The Tennessee Titans Have a Nationwide Appeal

Can You Get Cheap Tennessee Titans Tickets?

Can You Get Cheap Tennessee Titans Tickets

The Tennessee Titans, despite having a new name, are not a new team within the NFL, having been founded in 1960. The Houston Oilers transitioned out of Texas and into Tennessee in 1997 and became the Titans in 1999. Tickets to Tennessee Titans games are extremely popular, regardless of whether the team is having a good year or a less than impressive one. If you’re a Titans fan, then you need to move quickly if you want to see this team play this season. That goes for both home games and away.

The Tennessee Titans have had a considerable amount of success over the decades. They have won two league championships, both coming when they were members of the AFL. Their first was in 1960, and the second was in 1961, just a year later. Since the AFL-NFL merger, they have not won a Super Bowl, but they have gone to the playoffs a number of times, including an AFC Championship in 1999. The team has produced several Hall of Fame players, including Elvin Bethea, Bruce Matthews, Ken Houston, and Warren Moon.

The Titans have a big rivalry with the Houston Texans, who filled the gap that was left when the Oilers moved out of state. Although the Texans occupy the same city, the two teams are not affiliated. When Tennessee plays in Houston, the crowds are always much bigger than normal regular-season games. Likewise when Houston is in Tennessee. As one of the biggest rivalries in the NFL, these games are always big occasions.

The Titans currently play their home games at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee. They have amassed a huge following over the years, and thanks to the fact that they have spent considerable amounts of time in two major football cities, they are one of the most popular teams in the NFL right now. Tickets to Tennessee Titans games are hot items, and it’s not uncommon to see big games sell out. If you are in Nashville during the fall, catching a game is a great way to spend some time with either friends or family.

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