String Cheese Incident is Always Better Live

By on June 18, 2016
string cheese incident
(Last Updated On: June 18, 2016)

The String Cheese Incident is a bluegrass, jam band from Colorado with a large cult following. Their concerts are legendary, and fans of their music typically prefer watching them play live to listening to an album cut. Thanks to this, tickets to String Cheese Incident shows are far more popular than their albums are, and they are often high demand items. If you’ve never seen them play, but enjoy high energy music with a huge range of talent, then this is one band that you will want to catch live when you can.

The band formed in 1993 and has a wide range of musical sounds. They are primarily a bluegrass/jam band, but they also have hints of psychedelia, electronica, and sometimes even a country feel to them. They started out playing at ski resorts and clubs, but in the late 1990s the band started to gain a wide following. They put out their first album then, and they still play many songs from this at their live shows, including “Jellyfish” and “Texas.” Today, the members of the band have multiple side projects, but the band still gets together and puts on huge shows. They’ve played with a ton of big name musicians and bands, such as Skrillex, Talking Heads, and Pangaea. One of the current projects that the band is working on is putting together bluegrass covers of some of the more popular Grateful Dead songs.

One of the cool things about tickets to String Cheese Incident is that they play a wide range of cover songs live. They sometimes will have covers on their albums, but at their concerts they go a lot deeper into them. These are typically songs that their audience would know, but not a sound that they would associate with the band’s sound. One of the most popular covers that the band play is “Tom Sawyer,” originally performed by the classic rock band, Rush. This band is a ton of fun to go see play live, and it’s something that their fans always look forward to. If you’ve never heard them, you are really missing out.

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