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The Colorado Avalanche is one of the premier teams in the National Hockey League. Playing in an area of the U.S. where hockey is a relative newcomer, this team has a huge local fan base and immense popularity over the rest of the country. Tickets for their games often sell out fast, so it’s no surprise that tickets to Colorado Avalanche games are always in high demand. If you’re interested in the team, keep reading. We can let you know a little more about them, and the best way to get the best seats for wherever you plan on going to catch a game.

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Founded in 1972, the Colorado Avalanche were not originally based in the United States at all but were known as the Quebec Nordiques. They joined the NHL in 1979 and then relocated to Colorado in 1995, where they took on their current name. Many greats have played for this organization, including Hall of Famers such as Rob Blake, Teemu Selanne, Patrick Roy, and Peter Forsberg. The team has won two Stanley Cup Finals, with their most recent being in 2001. They have won their division several times since then. When the Avalanche plays the New Jersey Devils, you can almost guarantee that tickets will sell out. This is who the Avalanche defeated in the ’01 Stanley Cup, and there is still a pretty fierce rivalry between the two teams. However, any team within their division also provokes larger than normal ticket sales, too.

The Avalanche play their home games at the Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado. If you’re looking for tickets to Colorado Avalanche games, this is most likely where you will see them play, but they are also very popular when on the road. Wherever you’re going to go catch a game, be sure to shop around on a few different third-party ticket sites. SeatGeek is often the best, but not always. Spending a few minutes shopping will help you to get the best seats possible, and save a few bucks in the process. This is a fun team to watch live, and you will not regret seeing them play.

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