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The Arizona Cardinals are one of the oldest professional sports teams in the U.S look at this website. and have a vast following of fans as a result of this. Tickets to Arizona Cardinals games are always big items. Games see a great mix of casual sports fans and hardcore Cards fans. Whether you’re in the area for business or you live right near the stadium, going to see a game will be a lot of fun.

The Arizona Cardinals hold the distinction of being the oldest continuously run professional football team in the world. They were originally called the Morgan Athletic Club and were founded back in 1898. They joined the NFL in 1920, and now are a member of the NFC West Division. Starting in 1994, the team officially became the Arizona Cardinals, after renaming themselves from the Phoenix Cardinals. The team has won two titles since joining the NFL, one in 1925, and the other in 1947. Over the years, many greats have played on the team, and many have made it to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Some of these legends include Aeneas Williams, Jackie Smith, Dan Dierdorf, and Larry Wilson.

The Cardinals have made the postseason many times, and they won their Conference as recently as 2008. They won their Division in 2015 and continue to have a strong team moving into the future. Whether they win or lose though, this team is one that continues to keep drawing big crowds year in and year out.

The Cardinals play their home games at the University of Phoenix Stadium in the city of Glendale, Arizona. This Phoenix suburb is a large enough city that tickets to Arizona Cardinals games are always big items. In fact, their stadium is so popular that it was used as the site of the 2015 Pro Bowl, one of the first times that the game was played outside of Hawaii. If you’ve never seen a Cardinals home game, it’s one of the nicest stadiums in any sport, and thanks to the warm climate, games here are popular the entire year, even deep into the winter.

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