The Dallas Stars are Stars on the Ice

Cheapest Dallas Stars Tickets Out There?

Cheapest Dallas Stars Tickets

The Dallas Stars are one of the more popular southern U.S. professional hockey teams. They have a large following of fans all over the country though, and their games are immensely popular, both at home or away. You might have a tough time finding good seats to their games, so we recommend checking out StubHub, SeatGeek, or another third-party site with a solid reputation if you do want to grab hard to find tickets.

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The Stars were founded in 1967 and have grown as a team consistently since then. They won their division for the first time in 1997 and have done so several times since. In ’99, they won their first and only Stanley Cup championship against the Buffalo Sabres. These two teams remain huge rivals today, and tickets to Dallas Stars games become even tougher to find when the Sabres are in town. If you’re a hockey fan, this rivalry is definitely one of the top ones to take in. Today, the Stars have a very different lineup than they did then, but memories of this matchup still bring up deep-seated feelings for fans of either team.

For much of their time as a member of the NHL, the Stars were known as the Minnesota North Stars. They moved to Dallas in 1993 and have been the Dallas Stars ever since. Minnesota hockey fans don’t need to worry about the gap in the area, though. The Minnesota Wild has taken over as the go-to pro hockey team of choice since then. The Stars play their home games at the American Airlines Center, located right in the heart of Dallas.

If you’re going to be in the Dallas area, or maybe another city where the Stars are playing for an away game, getting tickets is a big deal. Even though the Stars haven’t won a Stanley Cup since 1999, they remain as one of the southern portions of the country’s most popular teams. Tickets to Dallas Stars games are always in season, even when the team is undergoing the occasional slump. The sooner you grab your tickets, the better your seats will be. Your friends and family will be glad that you did.

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