Target Center

Best Place to Sit in the Target Center

Best Place to Sit in the Target Center

Second only to Madison Square Garden as the oldest NBA arena is the Target Center, which still performs quite well. Major renovations have modernized the location quite drastically. Premium seats, clubs, and lounges were all part of the renovation. The complex is host to the Minnesota Timberwolves and other great events including big concerts and other sporting events. Some of the major performers that have come through include Rage Against the Machine, Kid Rock, Travis Tritt, Sting, and Alicia Keys. What happens over the next decade at the Target Center will certainly be interesting. For now, you can see the upcoming events below. The tickets will take you to some of the best seats inside the Target Center.

Best Place to Sit Inside the Target Center

The main reason you are here is to determine where you should sit at a Timberwolves game or concert. The good news is, that we’ll break down the seating chart to help you make the budgetary decision. The number one goal when finding the best seat isn’t always about cost. You should be focusing on experience. The better seat you have the better memory you will have, so keep that in mind. Let’s break down the where to sit factor now.

Lower Level – There are only two levels in the Target Center so it makes it fairly easy to navigate. When you think about the lower level we also consider the courtside seats. If you want to sit behind the Timberwolves bench look for seats in section 132. If you are a fan of the opponent or want to save a little money look in section 130. If you can get seats in the lower rows you’ll be all set for a good time. These seats are definitely some of the best.

Courtside Seats – Although Lexus is the sponsor of these seats doesn’t mean it will remain that way. The courtside seats at an NBA game are the premier-level seats we all wish to go after. There are several rows within the courtside, so try to row A if you can. You will have access to valet parking, all kinds of food and beverages, comfortable seats, a private entrance and exit, and smaller waits for other facilities around the Target Center.

Upper Level – These are the affordable sections in the arena. If you can get the first row on this level that is one thing, but if not try to spend some extra money to get down below.

TCL Theater Boxes – Not only will you have access to lounges in the Target Center, but you will also have a nice table to share with friends. This is a fun way to watch a game. You’ll have access to all-inclusive food and alcohol. Look for the best price when researching this area of the arena.

Grant Thorton Chairman’s Club – You will have plush views of the court and you will have some pretty cool views of downtown. These will be private suites that have a very luxurious feel.

Club TI – The suites right above the lower level are a great way to take in the game. You’ll have access to many amenities and based on cost they will be less than the Chairman’s Club.

Loge Box – This is a personal way to take in a game or concert. They are semi-private but offer some nice amenities to make your experience great.

Executive Suites – Last but not least are the executive suites. These are all around the Center and they hold around 20 people. This is a fun way for a group to take in a game or concert.

Summing up the best seats in the Target Center will come down to budget and the experience you will want. If you can find affordable courtside seats, you have to jump on them. If not, look for things that will make going to the event more fun.

History and Facts

When talking about the Target Center the first thing that comes to mind is how long it’s been there. Built in 1968, the cost of the structure was only $105 million at the time. Nowadays, you can expect a new arena to start at $500 million for new construction.

It has gone through some big renovations in 2004, 2014, and 2017. Each renovation provided some more seats and amenities to the building.

The Target Center’s capacity is something that has changed some over the years. Here is what you can expect at sell-out events. When the Timberwolves are playing some good basketball that means more fans will come to watch. Around 19,000 people at one time can attend a basketball game. When the center hosts a hockey game, a capacity crowd of 17,500 can be in attendance. Also, on average for a concert, you can expect crowds that reach 21,000 people. This will depend on the layout of the stage and direction.

We mentioned some of the big acts that have come through, but to keep the quality of events in perspective, the Target Center still brings in the big names and events. The Target Center has played host to the NBA All-Star game, 2022 Women’s Final Four, Billy Joel, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Metallica, and Kanye West.

A couple of other events that have come through and will most likely come back are UFC, MMA, and WWE fights. Just like all of the big arenas in the United States, if you are in the Minneapolis area, you should keep an eye out for events coming to town.

Parking Your Car

There are several different parking garages around the Target Center. Where should your park your car? That’s a great question. Depending on the weather, we always like to say park further away and walk several blocks to the arena. You can find parking at half the cost or even some street parking.

You can expect to pay around $25 for a parking spot. This will also depend on when you book your parking spot and how crowded the event is. A sellout event will have a lot more costs involved than a small event.

Look into some major parking apps to help you get a parking pass. The best parking areas are called Ramps A, B, and C. Each one will cost you the most.

Remember, to consider parking costs when planning your event budget. We suggest you add another $30 for each visit. This way you are not surprised by anything.

Arrival Situations

We mention arrival expectations on all of our arena breakdowns. The Target Center is no different than anywhere else when it comes to security and other things to think about.

Please make sure you only bring a small purse or personal bag. You will most likely not get past security with a backpack.

This is a cashless arena like the rest. This is the ongoing trend in all sporting and concert events around the globe. Make sure you have a card or a way to use your phone for payment.

Mobile tickets are also the system of choice when entering. When you buy your tickets you are most likely going to get some kind of mobile ticket with a bar code. Keep these codes secure of course so no one can take them.

Covid-19 – This is subject to change based on the Target Center and promoter of the event. As of right now, there are no Covid restrictions at the Target Center. You won’t have to worry about wearing a mask or having a vaccination card. Either way, you’ll be good to go.

Restaurants within Distance

You have a lot of options when it comes to food these days. What you are in the mood for will determine what you eat before, during, or after an event. Some people like to get a nice meal before a game to maybe save some money as well as eat something other than arena food. We go over a few choices you can choose from whether you are going to a concert or a Timberwolves game.

O’Donovan’s Irish Pub – This is a good time type of establishment serving up all the comfort foods to fill you up before a game. You have plenty of beer choices as well. Walking distance to Target Center is a plus as well.

Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse – A great spot for you to check out before a concert. This steakhouse is notorious in the area for providing all kinds of amazing food and it has top-notch service. There are plenty of 5-star ratings so if you are in the mood for good food and a good time check it out. Here is more information.

Cowboy Jack’s Downtown Minneapolis – Are you in the mood for some live music and American food? This 4-minute walk from the Target Center may be for you. It has nice outdoor seating during the warmer months and food for everyone.

Let’s Go To the Target Center

If you are here you plan to attend an event at the Target Center. There are dozens of events held each year. It will be up to you when it comes to finding the best seats in the Target Center. We know it can get a little out of control when researching so keep your patience and you’ll find those tickets that work for you. You can always reach out to us if you have any questions. Good luck on your quest and have a fabulous time.


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