Is TickPick truly a leader in the secondary ticket market? We’re on a mission to find out. Our comprehensive TickPick review will look into the most critical aspects of their service, ensuring a thorough and insightful evaluation.

Our exploration of TickPick begins with a crucial inquiry: Is TickPick legit or merely another player in the crowded field of ticket-selling platforms? To unravel this, we will critically assess their prominent no-fee claim and how it stacks up against industry giants like StubHub and SeatGeek.

Moving forward, we’ll put TickPick through a real-world test. Our approach involves purchasing some of the most affordably priced tickets available, allowing us to navigate and evaluate their entire checkout process. A key question we seek to answer: Are TickPick’s offerings genuinely more wallet-friendly?

TickPick Review and Get in with No FeesThen, we check out the backstory of TickPick, tracing its journey and evolution in the ticket-selling world. We’ll then examine the technological aspects of TickPick’s online presence, scrutinizing both its website and mobile applications for functionality and user experience.

Finally, our analysis will culminate in a comprehensive summary, offering our decisive viewpoint on TickPick. We aim to determine if it merits inclusion in your array of ticket-purchasing options. Stay tuned for an in-depth TickPick Review, designed to be as enlightening as it is helpful.

Is TickPick Legit?

TickPick’s legitimacy is a key concern for many buyers. Their guarantee ensures you receive real tickets, a vital trust factor in the secondary market. While there are some dishonest sellers, most people use TickPick to sell tickets for profit, not to scam.

Digital transfers have made getting your tickets faster and more secure than ever. Plus, TickPick’s nearly 15 years in business suggests they’re doing something right – companies don’t last that long by swindling people.

Regarding their no-fees claim, it’s important to note that while TickPick doesn’t tack on extra fees at checkout, these costs are often included in the ticket’s listed price.

Keep reading the review and you’ll discover more things that help make them a legit ticket broker.

Are There Fees at TickPick?

TickPick offers a straightforward approach to feeless ticket buying, and we’ll show you exactly how it works with a real-life example in the next section.

No Fees at TickPickWhen it comes to fees at checkout, the answer is clear: No. There are no hidden charges. The price you see when you choose your seat is the final price you pay at checkout. Sometimes, the prices might seem higher compared to other sites. This is not always the case, but it’s something to keep in mind.

This difference is because of the All-In pricing.TickPick shows the total cost upfront, without adding fees later. This can make it tricky to compare prices at first glance. For example, tickets on another site like StubHub might look cheaper by 10% or more, but that can change with added fees at checkout.

For those selling tickets on TickPick, remember that while buyers aren’t charged extra, sellers do have a fee. This fee is part of the process for selling your tickets on the platform.

Going Through the Buying Process

Prepare for an insightful journey as we take you through a real-life purchase on the TickPick platform. We’re gearing up for an upcoming event and will document the entire ticket-buying process to share our experience with you. This review is about providing a detailed look at how TickPick streamlines the buying experience. Join us as we walk through each step, offering a firsthand glimpse into the ease and convenience of buying tickets with TickPick.

Good News – If you watched the video until the end you know I bought two tickets to an NBA game. I just received the confirmation email that the tickets were transferred. You can see in the images below some of the screenshots I saw. This may be one of the easier processes.

Here is a look at the ticket process in more detail. In the image gallery below, you will see six images. Click the image to see the full-size view.

  1. Image one is the tickets I received from TickPick. I would ACCEPT them at this point.
  2. The second image is the actual ticket. I can apply this to my phone wallet or I can share the ticket with someone else.
  3. Image three is the email I received about the tickets being ready for me to accept. That link takes me to the page where I would click accept.
  4. The fourth image is how I would share one of the two tickets. It couldn’t get any easier. All I have to do is click the seat I wish to share and submit the email. If I’m holding both tickets you don’t need to share.
  5. Image five is the waiting for my share to be accepted.
  6. The final image is the other person accepting my share.

History from the Beginning

Over the past two decades, the online ticket marketplace has undergone a significant transformation. The shift towards digitalization is evident, with most tickets for live events now existing in digital formats.

This trend, characterized by a move from physical ticket stubs to printed barcodes, PDF printouts, and currently, secure QR codes, appears to be the new norm for the foreseeable future. TickPick has been instrumental in this evolution. Established in 2011 by founders Brett Goldberg and Chris O’Brien, the company has been a key player in this shift.

TickPick set itself apart by offering a no-fee secondary ticket platform, allowing users to buy tickets without the burden of additional costs. This unique no-hidden-fees approach initially raised questions about its effectiveness as a ticket source. However, the platform’s commitment to transparency and affordability has been a game-changer in the industry.

The topic of ticket fees is extensively discussed across various sections of our website. Visitors can explore in-depth information about purchasing tickets, understand the All-In ticket fee model, and learn what to expect from resale sites.

Ticket Selection

TickPick has a huge range of tickets for all sorts of events. Think sports, concerts, festivals, theater, and comedy – they’ve got it all, covering thousands of venues nationwide. Whether an event is super popular or a bit more niche, you’ll likely find tickets. It all comes down to inventory. If someone is selling tickets it will more than likely be on TickPick.

What’s handy is how you can search. You can filter by city, date, and a bunch of other ways. This makes it super easy to find what you’re looking for. Plus, they’ve got some cool filters for picking your seats, which I’ll get into more below. It’s all about making your ticket hunt as smooth as possible.

Pick a Genre - Tickets for any Concert without FeesThe Technology

One of the great features of Tick Pick is its technology. They seem light years ahead of some of the biggest names in the business. This is why they seem to gain a lot of customers.


The one thing that stands out right away is the clean-looking website. A lot of ticket sites can be clunky and hard to navigate. For the most part, you can get around easily using the navigation and ticket listings. We even created our ticket listing plugin based on the way their tickets are displayed.

Search Filters

On the TickPick platform, navigating through the listing is straightforward and user-friendly. As you browse, you have the flexibility to refine your search using a variety of filters. You can choose electronic delivery for quick access, select aisle seats for convenience, or pick seats sold by Elite Sellers for quality assurance. If you need ADA-accessible seating, that’s just a click away.

Additionally, you can filter out obstructed views for a clearer sightline, hide piggyback seats for more direct seating arrangements, or zero in on first-row seats for an up-close experience. Looking for something special? VIP options, Instant Delivery, Parking, standing room only, and general admission tickets are all available.

These filters are designed to swiftly adjust your options, ensuring you find the perfect match for your event experience with ease.

Mobile Apps

TickPick offers mobile apps for both Apple and Google Play Store users. These apps are well-designed and receive regular updates to enhance user experience. They essentially offer the full functionality of the website in a mobile-friendly format, making it easy to browse through the myriad of events available.

360 Seating View

360 View of ArenasWhen it comes to choosing tickets, the view from your seat is almost as important as the price. TickPick provides a 360-degree view of seating for many major venues in the US. While not every venue has this feature, most do, allowing you to virtually experience the view from your seat before making a purchase.

Promo Codes

During our research, we didn’t come across any promo or coupon codes on TickPick. However, we’ll keep an eye out and update our review if we find any deals that could help you save money on your ticket purchases.

Other Things to Consider

Customer Service

Good customer service can make a difference, especially when something goes wrong. TickPick’s customer service isn’t currently top-rated, but there’s hope they’ll improve this aspect in the future. It’s always comforting to know there’s support when you need it.

Price Changes

As with any secondary market, prices on TickPick can fluctuate. Depending on the event’s popularity and timing, you might see ticket prices go up or down, which is pretty standard in this industry. Getting tickets at Face Value is difficult on the resale market.

USA and Canada Focus

TickPick primarily caters to events in the United States and Canada. Their technology and platform are geared towards these markets, offering a wide range of event options in these regions.

Gift Cards

TickPick offers gift cards, which make a great present for any occasion. These gift cards provide flexibility and choice, allowing the recipient to save on tickets for the event of their choice.

Buyer Trust Guarantee

Like most ticketing platforms, TickPick has a buyer trust guarantee. This means they strive to ensure you receive valid tickets in time for your event. In case of event cancellation, they also offer a full refund, which adds an extra layer of trust and security for buyers.

Best Price Guarantee

TickPick’s best price guarantee is part of their marketing approach. Thanks to their no checkout fee process, they often have prices at or below their competitors. There are some conditions to this guarantee, but it’s worth exploring if you find a significant price discrepancy. If you do, TickPick provides an option to submit a claim through a link on their site.

TickPick Vs. StubHub and Others

When comparing the big names in the resale ticket market, it’s clear that while they all serve the same purpose, each platform has its unique features and quirks. Whether it’s StubHub, SeatGeek, or TickPick, each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The key to getting the best deal often lies in comparing prices across these platforms. This might require some effort, but usually, you’ll find that the final costs are quite similar across the board, with each site offering its own set of deals.

Each platform offers specific tools to enhance the user experience. SeatGeek, for example, provides deal ratings to gauge the value of tickets, while TickPick offers the option to work with elite sellers, adding assurance of ticket quality. Remember, sometimes paying a bit more for a guaranteed ticket is worth it.

One distinct difference lies in how they display fees. TickPick stands out with its no-fee listings, whereas both StubHub and SeatGeek have the option to view prices with all fees included. This can significantly change your perception of the final cost. A ticket listed at $95 might cost $134 after fees. It’s important to remember that all platforms include fees in one way or another, even if they claim to be feeless.

StubHub distinguishes itself in the international ticket market. Thanks to its parent company, Viagogo, StubHub provides access to tickets for events outside the US. For example, if a global star like Taylor Swift performs in Brazil, StubHub is likely your only option among these platforms to secure tickets, as TickPick and SeatGeek may not have offerings for such international events.

Finalizing this TickPick Review

Congratulations on reaching the end of this comprehensive TickPick review! We’ve invested considerable time and effort to bring you the most reliable and detailed information about TickPick’s offerings and processes. Our dedication even led us to purchase tickets firsthand, truly experiencing the service to give you an insider’s view – talk about going the extra mile! If you have any questions about TickPick or would like to contribute to this review, we warmly welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Your input is invaluable in making this resource as informative and helpful as possible for everyone interested in TickPick.

Affiliate Disclaimer – We are currently not an affiliate of TickPick. This is an unbiased review to help our fellow live event fans.