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StubHub is a ticket resale site designed so that customers may buy and sell tickets to events. It was founded in 2000, and in 2007, it was acquired by the auction site, eBay. In the years since then, it has become one of the most popular ticket exchange websites out there. They have a strong reputation and see a lot of traffic as a result of this. In fact, they currently have the world’s largest marketplace when it comes to ticket sales. They even have a stadium named after them, the StubHub Center in Carson, California. This was formerly the Home Depot Center until StubHub but the naming rights in 2013.
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General Information About

Like most other ticket exchanges, StubHub has a wide variety of tickets to major sporting events, concerts, and theater performances. They also carry tickets to other events that many other ticket resell exchanges do not carry, such as comedy acts, Disney on Ice, Monster Truck shows, and so on.

One thing to note about StubHub is that they have a worldwide reach. The vast majority of ticket resell sites do not have this, but StubHub has tickets for events all throughout the U.S., Europe, and other parts of the world. They even have offices located in London and in Berlin. They are far bigger than any other secondary market for tickets, and have sold tickets to an average of over 10 million events each month.

One additional thing about StubHub that separates them from the crowd is their customer service department. If you have any questions, they are willing to help. Give their 800 number a call 24/7 and someone can walk you through the process. They also have a pretty extensive FAQ section if you want to try to figure out stuff on your own.

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Security is Smart

Thanks to their affiliation with eBay, StubHub has some of the best security measures in place on the web. Personal information is kept private, and all credit card transactions are encrypted.

They have a 100 percent guarantee that applies to both buyers and sellers. Called Fanprotect, this guarantee allows you to buy the tickets you want and get exactly what you were looking for on time. For sellers, it protects you if you sell your tickets. It’s free to list them, and you can adjust your price up until the time that they are sold.

Fees are Expected

StubHub does have fees associated with their ticket sales, but they are comparable or cheaper than most other ticket exchanges. For example, where tickets can sometimes have more service fees than the actual price of the ticket, StubHub’s fees are usually no more than a quarter or the ticket price. This can vary from event to event, of course, but they are able to charge fewer fees because of their sheer size.

Promo Codes Save Money

StubHub promo codes are an easy way to save a few bucks here and there. These are generally free to obtain, but do require some work as StubHub affiliates around the web list them on their sites. It’s definitely worth spending 10 or 15 minutes searching around for the best promo codes out there so that you can save the most money for your event of choice. Because StubHub is so big, sometimes you will find that promo codes are listed on commercials or in other media venues. These can be valuable, too. They also have a loyalty program call StubHub Fan Rewards. Joining is free. Star members earn 2 percent on every purchase, and once you earn $10, you get a Fan Code that allows you to put that $10 (or whatever other increment you’ve earned) toward your next purchase. This is another easy way to save money. They do have a higher tier program, called the Superstar member. Here, you earn 3 percent on purchases after you have spent $2,000 within a calendar year, or have made 10 separate purchases. Both of these are great programs, and have helped StubHub to earn a lot of repeat customers.

Special Delivery

Most tickets are delivered by email, where you can then download the ticket and print them out for the big game or concert. When you purchase digital tickets, the delivery fee is added in with your service charge, helping you to see what you are paying as a final price more quickly than at most other ticket sites.

If you are ordering tickets at the last minute, StubHub does have several last minute service centers where you can go and pick your tickets up in person. Check their site for a list of these addresses if this is something you need to use.