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Tool is one of the most exciting and elusive metal bands that are currently still together. Over the years, they have amassed a huge underground following, and their fans have remained loyal over the decades. Tickets to Tool concerts are very tough to find, but as they are now out on tour again, now is your chance to grab a few for you and your friends. This is one of the biggest summer concert announcements, and using sites like SeatGeek will help you get the best seats for this tour.

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Despite remaining an underground alternative metal band for many years, Tool has released a number of radio hits, including “Sober,” “46 and Two,” and “Schism.” “Schism” went on to win a Grammy Award, one of three that the band has won. The band has influenced countless other acts, such as Chevelle, Limp Bizkit, and Breaking Benjamin. Trying to identify influencers of Tool’s sound, is much harder. Although the band has credited King Crimson as being one of their favorites, they more closely resemble acts like Pink Floyd and their frontman David Gilmour. Tool is definitely a metal band, but they have the same artistic approach to their music that legendary classic rock groups have adopted. It’s not a sound that is easily replicated, and the band stands alone as a result of that. Even those that are not huge fans of heavier music have found that they really enjoy the unique sound that this band has produced.

Tool has been one of those hard to find bands. They have been around since 1990, but they are just releasing their fifth studio album, and they have toured very infrequently over the last 15 years, mostly because of lead singer Maynard James Keenan’s involvement with several other bands. If you are able to find tickets to Tool, you should pounce on them right away. The band is energetic, over the top, and more than likely one of the top bands that you will ever have the experience of seeing live. Between their one of a kind sound and the ever-changing stage show, this is a concert you will never forget.

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