The Western and Southern Open is one of the bigger professional tennis tournaments in the United States, making it one of the most popular fan events on the ATP Tour. It’s also one of the Premier 5 events on the women’s tour. If you’ve never seen this event, you are truly missing out. It remains one of the most storied—and most exciting—events in all of professional tennis.

We’ve put together a brief guide to help get you started. Whether you’re thinking of going to your first tennis tournament, or you’re just looking for ways to have more fun and save money on your next one, this is the place to be.

Keep reading to learn more about how to enjoy yourself at the next Western and Southern Open.

About the Western and Southern Open

Before it was known as the Western and Southern Open because of sponsorships, this tournament was called the Cincinnati Open. It was first hosted in 1899 and it remains the oldest tennis tournament in the U.S. that is still hosted in its original city. Not only is it a professional-caliber tournament, but it also has some historical appeal to it, making it a favorite amongst hardcore tennis fans.

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The tournament also happens to be one of the biggest held during the summer in the U.S. Only the U.S. Open is bigger than this one. If you’re looking for some of the top-ranked talents in the world, then this is the tournament for you.

Attending the Western and Southern Open in person is much different than watching on television. Not only are you right there with the athletes, but you also have the electricity of the crowd fueling the excitement for each match. It’s a unique experience, and the Western and Southern is one of the biggest, most exciting live tournaments that you will ever attend.

The Venue

Get the Best Seats at The Western and Southern Open LiveThe Western and Southern Open is held each year at the Lindner Family Tennis Center in Mason, Ohio, right outside of the city of Cincinnati. There are four separate stadiums on the grounds of the tennis center, with a total capacity of around 22,000 fans. The main court can hold up over 11,000 people, with each of the smaller courts holding less than this. It’s a huge venue, one of the biggest in the world dedicated to tennis. Although it was originally built in the 1890s, it has been upgraded and rebuilt several times in the over 120 years that it’s stood. It remains one of the jewels of the tennis world.

There are not many bad seats within the Lindner Family Tennis Center, and you will have a great time regardless of where you sit during the Western and Southern Open. However, if you’re really concerned about getting the best seats, you’ve come to the right place. We will talk more about this in the section below.

Getting Good Seats Without Going Broke

The Lindner Center is pretty big, and you will definitely want to make sure that you have great seats while you’re there. However, it’s also really easy to pay way too much for good seats. Here are a few tips to help get you started so you don’t go broke getting to the Western and Southern Open.

Don’t worry about the finals. Everyone wants to go see the finals, and for a good reason. The best of the best make it to the finals, and it’s the most exciting match of the entire tournament. But you can save a lot of money—and see more action—by skipping the finals and focusing on viewing matches earlier on in the tournament. Go early, and you’ll get cheaper prices. You’ll still see a professional-level play, and you might even see the future tournament winner. And, you’ll do it all at a much cheaper price.

Don’t focus on center court. The center court is the biggest stadium within the center, and organizers do attempt to put higher-ranked talent in this court because it’s a big draw. However, it never works out that way perfectly. Also, smaller stadiums tend to have a slightly lower admission cost. This sets up a nice situation where you can see pros compete without spending quite as much. And because the other stadiums are smaller, your seats will tend to be a little closer, too.

Pick the right section. There are three main seating sections at the center court. Terrace, Loge, and Box. Each has a different cost associated with it. Box seats are close to the action while Loge seating tends to be in the middle section but situated at center court. Terrace seating puts you on a specific side. Terrace seats are generally cheaper. However, you can also purchase single-session tickets that are even higher up but are a lot cheaper. If there’s a certain match or athlete that you’re interested in watching, this is the most cost-effective route to go.

Get free parking. You can pay for parking at the Lindner Center, but you don’t necessarily need to. There are three main parking lots, the North, South, and Diamond lots—each of which requires a parking pass. If you desire to be pretty close to the stadium and don’t mind spending the cash, you can purchase parking passes online ahead of time and be guaranteed a spot. However, the tournament does have a free parking lot that is included in the price of your tickets. It’s a bit of a hike, but if your goal is to save money, that’s okay. Get there early, get yourself a free parking spot, and head-on into enjoy some world-class tennis.

Have Fun

The most important part about going to the Western and Southern Open is that you enjoy yourself. This is a mammoth tournament and it’s incredibly fun to watch. TV viewing is one thing, but you’ve never experienced real tennis before if you are not there live and in the middle of the action. This is a great first tournament to attend, or it can be a great 100th tournament. It’s fun for newbies and season fans alike.

What are you waiting for? Check out available tickets today and guarantee yourself a slice of the action. Your family and friends will be thrilled to come along with you.