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Tomorrow X Together

Best Seats to See Tomorrow X Together

The US is about to get lit because the K-pop sensation Tomorrow X Together is hitting up major stages nationwide. Our mission? To guide you to the best seats for a concert experience like no other. Just like with any major band, buying tickets might hit the budget limits. We plan to provide you with information on where to sit. Plus, we’ll take a quick flashback to their not-so-long history and take a peek at their current popularity. We’ll finish things off with the latest ticket prices for this upcoming tour.

Tomorrow X Together Tour Tickets

No events scheduled currently. Future updates to come.

You’ve seen the lineup of upcoming concerts for them. If the show you’re eager to catch isn’t listed, don’t worry. By clicking our ‘load more’ feature you will be directed to a page showcasing every event on their tour. We’re here to ensure you don’t miss out.

Best Place to Sit at a Tomorrow X Together Concert

When searching for the best seats at a Tomorrow X Together concert, it’s crucial to balance your seating preferences with what’s available. Front-row seats are highly desired, yet it’s more practical to explore options further back. For an optimal viewing experience, aim for seats that are as centrally located as possible. By choosing a section and row that are set back from the front, you not only increase your chances of finding available seats but also stand a good chance of discovering tickets at a cheaper price point, offering significant savings without compromising too much on the quality of your experience.

Let’s explore the State Farm Arena to identify some great seating options for you. Since many venues on this tour share similar characteristics, you’ll find that most of these strategies can be applied to whichever venue you choose.

GA Floor – At the State Farm Arena, it’s set to be one of the most packed general admission experiences of the year, with the entire floor open for GA. Timing is crucial for the best location; if you’re not early, you might find yourself far back in the crowd. If arriving early isn’t an option, consider other seating areas to avoid getting stuck behind a large crowd.

Lower Bowl – Focus on sections 106, 107, 120, 121, 113, and 114. Initially, aim for the first 5 rows, then consider moving back in increments of 5 rows within these sections to secure a good deal. Seats in the middle of these sections may also be more affordable compared to those closer to the aisles.

T-Level/Club – Offer a premium viewing experience for a TXT concert, featuring smaller groups and more space. While any section here is a good choice, try to stay away from the outer corners where the views and sound might not be as good.

Upper Bowl – The 200-level, starting with the first five rows closest to the stage is advisable. Section 215 could also be a good pick if tickets are available. However, be mindful of spending too much on Upper Bowl seats, as the quality of the experience may not match the price.

Some Tomorrow X Together History

In their brief time together, Tomorrow X Together (TXT) has already left a significant mark on the music scene. Launching into the K-pop world in 2019, the five-member band quickly moved up the ranks.

Their debut EP, “The Dream Chapter: STAR,” set the stage for a series of successful albums featuring hits like “Blue Hour” and “Crown,” among others. While TXT has its unique style, they connect with fans of groups like BTS, ATEEZ, and Stray Kids, having shared the stage with BTS, Twice, and Seventeen. They’ve also collaborated with Seori, a rising star in K-pop, to produce a standout track.

TXT tours frequently, but their appearances in the US are particularly sought after, making it crucial to get your tickets early when they announce shows.

Streaming Following for Tomorrow X Together

To gauge the current popularity of acts like Tomorrow X Together (TXT), we turn to trusted streaming platforms such as YouTube and Spotify, which offer insights into their growth and how it might affect ticket prices.

On YouTube, TXT stands out as exceptionally active, a strategy that’s making a lot of fans happy. With almost 2000 videos and nearing 12 million subscribers, their online presence helps explain the high demand and high prices for tickets.

Spotify tells a similar story of success. They currently have around 9 million monthly listeners, TXT is actively climbing the charts. Their track “Sugar Rush Ride” alone has accumulated over 164 million streams.

These impressive numbers are why the best seats at their concerts won’t be cheap. You’ll have to strategize for these tickets.

Most Current Tomorrow X Together Tour Information

The latest tour by TXT isn’t extensive, featuring a concise schedule that includes 11 concerts across eight different venues in the United States. Remarkably, this entire lineup is set to unfold within just three and a half weeks.

05/14 – Tacoma, WA @ Tacoma Dome
05/18 – Oakland, CA @ Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
05/21 – Los Angeles, CA @ Arena
05/22 – Los Angeles, CA @ Arena
05/26 – Houston, TX @ Minute Maid Park
05/29 – Atlanta, GA @ State Farm Arena
06/01 – New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden
06/02 – New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden
06/05 – Rosemont, IL @ Allstate Arena
06/06 – Rosemont, IL @ Allstate Arena
06/08 – Washington, DC @ Capitol One Arena

Tomorrow X Together Ticket Prices

We closely track ticket prices for performers throughout their sale period. The prices mentioned below reflect the current situation, but keep in mind, that they’re likely to change. What you’ll see are the lowest-priced tickets available, which generally correspond to seats with less desirable views. This information should serve as a starting point for a more detailed examination of the seating chart, helping you make an informed decision based on price and seat quality.

Venue Lowest Ticket Prices
Tacoma Dome $165 Arena $482
Minute Maid Park $501
State Farm Arena $218
Madison Square Garden $272
Capitol One Arena $185

Getting Tickets Soon

For roughly a month, the Tomorrow X Together tour will sweep across the United States. Deciding to attend is up to you. Given that ticket prices might surpass your budget, opting for a less expensive ticket could impact your viewing experience. Nonetheless, using our tips on selecting the best seats could enhance your decision-making. Explore sites like Vivid Seats and StubHub for suitable price options. Often, comparing these side by side can lead you to discover a more favorable deal.


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