What is TicketCity?

TicketCity is a third party ticket sales site. They were founded in 1990, long before internet sales were a thing, and were one of the early leaders when it came to ticket sales. The website launched in 1996, and although it hasn’t had some of the attention that other players in the game have received, they have continued to be a major source of tickets in the secondary market.

Ticket City both buys and sells tickets, so whether you are trying to find tickets to the event of a lifetime, or if you have purchased tickets and can no longer use them, TicketCity has the resources that can help you to meet your goals.

The company is privately owned, and although this has limited their growth a little, it has allowed them to keep a friendly and personal touch to their service. They remain a major force in the ticket business despite their smaller size compared to the major ticket giants.

Refunds and Security

TicketCity guarantees that your tickets will get to you. All tickets sold through TicketCity are guaranteed authentic and to be delivered on time. This means that if you do, for some odd reason, have any issues with your tickets, you can just get in touch with their customer service department, and your money will be refunded to you. The customer service staff is available seven days a week.

And, if the event is canceled for some reason, your money will be refunded, too.

As far as your safety and security are concerned, TicketCity uses 128-bit EV SSL encryption to ensure that your vital personal information is kept safe and away from the eyes of those who might misuse it. This means that your bank or credit card information will be safe and secure so that you can make purchases with maximum peace of mind. If you need any further accreditations, TicketCity has an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Saving Money at TicketCity

There are a number of ways that you can save money by using TicketCity. The first is to simply use it as a point of comparison. When looking for tickets to buy online, check out a few different sources. TicketCity is one of the well-established sites in this category and while they might not always have the cheapest tickets, sometimes they do. Using them as a resource in this respect will help you to save money over time.

Another way to save money with TicketCity is to use their discount codes. These can be found online once in a while, and they might even be sent to you through the site if you sign up for their newsletter or alert service. You won’t get them all the time, but when you do, a discount code can help you to save big money. If you are a first-time user of the site, be sure to enter a promo code when you sign up to be eligible for savings right off the bat.

Creating an Account at TicketCity

If you decide that you want to use TicketCity, the process is very easy. You do not need to create an account with the site, but you will need to input your email address so that the order can be confirmed and tracked. Simply find the tickets that you wish to purchase, click on the order button, put your email in where prompted, and then fill out the order information. It’s really that simple.

From here, using the site is very easy. They have a platform that allows you to search through available tickets by the team or artist that is playing, the venue where the event is being held, or the name of the event itself. This allows you to not just find tickets for specific events that you might be interested in, but to get a feel for what different kinds of things are going on that you might enjoy. For example, you can do a search for “Madison Square Garden” if you are going to be in New York next month and get a huge array of different event tickets made available to you. From there, you can refine your experience a bit more closely.

Once you find an event, you can filter tickets by price, location, or a number of other factors. Depending on the size of the venue, there will also be a map available so that you can see exactly where the tickets that you want are located. All of the major venues have this feature available. You can buy both e-tickets and paper tickets from this site with confidence as they guarantee all of your purchases. If you do buy an e-ticket, you will receive an email noting when your ticket is available.

Fees and other charges will vary based upon the popularity of the event and the original issuer of the ticket. The site does a good job keeping fees down, but unfortunately, these cannot be completely avoided.


Ticket City might not be quite as popular as some of the other big names in the third-party ticket sales business, but they are quickly gaining in popularity. They are definitely not a newcomer to the industry, though. They were founded in 1990 and have helped over one million people to find the tickets that they deserve to the shows, events, and concerts that they want to see. The exciting thing is that they are still growing. Their longevity shows that they can be trusted, and it shows that they have the experience that you would hope for when working with an online vendor.

If you have never checked out TicketCity before, now is the time. But you don’t need to trust our review. There are a lot of other reviews of TicketCity out there, and we encourage you to do your research before using any service out there. The only way you can know for certain that you’ve made the best choice is to conduct a little research of your own. Hopefully, we have helped to point you in the right direction.