Tedeschi Trucks Band

Tedeschi Trucks Band Tour Dates

Tedeschi Trucks Band Tour Dates

You made it here knowing that the Tedeschi Trucks Band tour is in full swing. We have those tour dates below, but before we get into that, we want to share some information with you. Ticket prices have only gone up and now we want to show you how to save a little bit of money on your purchase. We’ll go over the best place to sit at a Tedeschi Trucks Band concert, some history, some statistical data about their popularity, and wrap it up with some good ideas.

Right below you will find Tedeschi Trucks Band tour tickets. This can be a single event or if they show up at a music festival near you. If you don’t see a concert close to you, the load more button will take you to the page with all future tour dates.

Best Place to Sit at a Tedeschi Trucks Band Concert

Although we can go venue by venue to get you the best idea, we are going to focus on a spot we love very much but haven’t spoken about. Since they will be performing at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO several times, it’s probably best that we start here. A couple of the events in 2023 will include Ziggy Marley

Red Rocks Amphitheatre – I think most people will agree that after seeing a show at Red Rocks, you can’t wait to go back. So what does this mean in terms of seats? There are several options and some come with a twist.

If you decide to go close to the stage the outside reserved area will have a better price. We like the Center Right and Center Left for both visual and sound reasons. You’ll be close to the mixing board so try to go some rows back from that. The further you go back the more muffled the sound will be based on the rocks and stage setup. This is why the general admission area is not the best for sound and stage visuals, but it does give you beautiful views. On a nice night, you can see Denver way in the distance. Tedeschi Trucks Band ticket prices should drop pretty heavily once you get to the GA and out of reserved seating.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison CO Seating Chart
Red Rocks Amphitheatre Seating Chart

Some History of the Band

This married couple is originally from Jacksonville, Florida. The two members of the band are Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks and they formed the band in 2010. This cute couple has a lot of chemistry and love in their music which has won the hearts of many Americans. They continue to prove their talent as they perfect their signature blues-rock sound.

Originally, the couple played in two separate bands. Trucks is best known for his work with The Derek Trucks Band and was an official member of The Allman Brothers Band. Susan Tedeschi collaborated with many different artists throughout the blues-rock scene. She also has a solo career that is quite successful. They toured together in 2007 which was called the Soul Stew Revival. The tour was a success and they decided to release music together.

Tedeschi Trucks Band’s releases were extremely anticipated. Their first album won the Grammy Award for Best Blues Album in 2012. Their third album debuted at 15 on the Billboards chart which is extremely high for a blues album. While blues is not the most popular genre, their albums seem to reach the mainstream audience. Their success is steady and you will likely see their songs appear more in your everyday life.

Since the band’s members have a lot of experience within the music community, they are always touring with big music names including Trey Anastasio. You can find them touring with many members who have played for The Allman Brothers Band. In 2015, the band performed at the Lockn Festival as part of a tribute to the great musician Joe Cocker. They’ve also taken the stage at Bonnaroo, the New Orleans Jazz Fest, and Austin City Limits.

Steps for Tickets

Tedeschi Trucks Band is a joy to see. You will want to find good seats because of how talented they are as musicians. You can make sure that you get the perfect seat for yourself. Inexpensive tickets always exist but they usually get released on different dates. If you want to find these tickets, check early and often to make sure you do not miss any updates. All news is immediately reflected. That way you will always know you are getting the best deal. Tedeschi Trucks Band ticket prices will fluctuate as you get closer to the event as well. If there are a lot of tickets for sale say on Vivid Seats or Ticket Squeeze, this means the prices could drop as you get closer to the show.

Tedeschi Trucks Band Ticket Prices

Every show they perform has a different price. Our goal is to show you the average get-in Tedeschi Trucks Band ticket prices. We will select several different events and see what you will be looking at when making your decision. Remember these won’t be the best seats, only what it will cost to walk in the door. On average, Tedeschi Trucks Band ticket prices will be around $50. Keep this in mind when researching seat locations.

Location Ticket Prices
Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion $43
Hartford HealthCare Amphitheater $63
Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center $31
TCU Amphitheater $45
Red Rocks Amphitheatre $68

Married Talents

Both musicians are extremely talented and are hailed as musical geniuses. Trucks picked up the guitar at the age of five and were immediately considered guitar prodigies. He is considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time because he can play a wide diverse range of music. He has appeared on Rolling Stone’s list of 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.

Tedeschi continues to impress the blues world with her voice is passionate and possesses a unique charm and beauty. People have compared her voice to Janis Joplin and Bonnie Raitt. She also is a talented guitarist and her chemistry with her husband is immaculate. They seem to connect musically and spiritually. Their music is easy to listen to and helps you relax after a hard day at work.

At Tedeschi Trucks Band’s concerts, you can frequently see a lot of improvisation. At these concerts, the band is huge and they are usually joined by many different touring musicians. This means each instrument will have an opportunity to have a solo. You will be able to groove to different types of instruments because all of them love playing music. You can watch the band speak to each other through their instruments.

Statistically Speaking

Tedeschi Trucks Band on tour is one thing, but what about where they stand on social platforms? We use Spotify and YouTube as a gauge of popularity. Starting with Spotify, we can see that they have just under 1 million listens each month. This isn’t super strong, but when you are in a musical niche like theirs, that isn’t bad. Some of their songs have almost 40 million listens as well.

They have a decent following with about 130k subscribers. They have a ton of videos as you can see here. A lot of their most popular videos are really old. Some have millions of views.

Blues Rock Stars

The band’s reputation is incredibly high among blues fans. However, as this band continues to win different music awards, they attract a crowd who are not originally blues fans. You will not regret buying your seat when you see them play. Do not forget to buy their tickets before it is too late. The listings above will show the fair ticket prices as of right now.


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