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To get the best seats for a Tate McRae concert, it’s important to understand a few key points. Firstly, finding good seats can be challenging due to her popularity. Our goal is to assist you in locating an ideal spot. Additionally, we’ll provide some background on her career progression. Finally, we’ll examine her presence on major music streaming platforms.

April 20
06:00 pm
April 20, Sat, 06:00 pm
O2 Academy Glasgow - Glasgow
April 22
06:00 pm
April 22, Mon, 06:00 pm
Eventim Apollo - London
April 23
06:00 pm
April 23, Tue, 06:00 pm
Eventim Apollo - London
April 24
06:00 pm
April 24, Wed, 06:00 pm
O2 Apollo Manchester - Manchester
April 26
06:00 pm
April 26, Fri, 06:00 pm
Civic Hall at The Halls (University of Wolverhampton) - Complex - Wolverhampton
April 28
06:00 pm
April 28, Sun, 06:00 pm
Palladium Köln - Köln
April 29
06:00 pm
April 29, Mon, 06:00 pm
AFAS Live - Amsterdam
April 30
04:30 pm
April 30, Tue, 04:30 pm
Lotto Arena - Antwerp
May 02
05:30 pm
May 02, Thu, 05:30 pm
Annexet - Stockholm
May 03
05:00 pm
May 03, Fri, 05:00 pm
Oslo Spektrum - Oslo
May 04
06:00 pm
May 04, Sat, 06:00 pm
Falkoner Salen - Frederiksberg
May 06
06:00 pm
May 06, Mon, 06:00 pm
Sporthalle - Hamburg
May 07
06:00 pm
May 07, Tue, 06:00 pm
Verti Music Hall - Berlin
May 08
06:00 pm
May 08, Wed, 06:00 pm
Forum Karlin - Prague
May 10
05:00 pm
May 10, Fri, 05:00 pm
Centralny Ośrodek Sportu - Hala Torwar - Warsaw

Regarding her upcoming concerts, begin by identifying the show nearest to you. The list above includes details of her upcoming concerts. If the concert you’re interested in isn’t shown, click the ‘Load More’ button. This will direct you to a comprehensive list of all her scheduled performances.

Best Place to sit at a Tate McRae Concert

Obtaining the best seat at a Tate McRae concert can significantly enhance your enjoyment. While it’s not always possible to get the best seat, the effort can be well worth it. We’ll offer guidance on how to find the most desirable seats, mindful of the high cost of tickets nowadays. Let’s take a look and see what we can find.

Her upcoming tour includes a range of venues in the United States, from small to large, with Madison Square Garden being one of the largest. To give a middle-ground visual, we’ll focus on the MGM Music Hall at Fenway, where she is scheduled for two consecutive nights. The strategies we discuss here can be applied to venues of similar size. Keep in mind that ticket prices may vary based on her popularity in each city.

The Music Hall, despite being one of the newer venues in the country, offers an impressive concert experience. When Tate McRae performs there, attendees can expect several advantages. The venue is known for its exceptional sound quality, likely making it one of the best auditory experiences on her tour. Additionally, the seating is designed for comfort, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the event.

General Admission – Ideal for those who enjoy standing and dancing throughout the concert. The large general admission area offers a chance to get close to the stage but be prepared for no seating and some jostling. This area is perfect for mingling with other fans, and ticket prices are generally reasonable. Consider checking other seats before making a decision.

Box – Offering a luxurious concert experience, box seats span end to end and come with desirable amenities. Whether these seats are essential depends on your concert preferences. Expect significantly higher prices, but the views and sound quality are exceptional.

Mezzanine – Positioned just behind the box seats, the mezzanine offers two key differences: no in-seat waiter service and lower prices. With only two rows, if the prices are similar, opting for the front row is advisable.

Section 200 – Directly behind the mezzanine is Section 200. These seats provide views similar to the mezzanine but are slightly further back. If there’s a noticeable price difference, choosing seats here can be a cost-effective option. Be aware that sometimes the front row of Section 200 may be priced higher than the second row of the mezzanine.

Section 300 – Further back, Section 300 is recommended for its central sections. While ticket prices for Tate McRae don’t vary widely in this area, aiming for the best seat possible is suggested for optimal sound quality.

Section 300 GA (The Rail) – Located behind Section 300, this area is furthest from the stage and offers less desirable views. However, it’s a good spot to find cheaper tickets, not only for Tate McRae’s concerts but also for other events at the MGM Music Hall at Fenway.

A Look Back

Tate McRae’s rise to fame is a testament to her talent and hard work. She first captured attention with her original songs and dynamic presence on YouTube. This Canadian artist infuses her shows with tremendous energy, a trait that has only amplified as her confidence has grown on the global stage.

McRae’s discography, already boasting two studio albums, shows promise for a prolific future in music. Her collaborations have been a significant part of her career trajectory. Working with artists like Khalid, Regard, and Troye Sivan, McRae has seen her music climb the charts, widening her audience and establishing her as a versatile and adaptable artist.

On tour, McRae has graced a variety of venues across the United States, ranging from intimate settings like the 9:30 Club to iconic locations such as Terminal 5 and The Fillmore. These performances have allowed her to connect with fans in a more personal, engaging environment.

Festival appearances have also been a key aspect of her career. McRae has performed at some of the biggest music festivals, including Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Austin City Limits, showcasing her ability to captivate larger audiences and share stages with other top artists in the industry.

Originally slated as the opening act for Shawn Mendes’ 2023 tour, McRae faced a setback when the tour was canceled due to Mendes’ mental health concerns. Despite this, she continued to demonstrate resilience and adaptability. Embarking on her tour, McRae proved that she can bring the same level of energy and excitement, creating memorable experiences for her fans and establishing herself as a headlining artist in her own right.

Some Streaming Numbers

Tate McRae’s popularity is evident when we examine her presence on major streaming platforms worldwide. Spotify and YouTube, being the most prominent in the music streaming, offer valuable insights into her fan base and the potential demand for concert tickets.

Starting with YouTube, McRae’s channel boasts nearly 4.5 million subscribers. Her channel, featuring almost 300 videos, includes an array of content from her early years to more recent, highly produced music videos. These videos are not just numerous but also widely viewed, with her most popular video amassing over 220 million views – a clear indicator of her significant reach and influence.

On Spotify, McRae’s impact is equally impressive. She has almost 50 million monthly listeners. The disparity between her YouTube and Spotify numbers can be attributed to her varied fan demographics, with a particularly strong following among younger listeners. Her hit song “You Broke Me First” has almost 1.3 billion listens on Spotify.

This information suggests high demand for her upcoming concerts. However, ticket availability may vary by venue. For instance, a large venue like Madison Square Garden, may have more available seats due to its size. Selling out such a large venue like the Garden is challenging. .

Head Out to a Concert

Every year features many fantastic concerts, and Tate McRae’s tour is certainly a highlight not to be missed. To assist you in finding the best seats for her concerts, we utilize top ticket sites. For guidance, you can refer to our comparison review of StubHub and SeatGeek, or explore other ticket platforms discussed on our site. With a wide range of ticket prices and seating choices, you have ample opportunities to find the ideal spot. Don’t miss out on her next show, and best of luck grabbing that perfect seat!


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