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Best Seats for a Texas Tech Red Raiders Football Game

Texas Tech Red Raiders Tickets and the Best Seats

You are here not only looking for tickets to the Red Raiders, you are here looking for the best seats in Jones AT&T Stadium. We know how expensive tickets for Texas Tech games can be nowadays. We will do our best to help you out and save. We will start off with what we consider the best seats, then get into some of the past of Raiders football, followed up by away game expectations, current ticket prices, and some other information to help you have a better experience.

We will kick things off with the upcoming games on the Texas Tech Red Raiders schedule. The games listed below cover all of their football game both home and away. If you don’t see the game you would like to attend, the load more button will take you to the right spot. Good luck hunting for the best seats and ticket prices.

Best Places to Sit in Jones AT&T Stadium

We have an interesting layout compared to most college football stadiums so you’ll want to pay attention when it comes to finding the perfect seat. Premium seating in Jones AT&T Stadium is available on both sidelines elevated above the upper decks. Seats in both club levels are chairback seats with comfortable armrests. Here is how the sections break down. Tickets from all vantage points and price ranges in Texas Tech’s 60,454-seat home in Lubbock are available.

Single Digits – Sitting in sections 3-8 is where the good times are. You’ll find seats that are quite expensive as you go lower down. Keep the row in mind and if you are on a strict budget, consider a row sacrifice. In section 8 we see an 8th-row seat for $82. At the same time, we are seeing a section 7 row 9 for $178. Find the value.

Teens – On the visitor side, especially if you are a fan of the opponent, you can find a couple of deals. Try to start mid-section at the 50 and work your way around. You could find the best seat that people aren’t really looking at.

100 Level – On each sideline you will find 100 level sections. You can save a few bucks if you go to the visitor side, but don’t count on much. Try to get into sections 104, 105, and 106. Get a lower row and you’ll have a decent seat for the game. Prices are fair across the other sections in the 100 level. Do the research.

EndZones – If you want to sit in the endzone consider sections 11 and 13. They are actually two sections within each. You’ll have some great views if the action is on your end. It will make the game a little more difficult to watch if the play is on the other end. Don’t worry, there will be action on both sides. We are seeing only a small drop off in ticket prices from rows 2 to 12 so try to get closer to the field. It will be worth the extra few bucks.

Some Final Seating Thoughts

Jones AT&T Stadium, the 60,454-seat home of Texas Tech, offers an intriguing layout and various ticket options to suit all preferences and budgets. Premium seating is located on both sidelines. Sections 3-8, though pricey for lower rows, guarantee good times, while sections 7 and 8 provide value for the money. Fans of the visiting team can score deals on the visitor side in the Teens sections, particularly starting mid-section at the 50-yard line. 100-level sections on each sideline offer decent seats, especially in sections 104, 105, and 106. For those preferring the excitement of the end zones, consider sections 11 and 13, providing great views when the play is on your end, with minimal price difference between the first and twelfth rows. It’s advised to do your research to ensure the best seat for your budget.

Some of the Great Raiders Past

Here is a quick trip down memory lane with some epic games the nation got to enjoy. Each of these had moments that will go down in history as some of the best college football games.

The Texas Tech Red Raiders have been known for their exciting brand of offensive football throughout the years. And the Red Raiders have participated in some epic shootouts. There was Seth Dodge’s 7 touchdown passes in the 2012 matchup with TCU, a game the Red Raiders won 56-53.

There was the 2002 Music City Bowl with Ole Miss when BJ Symons outdueled Eli Manning to the tune of 661 yards and 6 touchdowns as the Red Raiders beat the Rebels 49-45.

And then there was the 2008 shootout with top-ranked Texas. The number 7 Red Raiders claimed victory when Graham Harrell hit Michael Crabtree (whose tiptoeing on the sideline is still on NCAA highlight reels to this day) for the game-winning touchdown with 1 second left to secure a 39-33 victory.

How would you like to be there live to witness the next Red Raider shootout? We have your ticket the next time you want to see Texas Tech light up the scoreboard.

Texas Tech Red Raiders Away Games

We show plenty of ticket options to see the Red Raiders in Lubbock. How about tickets when the Red Raiders go to bowl games (like that 2001 shootout with Eli Manning) or take on in-state rivals as the visitor?

In the listings above you will see both home and away games. Dig through each of the games and find the one you want to attend. Look for sections that are more welcoming to Raiders fans. This will make your experience more enjoyable.

Texas Tech Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for Texas Tech Raiders games keep going up each year. Just like everything these days, premiums are getting added. In the listings below, we will check out some of the game day ticket prices to get in the door. More than likely the prices you see will be the cheapest at the time. These will change as we move through the season. Keep this in mind when doing your research on Texas Tech ticket prices. These are for home games only.

Opponent Lowest Ticket Price
Oregon Ducks $78
Houston Cougars $31
Kansas State $17
TCU $33
UCF Knights $12

As you can see, getting into a game won’t cost you a ton. We think $50 will be your go-to ticket price range for a decent seat. Expect prices to rise and fall depending on how the season is going. As you can see the Oregon Ducks carry the most expensive tickets currently. Ticket prices away for the Baylor Bears, BYU Cougars, and the University of Texas are all starting at over $50 for the cheapest seats. This means home games are more than likely going to be cheaper than away games against big opponents.

Make the Most of Your Day

After purchasing your ticket, make sure to plan the rest of your day. Walk around campus and take in the Spanish Renaissance Architecture and the various displayed works of art. Take your picture at Will Roger’s statue. Visit the Museum of Texas Tech University and the Buddy Holly Center. You can also hang out at a local winery or in the Depot Entertainment District. There are endless options to keep your weekend going.

Let’s not forget about the upcoming tailgate you will host or attend. You need to know what to bring based on the weather and the time the game will be played. There are many things to consider when tailgating so get the knowledge you need to have an amazing time.

How to Buy Texas Tech Red Raider Football Tickets

Check out the Red Raiders and that high-powered offense live this season. Whether you want to see the team in a climate-controlled lounge or with one of the best seats inside Jones AT&T Stadium now is the time to act. It is really that simple. Find the game you want to attend. Search through the stadium sections and find the right section and row that gives you the best deal. After that, enjoy the area and have some fun tailgating. If you have any questions about buying tickets, please let us know.


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