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The Los Angeles Clippers are one of two NBA teams in the LA area, but despite this, they have continued to gain in popularity in recent years. This is mostly due to the fact that the team has seen a big turnaround in terms of success. Just a few years ago, the team struggled to have a winning season. Today, they are consistent playoff contenders. If you’re looking for tickets to Los Angeles Clippers games, you are likely going to have a tough time, especially for big games and if you are looking at the last minute. Check out SeatGeek if you can’t find tickets. They have a huge selection of sports tickets, and last minute tickets are almost always available for Clippers games.

The Los Angeles Clippers are part of the Western Conference of the National Basketball Association. Starting out as an NBA expansion team in 1970, the Clippers were originally based in Buffalo, New York, and were called the Buffalo Braves. They moved to San Diego in 1978, changing their name to the Clippers. In 1984, they finally made their way to their current city: Los Angeles. It wasn’t until 2013 that the team won its first Division title. This was thanks to new talent like Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan.

A handful of Hall of Famers have come from the Clippers. These include legendary names like Bob McAdoo, Bill Walton, and Moses Malone. There are a few more current players who might be Hall of Fame considerations later in the future.

The Clippers have developed a big rivalry with the Los Angeles Lakers. They share a home stadium in the Staples Center, and they go back and forth when it comes to who is the dominant team. When these two teams are up against each other, tickets to Los Angeles Clippers games often sell out. They are some of the biggest events of the NBA season, regardless of whether or not they are playoff contenders that season. If you’re in LA for one of these games, these are tickets you definitely want to grab for you and your friends.

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