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By on February 19, 2017
Muse Tickets
(Last Updated On: October 11, 2017)

Muse is a British rock band with a huge underground following. Although they’ve been around in the European circuit for more than two decades, Muse is still a relative newcomer in the United States. They are a multi-platinum group now, and their concerts are some of the most exciting that rock has to offer right now. As they get set to start a new U.S. tour, tickets to Muse concerts promise to be in high demand, especially for those that have recently fallen in love with this band. If you’re thinking of going, you’ll need to buy tickets soon.

The band is well known for combining rock, electronica, and classical music into one seamless sound. They were formed in 1994, but didn’t find widespread success until 2005 when their second album was released in the United States. They had already received many positive reviews in England by this time, but because of record executives in the U.S. dragging their feet, their emergence in this part of the world took a little bit longer. Influenced by groups like Radiohead and Depeche Mode, Muse has a unique sound that still pays homage to these great groups. In some of their later music, the stylings of Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, and other guitar-heavy musicians is also apparent. Despite all of this, Muse remains a one of a kind band. Much of their popularity stems from this fact.

Over the years, Muse has won several awards, including two separate Grammy Awards for Best Rock Album, one for the album Resistance, and one for Drones. This recognition has helped bring their unique sound to millions more people, and only made their hard core fans more loyal to the band. Tickets to Muse will be big sellers this summer, so if you’re interested in going, you might run into trouble finding what you want. We suggest looking at SeatGeek if you cannot easily find what you’re looking for. Tickets will still sell out quickly, but because of the huge amount of tickets that come into this site on a daily basis, odds are very good that you will find the perfect seats for this show.

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