The Wiltern

Best Seats in The Wiltern

Best Seats in The Wiltern

At The Wiltern, you’ll find an array of events to enjoy throughout the year, making it a premier destination for concerts and shows if you’re in the area. Since its opening in Los Angeles in 1931, The Wiltern has welcomed a host of distinguished names in music and comedy. Our goal is to guide you to the best seats for upcoming events, ensuring you get the most value for your money and a memorable night out. We’ll also look into some of The Wiltern’s history, highlight past shows, and conclude with advice on the best methods to buy tickets.

The Wiltern Los Angeles Events

Above, you’ll find a list of events happening at The Wiltern, with each one happening on its special night and time. If you’re looking for something and can’t find it right away, there’s a ‘load more’ button you can click. This button will take you to a page where you can see every event that’s going to happen there.

Best Place to Sit in The Wiltern

If you’re looking to buy tickets for a show at The Wiltern and want to find the best place to sit, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve broken down The Wiltern’s seating chart, especially for comedy shows and concerts with full seating. Let’s look at what you need to know to pick the best seats.

Comedy Shows and Fully Seated Concerts

Floor One – This is right up close to the stage, where you feel super connected to the performer. The seats go from rows AAA (very front) to DDD, and the closer you are, the pricier it gets. If there are lots of tickets left, you might find much cheaper options moving from AAA to DDD.

Floor Two – Feels more like a theater. If you sit on the sides, you’ll still see well. Row F in the middle is cool because it’s raised, so no heads will block your view.

Floor Three – A bit further back but still not too far from the stage. The front row here is G, but for better prices, look at rows H to K. Try to sit in the center for the best view.

Floor Four – Prices drop in this section since it’s towards the back of the lower part. Aim for rows N and O for good deals.

Floor Five – It’s small and can get noisy because of the bars nearby. Expect a lot of people moving around.

Loge Seats – A nice spot for watching the show. The middle sections are best, and front rows like AA or BB are ideal.

Mezzanine – These are usually the cheapest seats, but for a better view, go for rows A to D. Row A might cost double what row B does, but it’s worth it for the view.

Concerts and General Admission

GA Pit – Right next to the stage and the most expensive. It can get crowded, and if you’re not tall, it might be hard to see.

General Admission Floor –  Where most people will be. It has more space than the pit but can still feel crowded near the front.

Loge and Mezzanine for Concerts – These seats offer a good view and are priced similarly to lower-level general admission but with the comfort of a seat, which you’ll appreciate halfway through the concert.

ADA Seating – The Wiltern carries two sections of seats in row A on floor two for those in a wheelchair. These seats are great for those who are looking for a great time.

Choosing where to sit can make a big difference in how much you enjoy the show, so think about what you prefer and what each section offers!

The Wiltern Backstory

The Wiltern is at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Western Avenue in Los Angeles. It’s a famous place where lots of entertainers have performed for many years. It opened in 1931 and still has its original Art Deco style, making it look like a historic music hall.

This venue hosts a variety of events, including concerts, comedy shows, and plays. Many touring groups aim to perform at The Wiltern when they come to Los Angeles if it fits into their schedule.

Over the years, The Wiltern has been updated a few times, especially in 1983 and 2002. These updates made big changes that allowed more performances to happen there. They also made it possible to change the setup inside to fit more people for different events. Depending on the event, the number of people who can watch can range from 1,800 to 2,350.

Amazing Past Shows

So many famous musicians and comedians have performed at The Wiltern over the years. A lot of them would say performing there was a big step in their careers, kind of like earning a badge of honor before moving on to even bigger places.

Choosing who to mention is tough because there have been so many great acts. Bands and singers like Radiohead, Paramore, Hozier, Kacey Musgraves, Lana Del Rey, Vampire Weekend, and Florence + The Machine have all rocked the stage there.

The same goes for comedians. Big names like Bill Burr, Jo Koy, John Mulaney, Trevor Noah, Kevin Hart, and Dave Chappelle have all made people laugh at The Wiltern at some point in their careers.

The names mentioned are just a few of the amazing artists and comedians who’ve been there. There’s a lot more to discover about who has performed in the past if you’re interested.

Buying Tickets for a Show at The Wiltern

There are various ways to buy tickets for shows at The Wiltern, and we provide options that might save you some money. Our in-depth analysis of purchasing tickets will provide you with the necessary insights.

If you didn’t manage to grab tickets during the presale, it’s not the end of the world. You can visit some of the best ticket sites out there. After reviewing several ticket providers, we believe that choosing Vivid Seats or StubHub could be your best bet. Not only are you likely to find more cheap ticket prices, but you’ll also benefit from the guarantees regarding the validity of the tickets.

Head to a Show

Before you head out to your event at The Wiltern, it’s crucial to consider where you’ll be sitting to ensure a fantastic experience. Keep in mind, the seating arrangement can vary from one event to another. Some nights might offer a standing-room-only setup, which may not be everyone’s preference. Different performances might have specific requirements.

However, being informed about the best places to sit for your particular event can significantly enhance your experience. If you’re unsure about the seating chart layout or need advice on where to purchase your tickets, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to assist you in making your evening enjoyable.


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