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Are you ready to see The Weeknd Live? Who isn’t? Let us help break down information about getting the best tickets possible. We will list the tickets we find to be the best for the upcoming shows.

These seats will vary from site to site as more seats get added all of the time. What does it take to get the best seats? Of course, it takes a nice bankroll to be able to afford the tickets in the resale market. If you were fortunate enough to get your tickets from the PreSale date or OnSale date you made out better than what we are showing below. This doesn’t mean you are getting scammed or ripped off. Check them out and see what might work for you and your budget.

After the ticket listings, we’ll break down some of the things you should know about The Weeknd and how you can still get the best tickets. At any point please let us know if we can help you.

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Backstory About The Weeknd

There is an interesting story behind Abel Makkonen Tesfaye. Also known as the weeknd, which is the singer’s stage name. In 1990 the Canadian singer was born and has since become a huge sensation in a couple of genres of music. He came out as a YouTube star and now he is performing in large arenas around the country. Just like that, he is packing them in The Arena and Golden 1 Center in California.

The Weeknd has produced several different albums.  The debut album was Kiss Land and Hills. An interesting stat is that he held the top three positions on the Billboard R&B Songs chart. That was an epic time and brought him stardom.

Many musicians these days partner up with large corporations. The weeknd decided to venture in a deal with Puma as a global ambassador. We don’t have money stats on this but you can be sure he is receiving some nice royalties for wearing their gear.

Award-Winning Performer

The weeknd has won three Grammy awards, two American Music Awards, and Nine Billboard Music awards. You can expect potentially some more records and more awards in the future. He has many years left as a singer and performer. It will be up to him and his appetite to keep going.

Genres of Music

The nice thing about The Weeknd is the different forms of music he likes to sing. The Canadian native loves R&B but also falls in the categories of pop, alternative R&B, and hip-hop.

Inspirations from Michael Jackson and Prince led to the form of singing The Weeknd provides in his albums and tours.

He has opened up the R&B category by bringing in an alternative format. This mesh of music brings in a different audience that may not occur for regular R&B artists. Performers such as The Smiths, Talking Heads, and Lana Del Ray are some of the acts that provided influences for his music.

Arenas of Past and Present

Here are some of the different arenas around the country and Canada that The weeknd performed in or will perform in.

  • Rogers Arena in Vancouver
  • Canada Rogers Place in Edmonton
  • Bell MTS Place in Edmonton
  • Excel Energy Center in St. Paul
  • United Center in Chicago
  • PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh

Tours of Now and Yesterday

The weekend has performed on several different tours and will continue to do so in the future.

  1. King of the Fall Tour in 2014
  2. The Madness Fall Tour 2015
  3. Starboy: Legend of the Fall Tour 2017
  4. The Weeknd Asia Tour 2018
  5. The After Hours Tour 2020

Best Time To Buy The Weeknd Tour Tickets

When is the best time to buy The Weeknd tickets? Just like every performer runs into a situation tickets will sell out quickly. If you are an active fan you most likely got a notification of a presale. This allowed you to get a fan code which most likely helped you get tickets for the venue you wanted to see. Usually, the rush of ticket brokers flows in on this day to buy up all the good seats. This allows them to sell the tickets in different markets and try to gain a profit. You have to act fast if you want good seats. You can even read about StubHub ticket fan codes here.

If you missed the on-sale or presale of The Weeknd tickets you do have plenty of other options. Sites like SeatGeek and StubHub will provide The Weeknd tickets just as if the tickets were available from the original on-sale date. The only catch is that the prices will most likely be higher than the original price. It’s now your turn to decide whether you want to purchase the tickets early on or you want to wait and see if the prices fall a little bit as we get closer to the event. There is always a chance that the prices will go up as well if the performer is hot. This is one concert that will most likely sell out. Although the venues that he is playing are quite large. This leads to the question of where should you sit at a Weeknd concert.

Where Should You Sit for The Weeknd

Just like any other one-man or woman show you are better off getting as close as you can as possible. We know how hard and expensive tickets can be in the first few rows of any concert. If you were able to get the tickets during the fan code phase you probably got a decent deal. If you have to look for seats in other fashions, try to find locations that might be a level up closest to the stage. These should be reduced enough for you to get a nice viewing seat for the price.

Any seats too far away at a concert like this should be avoided. Prices might seem reasonable but the distance from the location of the stage will be too far for you to really take it in. The real experiences are being up close and seeing him perform live right in front of you.

There’s no reason to go to a concert to watch someone perform on a big screen. If you’re watching a band that has many different instruments, it gives you more options.

You can also keep an eye out for seats as we get closer to the event. Sometimes sites like Ticketmaster will release an extra section of tickets that may show up if you’re a fan. If you follow The Weeknd in a fan club you will get updated with this information. At the end of the day, they want to sell out the tickets for multiple reasons. Keep an open mind about seating and price.

The Weeknd Concert Merchandise

If you are a merchandise type of fan and want to make out at a show, you will have plenty of options. Nowadays you don’t necessarily need to buy your T-shirt at the concert. You can order the T-shirts or whatever merchandise you want from them online at You will also find merchandise from previous tours at the venues as well. These will most likely be a little bit cheaper than for the current tour that he is on. Don’t overpay just to say you got the T-shirt at the concert.

Keep an eye out for tour stops in Brooklyn, New York, Montréal Canada, Toronto, Canada, Boston, Massachusetts, Miami, Florida, Orlando, Florida, New Orleans, Louisiana, Houston, Texas Dallas, Texas, and many more.

If you missed the pre-sale window your best bet is at the many third party tickets resale sites. They all have legit tickets but for a higher price.

Travelling all over Canada and Asia, you would have also seen him in Paris, Manchester, London, Glasgow, New York, Cleveland, Omaha and all over the states.

The crazy thing is he used to be the opening act for fellow Countrymen Drake. It will be interesting to see if he carries an opening act with him going forward. Look for Sabrina Claudio.

The great country of Canada. Look for The Weeknd to perform all over his home country of Canada and the United States. There are always cities ready for the tour.


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