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Have you thought about going to a Toronto Raptors basketball game this season? Here is your chance to find tickets at affordable prices. We will do our best to help you understand when to buy your seats, different ticketing options, and several things around the arena.

In the listings below you will find tickets for all games the Raptors play. This includes everything from the preseason all the way up to the championship. You will find home and away games so keep this in mind when looking for a game to attend. You may even find parking passes listed. These are important in certain stadiums. We’ll discuss this in a section below.

Right Time to Buy Toronto Raptors Tickets

Picking the right time to buy Raptors tickets will come down to several things. If you decide to buy your tickets before the season starts you will most likely pay a premium. Depending on how well the Toronto Raptors are playing will dictate how much ticket prices will go up.

When they are having an above-average season you will most likely pay a bit more than face value. Consider looking around two weeks prior to the game you want to see. This is an area where a lot of sellers and buyers are making moves. As demand starts to diminish, ticket prices could drop in your favor.

Things to consider when trying to save money on tickets include going to a week-day game versus a weekend game. You will most likely pay more on a Saturday night than on a Wednesday night. If you are going with a large group or your family a weekday game is a great option.

Where to Sit at Scotiabank Arena

Like many NBA stadiums, you have decent views from certain locations. We would like to discuss a few of the sections in the arena.

Lower Level – If you can find seats in the lower level you will be doing yourself a favor. You have access to great views and will most likely be able to hear the players and coaches. If you would like to sit behind the Raptors bench look in section 118. These will most likely be more expensive than if you wanted to sit behind the opponent’s bench in section 120.

Club Seats – Our favorite seats at an NBA game are the club-level seats. You will have access to great views and more comfortable seats. You also have access to certain lounges around the arena and other perks.

Upper Level – If you can afford to spend a few extra dollars we highly recommend avoiding the upper level at any arena or stadium. This will take away from the experience 100%. Always think about the memory you’re about to make versus the amount of money you’re going to spend.

Suites – Like most arenas in the NBA, the suite level is where it is at. You will have access to a suite attendant, a private lounge, discounts on merchandise, a VIP entrance, and much more. This will be a hefty price but one you can appreciate once you are there.

Parking Around the Arena

Parking comes at a premium near Scotiabank Arena. We suggest you purchase your parking pass ahead of time from many of the mobile parking apps. You’ll spend around $25-$35 per car. Keep this in mind when budgeting your tickets. Use sites like SpotHero and ParkWhiz to get your passes. If you have access to public transportation you will be way better off.

Raptors Ticketing Options

There are several ticketing options you should consider when going to a Toronto Raptors game. The options we list below will vary, but think about what you plan to do throughout the season.

Season Tickets – If you are a huge Toronto Raptors fan and want to go to more than a couple of games a season you might want to consider purchasing season tickets. Although it can be somewhat of a hassle to sell the seats that you don’t plan to go to, you have the potential to not only recoup the money on the tickets but make money on the tickets you sell. Consider this as an investment, but there are no guarantees.

Single Game Tickets – The most commonly purchased tickets to Toronto Raptors games are single-game tickets. You can buy these in advance or on the day of the game.

Group Tickets – Sort of like season tickets, group tickets are a great way to go to multiple games during the year. A lot of times the Toronto Raptors organization will put together a package. You don’t necessarily get to pick which games you get to go to so keep that in mind.

Last Minute Tickets – You might decide to go to a game the day of. The nice thing is you do have plenty of options. You can actually walk up to the arena and purchase your tickets from many of the online ticketing sites. This is a more risky purchasing option.

A Brief Look at the Toronto Raptors History

The Toronto Raptors are one of the newer teams in the NBA. They were founded in 1995 and have been part of the Eastern Conference and Atlantic division.

They currently have one conference title and one championship. They also have several division titles as well as many NBA playoff appearances.

Although the Toronto Raptors have only been in the NBA for a short period of time they are starting to create several rivalries. Games against the New York Nets, Boston Celtics, and New York Knicks will always bring a stronger attendance. Keep that in mind when purchasing your tickets as well.

Some players that have come through the organization include Hakeem Olajuwon, Tracy McGrady, Chris Bosh, Kyle Lowery, and Vince Carter.

Places to Eat Nearby

If you are into eating something outside the arena there are plenty of options for you to choose from. We have listed a couple of places to check out for both before and after a game.

e11even – This is a great location offering sophisticated wine options. You have some quality food and service to go along with the pretty expensive price tag. Consider this as a great date place.

Miller Tavern – This is considered a posh restaurant and a pretty cool bar in the Toronto area. You have access to gourmet comfort food. To go along with the wide selection you will also get great service.

Do you Need some Overnight Accommodations?

Depending on where you’re coming from, a place to stay may be required. Being such a large city you do have a lot of options when it comes to hotel stays. We’ve listed a couple of options for you to choose from. Always do the research and find a hotel room that meets your requirements.

Fairmont Royal York – You have a nice stay at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. Although you will pay a heavy price you have the comfort of great service and a nice clean room.  You will be spending around $225 a night.

Radisson Blu Toronto Downtown – This is considered a more upscale hotel in the Toronto area. You have access to plenty of amenities including a breakfast. The service is great and you can expect a nice clean room to sleep in. You will pay up to $200 a night depending on the day of the week.

Closing the Deal

Depending on what kind of fan you are will depend on whether you go to a Toronto Raptors game. We know how expensive it can be to purchase tickets to any professional sports game. Hopefully, we helped you find ways about saving money for your next purchase. There are plenty of games in the season so choose wisely. There are many different ways about saving money. Always keep in mind that experience should come ahead of your budget if possible. If you have any questions about buying tickets please let us know. Good luck!

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