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The Toronto Maple Leafs are one of the most successful NHL teams ever. They have a huge fan base, and they continue to keep growing in popularity. Tickets to Toronto Maple Leafs games are always popular items, but they can sell out quickly, especially against their biggest rivals. Tickets might be tough to get, but they are worth the effort. This is one of the most exciting teams in all of hockey to watch play.

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As one of the “Original Six” members of the NHL, the Maple Leafs were founded in 1917 as the Toronto Arenas. They didn’t arrive at their current name until 1927, and it’s stuck ever since. They have survived all of the ups and downs of the league, and have fielded some great teams during that timeframe. They’ve put together two dynasties over the last one hundred years, and have won the Stanley Cup more than a dozen times. The only team that has more championships than the Maple Leafs is the Montreal Canadiens. The Canadiens are one of their biggest rivals as a result of this. Other rivals include the Ottawa Senators and the Detroit Red Wings.

Some all-time greats have played for the Maple Leafs. Names like Tim Horton, Dave Keon, Bernie Parent, Ed Belfour, and Ace Bailey played a large part in the team’s history, and each of these names—and many more—are now enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Playing their home games at the Scotiabank Arena, the Maple Leafs are housed right in the heart of Toronto, Ontario. Their popularity extends far beyond their home city, though. Whether they’re playing at home or away, the Maple Leafs are a fun team to watch. As you’ve probably guessed, tickets to Toronto Maple Leafs games are always big sellers, even when the team is having an off-year. Toronto is one of the biggest and most exciting cities in the world, and hockey is a way of life here. If you’re a hockey fan, this is one team you will want to check out. If you’re going to be in Toronto, be sure to check out SeatGeek for those hard-to-find tickets so you can take in a game.

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