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Everything is going great until it stops going great, and then, it goes wrong. When The Huffington Posts writes that “The Play That Goes Wrong” is “the funniest play Broadway has ever seen” all you can do is hope they’re not paid to say that and then go ahead and buy your tickets. Produced on Broadway by talented film director J.J. Abrams of “Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens”, this play will definitely make you tear from all the laughter while keeping you on the edge of your seat until you find out why things go as wrong as they go when everything seemed to be going smoothly?!

In the end, maybe everything goes wrong because, you know, stuff happens from time to time. Find the best tickets to “The Play That Goes Wrong” on Broadway and at the West End, but also all of the information about the play in this article!

Everything that you see on stage is a play, but yet it seems that every actor, stage prop and line of text is wrong. Well… that’s the idea, isn’t it? The play centers around the actors of the fictional “Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society”, a group that has tremendous success with plays like “The Lion and The Wardrobe”, “James and the Peach” and “Cat”, and is now invited to put on a performance of “The Murder at Haversham Manor”, a famous 1920s mystery murder plays very similar to “The Mousetrap”.

The only problem is, as the title suggests, everything that could go wrong on the big day of the premiere goes wrong, and then some. The props on the walls are falling down, the floors are collapsing, the members of the cast are misplacing props, they forget some of the most basic lines, misuse or overuse them and so on. Not trying to spoil the ending, but at the end, virtually the entirety of the remaining set, not a lot of it though, collapses to the ground.

What is this Play All About?

“The Play That Goes Wrong” was written by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields, three “Mischief Theatre” living legends, the most renowned British comedy theater company. The play was first curtained in 2012 in London, at the “Old Red Lion Theater”, after which it was moved to “Trafalgar Studios” in 2013.

Encouraged by great success, the play was then toured in the UK from January of 2014 until July of the same year, after which it again opened in London at the “Duchess Theatre”, the current home of the play. Besides the West End production, there’s a second UK tour in production until August of 2018.

The comedy opened on Broadway on April 2nd, 2017 at the “Lyceum Theatre”. The show is put up by the original West End cast, with production by talented film director of “Star Trek” and “Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens” J.J. Abrams. Besides the Broadway production, there’s also an Australian tour currently going on, which will pass through all of the major cities of The Land Down Under, including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.

The current Broadway cast features Ashley Bryant, Clifton Duncan, Mark Evans, Jonathan Fielding, Alex Mandell (which has a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio on the official cast portion of the play’s website) and many others. Director is Mark Bell, with the intricate, disastrous set design by Nigel Hook and costumes by Roberto Surace.

Tell us About the Director

Mark Bell is the authority in comedy theater on Broadway and everywhere else. He directs the famous plays “The Comedy About a Bank Robbery”, “Waiting for Waiting for Godot” and “News”, alongside the big hit “The Play That Goes Wrong”. Mark trained under the wings of Jacques Lecoq at “Ecole Internationale de Theatre” in Paris, one of the most famous theater schools in the world, in business for 70 years. In 2017, Mark and his team won the Tony Award for “Best Scenic Design of a Play” but also 3 “Broadway World Award” titles for “Best New Play”, “Best Sound Design” and “Best Direction of a Play”.

Where Can You Get Tickets to this Show?

You can find the best tickets to “The Play That Goes Wrong” by following the official website of the play, at, where you’ll find links to the Broadway or the West End productions, but also for the UK Tour, the New Zealand and the Hong Kong productions. Tickets for the Broadway production start from $30 for a Balcony seat on weeknights, $45 for a Mezzanine seat and $119 for an Orchestra seat. Performances run every day of the week but on Mondays, with two curtains on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

For the West End production, which won the “Olivier” and the “What’s On Stage” in 2015 for “Best New Comedy”, ticket prices start from as low as 20 pounds and can go up to 99 pounds and above if you chose to see the disaster from up close. There are two curtains set for every Saturday and Sunday, from 2:30/3:00 and 7:00/7:30 PM and one curtain Tuesday to Friday, starting from 7:30 PM. Make sure you check out sites like SeatGeek and StubHub for price comparisons.

Facts about “The Play That Goes Wrong”

  • The three masterminds behind the play were broke and miserable before starting to write the show. Henry Lewis was working at a local burger joint, Henry Shields was waiting tables at a pub and Jonathan Sayer answered calls at a call center;
  • This is the only show on Broadway that has an intermission of 1 minute;
  • The play might be a comedy, but the revenue it produces is clearly not, as the Broadway production alone grossed almost $20 million until the beginning of March 2018.


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