldplay, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Drake, and Adele just to name a few. Some other events have also passed through over the years. MMA events to WWE events have come through quite often.

Things to Consider

Here are a few things to consider before your event. Some of these things are pretty obvious, but you may want to check their main FAQ page for more information.

Don’t bother bringing a bag bigger than a small purse or handbag. It shouldn’t be able to hold more than a wallet, phone, and a couple of personal items. Don’t even think to bring a backpack.

In terms of cash, forget about it. You’ll need a card for all things inside. From the concessions to the merchandise, you’ll need a credit card. As for tickets, these will be all mobile. Make sure you have your mobile wallet all set up before you go so you don’t run into any issues.

As for Covid-19, you’ll have to be aware of any changes. As of right now, there are no issues. You won’t have to wear a mask or be vaccinated. Keep an eye out for changes should the situation get really bad. Some promoters may want to protect the entertainer or team. Especially for those who have front-row or courtside seats.

Make it Out to the Toyota Center

You have some firepower when it comes to buying tickets at the Toyota Center. There is more to the event you plan to attend, it’s the memory you want to take away. The best seats in the Toyota Center will help build a better experience and memory. Don’t settle for seats just because the prices were cheap. Try to get those seats you never thought you would get. If you have any questions about getting tickets you can always reach out to us for more information.


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