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Switchfoot has announced they will hit the road this fall with a tour called “SWITCHFOOT & Their Fantastic Traveling Music Show.” This is a premier format for the band, which will play two sets back-to-back every night. They intend to enjoy their audience with stories and songs that cannot be heard very often in the “traditional” format of a rock’n’roll live concert and also with noisy and acoustic versions of their rock tracks, both old and new.

The tour will kick off the 3rd of October in Des Moines, Iowa and includes stops in locations such as Columbus, Stamford, Jacksonville, and Boulder before wrapping up on the 10th of November in Redding, CA.

The tour follows the spring tour “Native Tongue”, called after the band’s 11th studio album, which debuted at #2 of “Billboard’s Rock Albums Chart”. This May, the band also released the EP “Live From The Native Tongue Tour”, which features 6 recordings from the band’s live performance at “Tabernacle” in Atlanta, GA.

The album “Native Tongue” highlights the band’s ability to “play” with several genres and musical styles even 20 years after they first started their musical journey. The progressive chasing of rock in “Dig New Streams” and the smooth merger of bass and synth vocals in “Voices” are two examples of the talent the band has when it comes to fusions. Several songs of the album feature a touch or a firm imprint of acoustic guitar, which reminds fans everywhere of the album “Fading West.”

The lyrics of the album are also belonging to different themes, with some of them, like “Wonderful Feeling”, sounding like universal empowerment hymns. The album doesn’t lack authentic rock ballads such as the ending track – “You’re The One I Want”, which sounds amazing thanks to the duet of Jon Foreman’s voice and a piano.

In 1996, in the San Diego area, the singer/guitarist Jonathan Foreman, the drummer Chad Butler and the bassist Tim Foreman began to play together. The initial name of their band was “Chin Up”.

They signed a deal with a Christian record company and after they released the albums “The Legend of Chin” and “New Way to Be Human” it seemed they were “doomed” to be listened to only by the Christian audience. In 2000, keyboardist Jerome Fontamillas joined the band and this new line-up released the album “Learning to Breathe”. This marked a shift of the band’s focus towards a more alternative rock style. The track “Breathe” sold in more than 500,000 copies and received a gold certification. It also earned a “Grammy” nomination for “Best Rock Gospel Album” ver ahora. The band was featured in 2002 on the soundtrack of the movie “A Walk to Remember”.

The band’s breakthrough came in 2003. The group was under contract with “Columbia Records” and the album “The Beautiful Letdown” became a hit: it received platinum certification twice and had two singles in Top 20: “Meant to Live” and “Dare You to Move”. But most of all, the album meant the band’s complete shift towards mainstream alternative rock, thanks in part to the fusion of “sacred and profane”.

This evolution was even more evident in the following albums:  “Nothing Is Sound” released in 2005 and “Hello Hurricane” released in 2009. The elements progressively added to their music – such as post-grunge, strong pop and synth-rock finally brought them the well-deserved “Grammy” award for “Best Rock Gospel Album” and established them as they wanted to be seen by their fans: “Christian by faith, not by genre”.

“Nothing Is Sound” had several notable performances and a premiere: it received a gold certification, it debuted at #3 in “Billboard 200”, it turned the track “Stars” into a radio hit and it benefited from the contribution of the supplementary guitarist Andrew Shirley. Shirley used to be a member of the Christian group “All Together Separate” and began touring with Switchfoot since 2003.

The next album came in 2006. “Oh! Gravity” was produced by the English veteran Tim Palmer and represented a new milestone for the band, as the guys targeted with it new musical objectives.

“Hello Hurricane”, the band’s next album, produced in cooperation with Mike Elizondo, won in 2011 the “Grammy” for “Best Rock Gospel Album”.”Vice Verses” delivered shortly after, reached #1 in “Billboard’s Christian Albums chart”, #8 in “Billboard 200” and showed the public the guys really know their rhythm. In 2013, the album won a nomination for “Rock/Contemporary Song of the Year” at GMA Dove Award

2014 was another good year for “Switchfoot”: “Fading West” appeared in January and brought fans new surprises from the band, who decided it’s time to experiment with various musical styles and less-than-usual musical instruments. September saw the release of supplementary material for this album, called “Fading West: The Edge of the Earth – Unreleased Songs”.

Two years later, in 2016, the band worked with the veteran John Fields to produce the album “Where the Light Shines Through”, which featured the successful singles “Float” and “Live It Well”.

In 2017, “Switchfoot” reissued the track “I Won’t Let You Go”, adding the vocals of Lauren Daigle. The next year, their track “You Found Me” was featured on the soundtrack of “Unbroken: Path to Redemption” and in 2019 they released “Native Tongue”, their 11th studio album. There are plenty of tickets at StubHub so don’t miss out.

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