The Made in America festival is another relatively new music festival, beginning in 2012. The festival hosts a variety of different musical styles, ranging from rap, to hip hop, to R&B, to rock, to electronica. Sponsored by Anheuser-Busch, this festival is held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania over the course of a weekend. Tickets have proven to be quite popular and the event tends to sell out. If you’re interested in going to the Made in America festival, be sure to read over our brief guide so that you not only know how to get cheap tickets but also how to have a great time while you’re there.

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Getting Tickets

You have a number of different choices when it comes to getting tickets for Made in America. First, you can buy passes directly from their website. This will ensure that you pay a fair price. You can also buy locker rentals for the weekend from their site. Currently, they do not have one-day passes, but this might change in the future, especially if the popularity of the festival keeps growing.

Going to Made in AmericaIf you can’t find tickets through their site, or you are looking for a better deal, you can check out third party sites. SeatGeek often has great deals, but they’re certainly not the only ticket site out there. The thing to remember is that third party sites sometimes have cheap tickets, but sometimes their tickets are more expensive. It really depends on supply and demand along with your timing. We recommend looking on these sites about a month after tickets originally go on sale, up until about six weeks or so before the event. This is the window where ticket prices tend to be the cheapest. As it gets closer to the event, there’s always a chance that demand will increase, and thus the price of tickets will go up.


The Made in America festival began in 2012. In 2014, the sponsors of the festival experimented with holding the festival in Los Angeles while it was simultaneously hosted in Philadelphia. Jay-Z, who lives in the LA area, was one of the main proponents of this move. Although it was a well-received move, there were not enough ticket sales to justify doing it again.

Today, the festival is held in Philadelphia, and big names like Jay-Z, the Chainsmokers, Lil Wayne, Chance the Rapper, Beyonce, and more can be seen performing, depending on the year. It is one of the larger festivals held in the Eastern half of the U.S., with ticket sales averaging around 140,000 for the course of the weekend.

Tips for Fun

When you’re purchasing tickets, be sure to remember to include lodging in your plans. Knowing where to stay in Philadelphia is important if you’re from out of town. Be sure to check out the listing of hotels and campgrounds in and around Philly. The sooner you make plans, the better. It’s one of those things that can become very troublesome if you wait until the last minute. Places like the Sheraton Philadelphia, Hotel Palomar Philadelphia, and Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue rank amongst the best places to stay in Philadelphia. Public transit is available, too.

Also, don’t forget about parking. The meters in Philadelphia are usually up to only four hours at a time. After that, you will be given a pricey ticket or even have your vehicle booted or towed away. This can ruin an awesome day! Park in an approved area, such as an all-day parking garage so you won’t have to worry about this.

And don’t forget the food! You will want to bring plenty of spending money so that you can experience the city and what it has to offer. Philadelphia is famous for its food, and there will be plenty of food trucks and caterers at the festival so you can experience the cuisine without leaving the site.

Made in America is a very popular event, and for good reason. Act soon if you are looking for the best tickets for this festival.