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The San Antonio Spurs have fielded some great teams over the years, and they have gained a huge following of fans because of this. Players like Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Dennis Rodman, and now Kawhi Leonard have all helped to make the team strong, and tickets to San Antonio Spurs games are hot items thanks to this. If you’re looking for tickets to a game, move fast so you can get the best seats possible.

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The Spurs are one of only four ABA teams that still remain today. The ABA and the NBA merged in 1976, but the only other teams that remain are the Denver Nuggets, the Indiana Pacers, and what are now the Brooklyn Nets. Of these teams, the Spurs are the only ones to have won an NBA Championship—which they’ve done five times. Their most recent NBA Finals win was in 2014, where they beat a strong Miami Heat team. This has helped the team to establish a fierce rivalry with the Heat. When these teams play each other, tickets almost always sell out. The same is true whenever the Spurs play a former ABA team, too. If you’re looking for tickets to San Antonio Spurs games for one of these matchups, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find good seats.

That’s why we suggest using SeatGeek, or another reputable third party ticket site. They have a lot of different events covered, and they almost always have high-quality seats at low prices. Getting yourself to an NBA game can be expensive, and shopping smartly can help you to cut costs so that you can have a better time at the game. The San Antonio Spurs are one of the most fun teams to watch in all of basketball, but their tickets are not always easy to get. But if you’re looking for a way to provide a fun night out for your family or friends, this is one event that they will never forget. So whether you’re going to be in San Antonio soon, or you want to catch a game on the road, the Spurs are where the action is.

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