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The Black Keys are a two-man band known for rough-and-tough rock feels, but they are also known to perform traditional blues rock, psychedelic rock, and garage rock. They formed in Akron, Ohio in 2001, and have since climbed the charts by producing gold-selling work. Their forming was a complete accident: Dan Auerbach was scheduled for a studio recording session, but his backup musicians totally bailed on him. Patrick Carney happened to be at the studio, and they began to play music together. This chill jam session resulted in the founding of The Black Keys. Together, Auerbach and Carney released Rubber Factory in 2004. This album was a huge spark that charged their growing fanbase. By 2008, they made Billboard’s Top 15 with their album, Attack, and Release.

The Black Keys’ band name was inspired by an Akron friend who suffered from schizophrenia. Their friend would frequently use the phrase, black keys, to describe people that were untrustworthy, or unlikeable. The Black Keys are known to have a high sense of humor on stage and perform with a humble edge. See the Black Keys live for a quality performance, where the talented artists onstage seek to find common ground with their audiences. The current band members of The Black Keys are Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney.

The Black Keys has a current listening rate of 8,661,667 plays per month on Spotify. Their most popular songs to date include: “Lo/Hi”, a hit single, “Lonely Boy”, from El Camino, “Howlin’ For You”, from Brothers, “Gold on the Ceiling”, from El Camino, and “Little Black Submarine”, from El Camino. The song intros are either rowdy and infused with read-to-go rock beats, or gentle, reflective acoustic strums.

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What’s Special About The Black Keys?

After 10 Grammy Award nominations and 4 grandiose wins, The Black Keys have gained enough status to recruit feedback from the most popular rock artists in the world. Members of The Rolling Stones have aided them in the critique of their new songs and shared expertise to craft their albums during recording sessions. They have a 2-time Grammy Award win for Best Rock Performance, and a 2-time Grammy Award wins for best alternative rock and rock album.

It’s the right time to buy tickets to see The Black Keys live: they are chasing more Grammy Awards for Best Rock Performance, and are repeatedly playing sold-out concerts. Grab some tickets to see The Black Keys, and enjoy a high-energy, high-humor show with your favorite songs.

Notable Performances by The Black Keys

The Los Angeles Times recalls The Black Keys’ performance at The Forum in Los Angeles, California. After selling out, The Black Keys appeared on stage in their usual 2-man duo. Auerbach sported his usual large, black-framed glasses and Carney focused mostly on playing his rainbow-glittered drums. Fan base followers of The Black Keys don’t mosh or fight, usually, even though they are in a rock venue. Rather, there were a reported amount of chilled-out head-nodders, who also sang along to their favorite Black Keys songs. The Black Keys maintained their usual spirits on stage, and get the crowd going with semi-awkward commands. Their music does the better talking, but all the same, the awkwardness and earnest efforts to excite the crowd ring authentically with the fans.

How to Buy Tickets to The Black Keys

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