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Best Time to Buy Tool Tickets

Best time to buy Tool tickets

Maynard James Keenan, Adam Jones, Danny Carey, and Justin Chancellor are the members who make up the heavy metal band Tool. In 1989, Keenan and Jones were introduced by a mutual friend and started a band. They wanted to add a drummer and bass player to the group, finding Carey after Jones’ high school friend Tom Morello made an introduction. Another friend of Jones also connected them with bassist Paul D’Amour, who stayed with the band from 1990 until 1995 when Chancellor took his place. Here is your chance to get the best seats for a Tool concert. You will have the chance to get tickets to all of the shows near you.

After playing gigs around the Los Angeles area for two years, Tool signed a record deal with Zoo Entertainment and in 1992, released their first six-song EP, Opiate. It sold over one million copies, becoming certified Platinum. The band made a bold statement with the music video for the song “Hush” from the album. As a way to promote the band’s views against music censorship (something supported by the Parents Music Resource Center), the video featured the band members fully nude, their privates covered by parental advisory stickers, and their mouths covered with duct tape. This type of controversial messaging became a central theme for Tool, both in the band’s music and public appearance.

To start creating a buzz about their music, Tool toured as an opening act for bands like Rage Against the Machine, White Zombie, Rollins Band, and Corrosion of Conformity in the early ’90s. The group went on to headline major tours, with The Flaming Lips and Failure opening the shows.

Just one year after Opiate was released, the band’s first studio album, Undertow, was released. It was the only full album release that D’Amour played on. Due to the nature of the album’s content, it was sold with a censored cover by some big-box retailers like Walmart. The album earned platinum status in 1995 and the song “Sober” won Billboard’s Best Video by a New Artist award. The band has also won three Grammy Awards.

Some of the most significant festivals that Tool has played at include Lollapalooza, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Ozzfest and Voodoo Fest. The band was the headlining act for these festival shows, playing the side stage or main stage at each event.

How to Buy Tickets to Tool Shows

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What’s Special?

What sets Tool apart from other bands is the common theme of atypical time signatures in their songs. In “Schism,” there is a “six” and “six-and-a-half” time signature that transitions into shifting rhythms. Carey uses polyrhythms and electronic drum pads to generate octoban sounds and the band also uses experimental techniques like the use of a pipe bomb microphone and a talk box guitar solo, which can be heard in the song “Jambi.”

Tool also takes a detour from traditional merchandising practices by not releasing song lyrics with their albums, as a way to put an emphasis on the sound of the songs. They also focus on visual elements used for their album artwork and performances. Jones is the band’s art director and has contributed to the artwork on their albums. He created packaging for the 10,000 Days album that features a pair of stereoscopic lenses used to view 3D artwork. The band won a Grammy Award for Best Recording Package as a result of Jones’ masterpiece. Jones also showcases his own artistic talents; the ribcage sculpture on the Undertow cover was created by Jones.

The Tool Experience

When it comes to live shows, Tool’s stage set is anything but ordinary. The band uses backlighting and large screen backdrops, which is what Keenan often faces instead of the audience. Keenan and Carey usually stand on elevated platforms in the back, while Jones and Chancellor stand in the front near the sides of the stage.

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