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Best Seats for a Tampa Bay Lightning Game

Best Seats to see the Tampa Bay Lightning Tickets

Hockey is exciting, but attending a Tampa Bay Lightning game is a unique experience. Over the last decade, the Lightning have consistently performed well, securing many significant victories. We will assist you in attending an upcoming game, advising on the best seats and the best time to buy tickets. We’ll explore your ticket options at the start of the season up to the playoffs campaign. To conclude, we’ll look into some history and discuss the ticket prices you might encounter for entry into Amalie Arena.

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Best Seats in the Amalie Arena

Selecting the best seats for a game can be a challenge, but it’s easier once you determine your budget. With that in mind, you can explore Amalie Arena to find the ideal seats. Let’s examine various areas in the arena and share insights on the seating options.

Lower Level – These seats offer a fantastic experience for hockey games, putting you close to the action. Sections 101-130 encircle the rink. For views behind the Lightning bench, consider sections 101 and 130. Sections 101 and 102 are great for watching behind the opponent’s bench, and section 116 offers a view of the penalty box. For a chance to see the Lightning shoot twice, look at sections 108 and 109 behind the goal.

Upper Level – While sections 301 through 330 mirror the lower level in layout, they can’t match the 100 level’s views. Opt for seats in the first few rows for a better experience at this level, which offers a balance of cost savings and views, with some compromise on the experience.

Loge Seats – Offering a blend of privacy and convenience, these seats come with access to an exclusive lounge, along with all-inclusive food and drinks. Ideal for regular attendees, these seats provide a unique game-watching experience.

Club Seats – Known for offering some of the best distant views along with numerous amenities such as concierge service, VIP parking, and shorter lines for bathrooms and concessions, making them a comfortable choice.

Suites and Lounges – For those seeking an upgrade, these options offer comfortable seating, a relaxed atmosphere, and plenty of privacy, though they can be difficult to obtain without direct connections. The upscale food is a notable perk.

Standing Room Only – These areas provide a way to access Amalie Arena without a seat. While not the most glamorous option, they’re a good pick for budget-friendly, last-minute plans.

Pro Tip – When considering lower-row seats in certain sections, moving several rows back and aiming for the middle of the row can offer savings without sacrificing the view.

Best Time to Buy Tampa Bay Lightning Tickets

Whether you choose to attend a game at the start of the season or mid-way through, fortunately, there are ways to save on tickets by considering a few factors. We’ll discuss some strategies you might not have considered.

Checking the Schedule – Identify a few games you’re interested in. Look at prices for these games about two weeks in advance to gauge the cost.

Day of the Week Matters – Games on a Monday or Tuesday are likely to be less expensive than those on a Friday or Saturday night. Pair this insight with a game against a less competitive team for even more savings.

Compare Ticket Sites – We recommend nearly 10 ticket platforms for comparison. Check across these sites to find the best deal.

Opponent Does Matter – Games featuring top-ranked teams or star-studded lineups tend to have higher ticket prices. Opting for games against teams like the Minnesota Wild or Seattle Kraken could lead to substantial savings since they may be out of the market areas.

Your Ticket Options

There are so many different ways to get tickets these days. We wanted to share a few of those options with you.

Season Tickets – For those planning to attend a significant number of games, anywhere from 6 to 10 a season, purchasing season tickets could be the most economical choice. This allows you to select your preferred games and potentially sell tickets for high-demand games at a profit, substantially reducing the cost of attending multiple events.

Single Game Tickets – If you’re interested in attending just one game, there’s good news: single game tickets are readily available on platforms like StubHub and Vivid Seats, offering a broad selection for various events.

Group Tickets – Teams often offer group packages to help fill seats. While these packages might not include the most in-demand games, they are typically priced more reasonably, making them an excellent option for larger groups.

Last Minute Tickets – Opting to wait until the last minute to purchase tickets can be cost-saving, as prices may drop close to the event date. This method requires flexibility and patience but can lead to significant savings for nearly any game during the season.

History of the Tampa Bay Lightning

The Lightning entered the NHL in 1992 and have evolved into one of the league’s top teams, thanks to the contributions of many outstanding players.

Players like Nikita Kucherov, Andrei Vasilevskiy—who is regarded as one of the best goaltenders ever—Steven Stamkos, who has been instrumental in uniting the team, and Martin St. Louis, who played a key role in their 2004 Stanley Cup victory, have all helped the Lightning secure three Stanley Cups.

Besides their great players and achievements, the Lightning have developed several intense rivalries over the years. Games against the Florida Panthers, Detroit Red Wings, and Boston Bruins are particularly charged, stemming from their shared history. As a result, tickets for these games might be more expensive, depending on the teams’ performance at the time.

Tampa Bay Lightning Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for hockey games fluctuate frequently. We’ve highlighted some upcoming games to give you an idea of current prices. Keep in mind, that these prices are subject to change right up until the game starts. Additionally, the prices mentioned are for entry-level seats, which means they won’t be anywhere near the best seats in the arena.

Opponent Lowest Ticket Prices
New York Rangers $137
Boston Bruins $110
New York Islanders $109
Buffalo Sabres $40
Toronto Maple Leafs $97

Going to a Game This Season

By reaching the end, you’ve gained insight into the best places to sit for a Lightning game, various ticket options for securing the best price, and factors to consider when purchasing your tickets. We aim to assist you in having an enjoyable experience at the game, ideally with some of the best seats available. With numerous games each season, you’re well-equipped to select the game that matches your expectations and budget.


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