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The Ottawa Senators are one of the several professional hockey teams in Canada. Located right in the city of Ottawa, the Senators play at the Canadian Tire Centre. Although a relatively new team, this team has already established a firm foothold in the NHL. Part of this is because of the immense popularity of hockey in Canada, and part of it is the fact that this team has been strong year after year. Tickets to Ottawa Senators games are always popular, especially when the team is at home. If you’re having trouble finding tickets, don’t worry. Sites like SeatGeek and other third party sites can help you to find great seats, even when they are technically sold out.

The Senators were founded in 1992, but have already seen a good deal of success in the time since then. This can be confusing because the Ottawa Senators were one of the original six founding NHL teams. However, the first inception of the Senators moved to St. Louis in 1934 and became known as the Eagles. This team was not a financial success, and the team was disbanded by the NHL. Although there were talks of creating a new Ottawa Senators team shortly after that, it took decades before the current version of the team was born in 1992.

The team has had some great rivalries over the years. Their biggest rival to date has been the Anaheim Ducks, who bested the Senators in the 2007 Stanley Cup Finals. After making the playoffs for each of the nine years before that, Senators fans were ready for a championship, but as of today, the team still has not brought home the Stanley Cup trophy.

The Senators remain one of the more popular teams in the NHL. They have seen a lot of playoff action in their short time as a pro team, and this has only helped them to maintain a large number of fans. Whether you’re a huge Senators fan, or you just want to see a sporting event, getting tickets to Ottawa Senators games can be a huge event for you, your friends, and your family.

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