The NBA Finals

Best Time to Buy NBA Finals Tickets

Best Time to Buy NBA Finals Tickets

Held between the champion of the Eastern Conference and the champ from the Western, the NBA Finals are a best-of-seven showdown that fans love. There will be four games being held at the home court of the team with the better regular-season record. In 2023, the Denver Nuggets will carry the home advantage. The question remains, is this the best time to buy NBA Finals tickets?

Listed below you will find tickets for all of the NBA finals games. Both teams are represented so you won’t have to worry about selecting a particular team.

Basketball fans can’t wait for this time of year. The games that are coming up are super exciting to watch, especially if you see them in person. Did you know that tickets to the last game of the NBA Finals are the best thing a fan could have? These tickets are really special and can sometimes cost a lot of money, even more than ten thousand dollars!

If you’re interested in seeing the NBA Finals, don’t despair. Tickets might be expensive, but you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to get seats. Read on to see our recommended best way for getting NBA Finals tickets.

Recent NBA Finals

We are coming into some great basketball. The Denver Nuggets look unstoppable at this moment. They have a great starting core with plenty of help off the bench. The Miami Heat are the surprise team in the NBA after taking out the Boston Celtics. No one expected the Heat to make it this far. Jimmy “Buckets” Butler will have something to say to Jokic come game one. At least teams don’t have to worry about the Golden State Warriors this year.

Tickets to the NBA Finals

Given the immense popularity of this event, securing tickets to these games can be a challenging task. The initial batch of tickets is usually allocated to the home stadium’s season ticket holders. Once these have been snapped up, additional tickets are sold via the NBA’s preferred ticket provider. Concurrently, tickets begin to surface on various third-party platforms such as SeatGeek, StubHub, Vivid Seats, and Ticket Squeeze. For the majority of fans, these platforms often serve as the primary gateway to purchase tickets.

Prices for the Finals can be steep, to say the least. Even seats in the farthest reaches of the stadium, often referred to as the ‘nosebleed section’, can demand a price of $1,000 or more per seat. But for basketball enthusiasts, witnessing the NBA Finals—undoubtedly one of the grandest spectacles of the year—is an experience worth every penny. The value of this experience is further magnified if it’s the decisive game of the series.

How can you get tickets? That’s the big question.

Your best bet is to go through a third-party site. Because this is a popular event, you’re probably not going to find a great discount, but that doesn’t mean that you need to overpay. Check out our pages about finding the best places to sit. You will learn some techniques on how you can save when attending a sporting event.

One of the best methods that we have found is to purchase digital tickets through your phone. This way, you can be at the stadium, buy your tickets right before the game starts, and give yourself the best chance of getting a discount.

Because this is a huge event and because tickets will not be on sale months (or even weeks) ahead of time, you won’t see the decline in price that you would see for other major events, like the Super Bowl. However, no one wants to lose out on a few thousand dollars because they couldn’t move their tickets at the last minute. But rather than going to a scalper, purchasing your tickets online gives you a cushion. Using your phone, either through the site’s app or your mobile browser, you will find that tickets do drop in price about an hour before tipoff. Buy your tickets then, and you will save a few bucks.

This is far from ideal for those of us that don’t live close to the city where the game is being held. Nobody wants to drive for a few hours only to be denied entrance to the game for a lack of tickets. But, in an ideal situation, this is the best and cheapest way for you to score last-minute tickets.


If you’re from out of town, don’t forget to think about finding a place to stay. All major NBA cities have more than enough hotels for fans to stay at, you just need to look. While it can be fun to stay in a local hotel or motel, these are often not of the same consistency in quality as national chains like Hyatt, Hilton, or even motel chains, like Motel 6. Be sure to book your room before you go to the game so you aren’t scrambling to find a place to stay at the last minute. This will help alleviate some of the stress of going to the game.

Make it to the Game

This is the year your team made it to the NBA Finals and it is up to you to get tickets. We know how expensive tickets cost these days, especially for this type of series. Do your research and try to find some deals. There are a lot of tickets available early on leading up to the games. Track what you can and see if tickets are moving off the ticket sites. If not, you can hold out for a better price. This is the best time to buy NBA Finals tickets. It’s now your turn to make it happen.


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