Burning Man remains one of the most well-loved music festivals in the United States. Held in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, Burning Man attracts some of the biggest names in the music business, along with many bands that you’ve never even heard of. This wide variety of musical styles and genres has made it into one of the biggest and most popular festivals out there.

If you’re looking for tickets to Burning Man, now is your chance.

The Basics

Get Tickets to Burning ManBurning Man was first held in 1986 in San Francisco, California. This festival is much more than a music festival; it is a place to go and celebrate self-expression, community, and inclusion. The communities pride themselves on their “leave no trace” policy. One of the goals of the festival is to help make the environment better through the efforts of festival-goers and the large number of volunteers that will be present.

Who You’ll See

Groups like Skrillex, Carl Cox, and Diplo have frequented Burning Man with their electronic music, but Burning Man places a higher focus on smaller name groups and DJs playing. In fact, some people have complained because mainstream musicians and DJs, like those listed above, have been performing at Burning Man. The festival has actually placed limits on the volume and types of speakers that musicians can use, which ensures that this is not a huge concert, but rather a festival of the arts.

That’s one of the joys of Burning Man. This is a more relaxed and personal environment than watching a mega-band perform on stage.

Burning Man features a wide variety of vehicles that are on display, too. Known as “mutant vehicles,” these are cars, vans, or other modes of transportation that have been modified beyond recognition. Again, this is an art festival, and this unique kind of self-expression has helped the festival to stand out against the crowd.

You’ll also find a wide variety of sculptures, visionary art, and other unique works of art. And of course, the large “man” sculpture is lit on fire to live up to the namesake of the festival.

Tickets to Burning Man

Burning Man tickets are available through the Burning Man website. This will be the cheapest way for you to find tickets for this festival. The event lasts for about a week, spanning from the end of August into Labor Day Weekend in September. About a month before the festival begins, you will find tickets at their cheapest on-ticket resale sites, such as SeatGeek. If you can’t find tickets through Burning Man directly, this will be your cheapest and safest way to get tickets thanks to the extensive safety measures that these third-party sites have in place.

When you buy tickets, be sure to take things like parking and travel into account. Parking passes are available online, and buying them well in advance will help you save a few bucks and avoid having to worry about it at the last minute. The festival allows for (and encourages!) camping, so don’t worry about the hotel room for this event.