The Vans Warped Tour has become a favorite of the summer for punk rock fans. It features dozens of different bands and musicians, skateboarding events, and multiple stages. For some music lovers, this is the big event of the summer. If you are a Van Warped tour fan, then you’ll want to get your tickets for the festival when it swings by your city. We’ll help you save a few bucks and give you all of the information that you need to know to have a good time.

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The Vans Warped Tour first launched in 1995, and Vans became the main sponsor of the event the following year. The festival is the largest traveling festival in the United States, and although the emphasis is mainly on punk rock music, there have been many different styles and genres of music that have been performed here.

There have been numerous different bands that have played at this festival, including The Vandals, AFI, Fall Out Boy, The Rollins Band, and Anti-Flag. Stars like Katy Perry, the Black Eyed Peas, and Eminem have all frequented the Vans Warped Tour in the past.

Tickets to Van Warped Tour

This is a big festival, and it travels around the country. Although it’s a very popular event, it is sometimes pretty easy to get tickets. As long as you purchase yours within a few days of tickets going on sale, tickets tend to be simple to secure. We recommend purchasing from the venue itself, if possible. This way, you can cut down on transaction fees. These don’t tend to be through the roof, but they can artificially jack up the price of tickets, especially if you’re buying a few.

If you don’t go through the venue, purchasing e-tickets through a site like SeatGeek will be your next best bet for getting cheap tickets to Vans Warped Tour. E-tickets have lower delivery fees, and they are a lot more convenient. Just download a copy of your ticket to your phone, and you won’t need to worry about having a small, and easily losable, ticket in your pocket. It is recommended that you print out an extra copy for yourself just in case your phone dies. This will make sure that you get into the show no matter what. Some sites also have will-call tables, which can make delivery less expensive. Just make sure that you know exactly where you’re supposed to pick your tickets up to and that you have the proper ID on you so that you can gain access to them.

Other Features

Besides the music, there’s a lot of stuff going on at the Vans Warped Tour. There are always tents with meet and greets and autograph signings for musicians, there’s food and drink available for sale, and skateboard and BMX shows. There’s even “reverse daycare” for adults. The show decided because of the appeal of the festival to younger audiences, it would be beneficial for parents to have a place to hang out so that young adults can have a safe ride to and from the show. The festival even provides free admission for the adults who find themselves in this daycare as a thank you for what they do.

Food and drink are typically not allowed within the festival grounds, depending on the venue where it’s being held. It’s a good idea to bring plenty of cash for water and food. Remember that it can sometimes get really hot at some outdoor festivals, so you will want to dress appropriately for the weather. The same goes for if it’s colder and rainy out. Be sure that you are prepared so that you can get the maximum amount of fun from the Vans Warped Tour regardless of what the weather decides to do.