The Right Time to Buy Super Bowl Tickets

Best Time to Buy Super Bowl Tickets

Best Time to Buy Super Bowl Tickets is Now

There is no exact “right time to buy” or “best time to buy” Super Bowl tickets. The timing changes from year to year and match-up to match-up. To understand the unpredictability of buying the cheapest tickets, you have to look at previous years. The only pattern is mostly sometime after the championship games. It’s not always exactly right, but for the most part, count on volume to be high and prices to be low(er). The best seats to the Super Bowl are right below. You may find some slim pickings, but this is what happens when you have one of the biggest events of the year.

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And every season, 30 teams and their fans end their campaigns with the same motto, “We’ll make the Super Bowl next year.” Of course, only two teams are right, but when is the best time to buy those Super Bowl tickets? Maybe your team finished one game away, and you have high hopes. Maybe your team finished dead last, and you want to see how the season unfolds before you buy. Or perhaps you don’t care about sports at all and see an investment opportunity in tickets. No matter the logic, the hardest part about buying your tickets is knowing when to buy them.

Online ticket marketplaces like StubHub and SeatGeek make it easier than ever to buy and sell tickets at lightning speeds. Like trading stocks, you could see the value of your tickets go up and down each day or even down to the minute. There are dozens of choices when it comes to finding the right ticket, but at the end of the day, nothing beats the feeling of holding those tickets in your hand (or in your email inbox if that’s your route). Super Bowl tickets on a mobile device will be secure and ready for you to enter. Be sure to browse to find the best available tickets whether you need cheap tickets to the Super Bowl or just the best seats in the house.

Find the Best Time to Buy

According to a Washington Post study, ticket prices almost always drop when the matchup is set. Does that make it the right time to buy Super Bowl tickets? Statistics say probably not. Every season is different, but according to that same study, ticket prices over the past five years varied in best pricing from the day of the game to 14 days in advance. The key is keeping an eye on it.

Another critical aspect to remember is you’re not only competing against ticket marketplaces. The NFL has an allotment of tickets dedicated to the “Super Bowl Experience.” These tickets start around $7,500, but if the NFL can’t sell these packages, they go to resellers. When that happens, the price drops dramatically. The problem is we don’t have an exact time or date for that to happen (if it happens at all).

There is no “Right Time to Buy” Super Bowl Tickets

Face it; no one can predict the future. As a fan, you won’t know if your team is headed to the Big Game until it’s a couple of weeks away. If you’re a ticket holder, you run the risk of a boring Super Bowl matchup, and no one wants tickets. Seriously, who is excited about a Texans-Cardinals championship game? Investors run the same risk. If the game turns out to be a dud, your tickets may be duds, and you could even lose money on the prospect.

On the other hand, the right time to buy Super Bowl tickets could be any time. No magic formula tells you four days, two hours, and thirty-six minutes before kickoff is the perfect time to buy. The cheapest tickets are when the volume is very high, so watch the ticket exchanges and try to strike gold. Apply where to sit using our best place to sit page when buying your tickets.

The Super Bowl experience is what it’s all about at the end of the day. You can pay a fortune for some of the best seats to the Super Bowl or you can pay a small fortune to sit in the nose bleeds. Either way, you have to choose if you are ready to spend the money on tickets. Remember, the matchup and fanbase will be the key pricing tool.

When to Risk It

Finding the cheapest tickets to the Super Bowl is two parts luck and one part skill. When should you pull the trigger and buy? Is it best to pass on the tickets two weeks before the game or wait and hope prices bottom out on Super Bowl Sunday? Again, there’s no crystal ball consult.

It’s not an exact science, but the best time to buy the cheapest tickets may just be the last-minute tickets to the Super Bowl. It’s a risky play. Ticket holders know you’re desperate, and you will pay a fortune to see your team compete finally. Ticket holders also know without selling those tickets, they’re just scraps of paper and wasted money. No one can tell you what to do, but the risk/reward of buying last-minute Super Bowl tickets is very high. You could walk away with some of the cheapest tickets only hours before the game, or you run the risk of no available tickets at all. Super Bowls 46 and 47 saw the lowest price on game day.

Now is your chance to scope through all of the different sections and find the best seats for the Super Bowl. You may be surprised how one seller can reduce their prices by a substantial amount to make sure they don’t get left holding the tickets. If you can get lucky with this scenario we wish you well and good fortune. However, if you are desperate to go to the game the best seats may be too far for you to take action.

At the end of the day, you decide when the best time to buy Super Bowl tickets is. Choose wisely and don’t get left out holding the bag. The best seats could be yours. If you have any questions about which ticket site you should use for your purchase, please check out our reviews.


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