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TobyMac is a hip hop artist that has made a significant impact on the radio thanks to his Christian themes paired up with rap and hip hop music. This unique combination is something that most people don’t expect, and he has gained a huge following thanks to this. Tickets to TobyMac are always big sellers, even for people that don’t normally listen to this style of music. As he embarks on another tour, tickets will sell out quickly.

He was born with the name Keith McKeehan, but is professionally known as TobyMac. His career in mainstream music started out with the hip hop group DC Talk, and as a solo artist, he has expanded his unique take on religious music to a whole new audience. He was one of the artists that helped break down the barrier, destroying the notion that good messages do not go along with good music. In fact, TobyMac is one of the few Christian artists that has had a number one Billboard hit. This speaks volumes not just to the positive message that his music carries, but to his immense musical talent, too. He has been active as a professional musician since 1987, and he has helped pave the way for other talented musicians, like LeCrae and Britt Nicole. He has also been associated with WWE wrestling because of the fact that one of his songs was used in a commercial for pro wrestling. He’s also seen his music featured in a number of other commercials and movies over the years.

The influence that TobyMac has had on the music industry is undeniable. As new musicians grow up listening to his music, this once foreign sound on Christian radio has become more commonplace. Thanks to this, tickets to TobyMac concerts continue to be just as big today—or even bigger—than they were when he first burst onto the scene with DC Talk. If you’re looking for tickets to his upcoming shows, you can be sure that the best seats will go quickly. Act fast to make sure you see TobyMac when he swings by your city.

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