Read this Ticket Squeeze ReviewIn this Ticket Squeeze review we will go over why you should consider them as one of your ticket-purchasing sweet spots, details on why they are legit, and how you can save money by using their services. There are many factors to consider when buying tickets. As you go through this TicketSqueeze review you will learn to feel comfortable buying seats for any of their listed events.

Reasons to Use TicketSqueeze

There are a lot of things in the ticket industry that we wish were removed. As of right now, we are still faced with an ethical problem. Sites and bots that buy up all the tickets to resell them at a much higher price are one thing Ticket Squeeze is against. With their strict ticketing policies and vetting process, Ticket Squeeze will choose not to work with these types of organizations. Ticket Squeeze customers benefit from a great experience in an industry that can feel shady at times.

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One of the biggest issues in terms of other brokers’ “shady measures” includes showing prices on the platform that is well below average ticket prices. As soon as you arrive at checkout and go through the process you are faced with an astronomical price increase based on fees. This is a very common issue across the board. Yes, Ticket Squeeze will have fees, but they try to keep them at a modest level compared to other brokers. This allows for a better business model and more repeat customers.

Speaking of fees, Ticket Squeeze won’t bite you when it comes to physical ticket delivery fees, download fees, or transfer fees.

Since entering the market in 2019, Ticket Squeeze has tried to make the industry better one sale at a time. They understand prices are very expensive for their customers. They try to keep prices below market and avoid the inflated ticket prices you see all of the time. This is their way of trying to make a difference.

TicketSqueeze Fees

Fees are part of the ticket-buying process. No matter if you are buying reserved seats for a movie or for a large music festival, there will be fees added to your purchase. The first thing you should do is get over this aspect. Once you’ve accepted the fees in the industry you should then go out and find the least expensive ones.

Usually, when buying from the primary market, you will see fees pretty much the same across the board. Once you get to the resale market fees will be all over the place. You may see cheaper tickets but higher fees or higher ticket prices and lower fees.

You won’t get eaten by Ticket Squeeze when it comes to the itsy bitsy fees a lot of other marketplaces charge. You will see fees at checkout. In a lot of cases, you will see smaller fees. If fees are your number one concern then Ticket Squeeze could be the right place for you.

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Website Interface

Although the website isn’t anything out of the ordinary, it does provide you with fairly easy navigation. You arrive with your normal layout of major event sections. Concerts – Sports –  Theater – Comedy and more. Although you can select the category you are looking for you also have the option to search. There are plenty of NFL tickets to choose from when in season. The site has a script that can identify your location and teams. This makes it convenient when looking for tickets in your area. As you scroll further down, the major events happening now or going on sale will be listed.

Search Button Feature

The databases on all of the different ticket sites are massive. Some performer names or city teams have similar names so you may not see exactly what you are looking for until you type the full name. For example, when we type Kansas City Chiefs, we don’t see it in the dropdown until after we type in the C in Chiefs. The search is still sophisticated. You just have to get over these small hurdles.

Searching for Tickets on Ticket Squeeze

After you select your event, you will be shown all the different dates and listings. In the simplest format, all you have to do is select Buy Tickets. No matter the event you’ll be taken to the seating chart of the venue you want to attend. You can then sift through all of the different sections and best seats until you are ready to make your selection.

Selecting More Details about the tickets you have in your cart will look something like this.


  • Must have a smart device on hand to enter the event.
  • These tickets are featured as a great value.
  • Tickets will be ready for delivery by XXXX.
  • The seller lists this section as 217
  • Your seats are together unless otherwise noted.
  • 100% Worry-Free Guarantee

All of this information is to protect you. Although the fees are some of the best in the industry, you won’t see them until you are ready to press the buy button. You have to submit an email address and payment information. After submission, the fees will be listed for review. Whether they will be sticker shock or not will depend on the event. You will not get charged to see the fees but it is part of the process.

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Our Opinion – We wish the fees were listed in the cart. This gives the person everything they need to decide without entering so many details. We know why they do this, it’s just the way it is.

Once you submit your order, details about getting your tickets will be the next order of business. Sometimes the tickets will get delivered immediately while other times the tickets will get delivered a couple of days before the event. This depends on both the seller and primary ticketholder like Ticketmaster and when they decide to send them out. This happens at every resale ticket site so don’t worry about it.

Mobile App

Unfortunately, a downside to using Ticket Squeeze is the lack of a mobile app. You’ll need to make all of your purchases through a web browser. Although it is much easier to see a seating chart through a big screen, it would be nice to see everything from your fingertips. We’ve heard an app is in the works, but nothing is solidified.

Customer Service

Track Your Order – This is a big feature when it comes to customer service. A lot of times you will make an order and only get an email receipt. This can make you feel a little uneasy after spending a lot of money. Don’t worry, this is the case at all ticket marketplaces.

Within their site, you can track your order to see where it stands. Login to your account and you can see what is happening. You can reach the team by emailing or Once logged in you can also reach the team by phone.

There are times when things get misplaced but have no fear, the team will help you should you find yourself in a situation.

Buying Tickets with Cryptocurrency

A big reason why Ticket Squeeze stands out today is the fact that they started accepting payments for tickets in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. The way they accept this is by allowing you to purchase gift cards. With values of $100, $200, and $500, you will have plenty of options. You have the choice of buying gift cards using Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. If you had some success investing, this could be a great way to spend a little. You can even buy music festival tickets near you with this type of payment.

TicketSqueeze Promo Codes

There are promo codes and discount codes that get released by Ticket Squeeze. If you are part of their newsletter, you will receive updated codes all of the time. You will then have 30-60-90 days to use the code and help save on buying tickets. Our unique code is TICKETSTO, which will give you $5 off your order.

Shopper Approved

100% Buyer Protection is a nice thing to see on their website. The industry has gotten pretty strict against fraud. If you buy tickets and for some reason, they aren’t good. The seller of the tickets will get charged 100% of the order, plus there could be some compensation on top of that. You will be fully refunded and you’ll most likely get some kind of extra credit so you shop with them again.

Ticket Squeeze does use a third-party platform for retaining reviews from its customers. These are real reviews submitted. Anytime you see a site showing real reviews, you will want to take notice.

Ticket Squeeze Ratings on a 3rd Party Site


Every month Ticket Squeeze runs a giveaway. This is a great way to score some tickets that may be out of reach. We are talking about $1,000 worth of tickets each month. This reward is another reason Ticket Squeeze should be one of your top sources of tickets. You can read all about their giveaways on their site and newsletter.

Other Sites Compared to Ticket Squeeze

You do have options when it comes to buying tickets. We hear a lot about Ticketmaster and Live Nation’s monopolies on the primary ticket market. However, in the resale ticket market, there isn’t a monopoly. There are dozens of competitors trying to get your business. When we compare Ticket Squeeze vs StubHub or Vivid Seats, the similarities are pretty close. You may not see the name as much, but that doesn’t matter. This just means companies like SeatGeek are spending way more money on advertising to get your business. Ticket Squeeze doesn’t fork over the money into advertising which allows them to bring cost-saving tickets to you.

Ticket Squeeze Review Conclusion

After speaking to the operations manager over the past week, I can honestly say that I’m quite impressed. They are trying to strive to be the best not only in ticket sales but by providing the best customer service. We only recently decided to become an affiliate of the site since we recently heard about them. Ticket Squeeze will provide you with an excellent ticket-buying experience and from what we’ve seen so far, they are legit. If you are planning to buy tickets on the resale market we don’t see why you shouldn’t buy from them over some of the best ticket sites in the marketplace. It took a lot of research and conversations to put this Ticket Squeeze review together. We hope it helps you make your decision a lot easier. If you have any questions please send us a message. We will be more than happy to help you out. We are also open to hearing about your buying experience.

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