Buying tickets at StubHub is already a great experience. They have an excellent user interface, a mobile app, a friendly, quick, and helpful customer service team, and some of the best prices of any third-party ticket site on the web. What could make using this site any better? 

Promo Codes and Discount codes, of course!

Getting a deal on already competitive prices makes going to see your favorite team, band, or any other event much more entertaining. Not only will you have a lot of fun, but you can do so and save a few dollars at the same time. You can use your savings to grab a souvenir, or an extra beer, or just put it back in your bank account.

Looking for the Best StubHub Discount Code?

Secret promo codes get launched all the time. You have to be on the lookout for things like black Friday deals and more. For example, on November 25, 2022, you can use the promo code BFAFF2022 and save $40 on tickets that are purchased for over $400. These don’t happen often but when they do you should jump on the opportunity.

Are there StubHub Promo Codes for 2023? We’ll break this down below.

Ready to start saving some money? Keep reading to see the best way to get and use StubHub Discount Codes.

How to Get Coupon Codes

One of the biggest questions that people have when they first think about using coupons when buying something online is, “Where do I get them?” Great question.

The answer is really simple: StubHub. Maybe it’s a surprise that StubHub itself is our number one pick to get coupon codes from. But StubHub is the one in charge of the codes, and it’s in their interests to keep their customers happy, right? They know that a happy, satisfied customer is more likely to be a repeat customer, and they go out of their way to make sure that you have a good experience when using their site. This should be the first place that you look.

The codes that you will get from StubHub are called Fan Codes. They are discount codes that you will receive after you make a purchase. The Fan Code is a promo code that you can apply to your next purchase.

The Fan Code is good for 2 percent off of your next purchase. If you make ten purchases or spend $2,000 or more, then this number will be bumped up to 3 percent. This might not seem like a huge discount, but it is a great way to save money, especially if you are planning on buying tickets on more than one occasion. In fact, that is one of the reasons why StubHub runs the Fan Code program. The discount code for your next purchase helps you to save money, but it also encourages customers to keep coming back to buy more. Whenever you make a purchase, the Fan Code will be automatically sent to you via email. This usually takes place within a few hours of your purchase, but it can be up to a few days later.

There are a few different ways that StubHub distributes promos. The easiest way to start is to check out their website for current offers. However, after you make your first purchase, you will receive a Fan Code in your email shortly after. This will ensure that you always have a discount code moving forward. StubHub users will come across the occasional promo code in their emails and through the site’s state-of-the-art app, too. Using these codes when you receive them can help you to save money on the big-ticket purchases that you might be looking forward to, as well.

Using a Fan Code

Using a Fan Code is quite simple. When you are checking out, there will be a prompt asking you to enter a promo code. If you have one, this is where it will be entered. Be sure to copy it down in the appropriate spot and double-check that it has been applied before you complete the checkout process.

There is a certain strategy for getting the most out of Fan Codes. First, know that they offer you a percentage of savings on ticket purchases. When you use these codes, you are not saving a fixed amount of money, but a variable amount, depending on the size of your purchase. Because of this, using a Fan Code should encourage you to buy more expensive tickets or make larger purchases. By saving a few bucks, you can buy higher-quality tickets.

It can be tempting to save your Fan Code for your most expensive purchases. Rather than use it for normal purchases, StubHub users often decide to wait to use their code for a monumental purchase for a major event like the Super Bowl. However, this strategy is misguided. The great thing about StubHub is that you will receive a Fan Code after every purchase. The more you buy, the better the rewards will be. It doesn’t make sense to hold off on using a promo code because you will receive a Fan Code after every purchase that you make, so you will always have another to use.

Some sites do jack up their prices to offset promo codes, and it might be assumed that StubHub does the same. However, this site is very transparent with its fee structure and maintains some of thelowest additional costs in the entire ticket resale industry. Adding promo codes to your purchase will only help you to take advantage of their already low prices.

StubHub Discounts FAQ – Truths and Myths

What are Fan Rewards?

Fan Rewards was the name of StubHub’s rewards program before they transitioned into the Fan Code program. Although Fan Rewards do not technically exist anymore, you can still earn Fan Codes as one of the rewards that can be earned through StubHub. Signing up for their promo program is a smart idea if you want to get the most out of your StubHub experience. Luckily, that process is really easy. More on other rewards programs that do exist.

Where else can I get promo codes?

StubHub ended its external promo code program in 2016, so right now, the only way to get StubHub promo codes is through the Fan Code program. Other sites may direct you to StubHub, but they will only be offering you the same savings and discounts that you would get if you went directly through the site.

Is it really worth it to use StubHub without as many promos?

There will often be ticket sites out there that have cheaper prices than StubHub, but you will never find a site that has the same safety and security measures in place. FanProtect guarantees your tickets, whether you are buying or selling. This service alone makes StubHub a top-quality site. We encourage you to shop around when buying tickets. Sometimes you will find a site with cheaper prices than StubHub, but often StubHub Tickets will be your best bet. The guarantee they offer should ensure that StubHub is your first stop when ticket shopping regardless of whether you end up purchasing from them or not.

Are there other promos that StubHub offers?

Yes! From time to time, StubHub will offer other promos besides their Fan Code program. Check out the StubHub site and look in their FAQ section for occasional updates. These are often most prevalent at the beginning of a sports season. Also, if you create an account with StubHub, they will send you promo codes via email every once in a while. Finally, be sure to download the app. StubHub will occasionally send out promo codes that are exclusive to their app users.

Who to Trust?

Are you Ready for the FancodeThis probably goes without saying, but not all sites on the web are acting in your best interests. If there’s a site out there that wants to sell you a code, there’s a chance that the code might be fraudulent, you might be putting money at risk, and even if these things aren’t true, the code isn’t worth paying for. It’s really important that you act intelligently with your money so that you are not putting yourself at risk in any way. Now, you can always just go to Google and type in “StubHub Promo Codes,” but this isn’t always the best way to do things, especially since StubHub changed its promo code program. You might get lucky, but you might also get scammed. Be sure that you use basic common sense when buying things online and never give out your financial information to a site that isn’t secure and trusted. If you do have questions, a quick web search will let you know if there have been issues with a site in the past.

Are Promo Codes Worth It?

Yes! Getting promo codes to StubHub is definitely worth it. When you get to the checkout screen, specify that you have a code if you haven’t done so already so that you can be assured that you’ll get the discount you deserve. The site is great and having a coupon at checkout can make your experience that much better. However, the only way to get a coupon code right now is to be a repeat customer at StubHub. Customer loyalty really pays off with this site, and they do their best to take care of the people that use their site. You can also check out their YouTube channel for some updates as well. You may run across some ideas and special deals as well.

Other Ways to Save

Promo codes are one of the best ways to save money when buying event tickets, but they’re certainly not the only way to save. Timing your purchase correctly can help you save a few bucks, especially if it is not a major event like a playoff game or an exclusive concert. For example, there is a time period that begins around two weeks before the event where prices will begin to drop as sellers start to panic that their tickets will not sell. Prices can drop at this point, but not always. You need to understand the particular market that you are looking at in order to make the most of this general concept.

Another way to save is to not worry too much about where you sit. Some seats are amazing and well worth paying a huge amount for. At other times, there’s very little difference between buying front-row tickets at standing-room-only tickets. The only big difference will be the price. If you really want to save money, sometimes you can’t be too worried about where you sit.

One of the great things about StubHub is that they also sell parking passes for events that require you to pay for parking. Buying a parking pass when you buy your event tickets will help you to not just save money on parking (sometimes prices get jacked up on the day of an event), but to guarantee that you don’t have to worry about finding a parking place on the day of the event.

Finally, don’t be afraid to shop around. StubHub often has the best deals that you will find when it comes to buying tickets, but not always. Secondary ticket sales sites like StubHub are cheaper than primary ticket sites about half of the time. StubHub leads the charge here, but there are other sites besides this one. Check the venue hosting the event after you’ve looked at StubHub to see if they have any tickets available and what their prices are. Finally, be sure to check out other ticket resale sites.

  • Ebates now Rakuten: You’ve probably heard of this site before, but they’ve been out of the limelight for a few years. That doesn’t mean that they don’t still offer a great service. In fact, Rakuten still has great codes on its site. Just go to their homepage and type in StubHub or whatever event specifically it is you want to attend. Although codes will not appear, you can still get a cash rebate on your purchase if you’re signed up. Check out Rakuten Right Here. You can easily create an account with them. On average, you can get a 1.5% cash back on purchases. However, some sports like MLB and gift card purchases will not give you a rebate. These terms can be read on their site. Here is a real-life example. After you create a Rakuten account here, you can then go to StubHub in their directory. You will see links for a 1.5% cashback. Should you click the link and purchase say Elton John concert tickets, you will get a deposit in your Rakuten account for the correct percentage amount. Say you bought two tickets for $450, and you will receive $6.75 in your account. Granted, $6.75 isn’t a lot of money when you are talking about $450. However, it will add up in the end. You just have to be in it for the long run and use the program often on all kinds of purchases.

StubHub Leads the Way

Even with the changes that StubHub made to its rewards program a few years ago, its site remains one of the best places to purchase tickets. You will still come across promo codes and they will still be incredibly helpful to you when making purchases. Using a promo code when you buy tickets will help you to save a few bucks, and that money can easily be put toward another purpose. You can either save the money, splurge on something extra, or upgrade your tickets. Discount codes are just another way to get more enjoyment out of your favorite events, regardless of what they might be. The best tickets will help you and your friends have the time of your life, and saving money will make it even better. We hope this up-to-date StubHub Discount Code review helped you make a better decision.