TicketsNow has tickets to many of the most popular concerts, sporting events, and theater performances in the United States. They have been around since 1999 and were rated as one of the most successful businesses in the U.S. in 2004 and 2006. Since then, they have still been quite successful, but increased competition in this particular sector has leveled the playing field a bit. Based out of Illinois, they are an independently owned company, but a part of Ticketmaster as they were acquired by them in 2008.

General Information for TicketsNow

At TicketsNow, you have the ability to both buy and sell tickets safely. They offer a variety of sports, music, and theater tickets, all of which can be searched for by event, team, artist, venue, or city. This allows you to find exactly what you want when you want it, or you can browse to see what’s going on near you. They also have an extensive section where you can look through popular acts or events to see if there is anything major coming up that you might want to attend. TicketsNow has a large number of tickets available, and because they are one of the bigger resale sites out there, you are likely to find more obscure, or harder to obtain tickets through them. This gives them a solid market edge over their competitors.

They also have a solid customer service department if you have any questions that aren’t answered in their FAQ section, or you need additional help with something. You will also find the fact that they display how many tickets are left for a certain event in an easy-to-see fashion. This is a good way to help you determine how urgently you should act with your ticket purchases.

Security is Important

Thanks to their loose affiliation with Ticketmaster, TicketsNow has a stellar reputation and some of the best security when it comes to the reliability of their site and of the tickets that they offer. Back in 2009, there were concerns about this site because, for certain concert tickets, customers were redirected from Ticketmaster to TicketsNow, where a higher price was being asked for tickets. This was eventually determined to be a software glitch and has long since been fixed.

Today, TicketsNow relies upon strong SSL encoding to keep your personal information as safe as possible. It’s key to note here that they also have a very strong privacy policy, which is also designed to help you stay safe. There are also strong measures in place to ensure that your tickets are genuine and delivered to the right location in a timely fashion.

Are there Big Fees?

Like with any ticket resell site, there are fees associated with each ticket purchase. This usually comes in the form of a service fee and is not nearly as big as many other ticket sites add. For their instant download tickets, you will find that the delivery fee is added to this service fee. The original fees that ticket sellers add to their final prices are all included in the ticket seller’s price, which makes things much simpler when trying to get a quick idea of how much you will be spending.

There are also fees for UPS shipping, which are explained further below.

The Top Promo Codes

Promo codes are an easy way to save money at TicketsNow. There are a lot of these out there on the web, some being better than others. The few minutes that you spend looking around for the top promo codes out there will help you to save a few bucks here and there. This can add up too big savings over time.

There are also opportunities for additional savings once in a while here. For example, if you sign up to receive periodic emails from the site, you will receive 10 percent off of your first order.

Delivery Works

Tickets are delivered in a few different ways here. When tickets are shipped through the mail, TicketsNow uses UPS express delivery services. They do not require you to sign for a package, which is convenient if you are not home when tickets are dropped off, although they recommend that you have tickets shipped to a business or something similar so that things are kept a bit more secure.

They also have electronic delivery where a link is delivered to your email address. You then click that link and print the tickets that you purchased. Which of these two options are used is dependent upon when your event is, and who the original ticket holders were. Electronic delivery costs $4.95. UPS shipping can range from $14.95 to $39.95, depending upon where you live and how quickly you want your tickets.