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We aim to assist you in finding the best seats within SoFi Stadium to enhance your experience and create lasting memories. The location of your seat, whether it’s in a specific section, row, or even a single seat, can make a significant difference. We will guide you on where to sit in SoFi Stadium for various events, such as sporting and concert performances. Additionally, we’ll provide information about past events, upcoming ticket prices, and other valuable insights to enhance your overall event experience.

Looking for tickets? Explore the list below to find upcoming events at SoFi Stadium. You’ll discover a wide range of NFL football games featuring the Rams and Chargers, exciting soccer events, captivating concerts, and much more. If you can’t find the event you’re interested in, simply click the “load more” button to access the complete schedule of events taking place at SoFi Stadium.

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Where To Sit Inside SoFi?

Best Seats for Sporting Events

SoFi Ticket Buying Scenario and Tips

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Where To Sit Inside SoFi

We understand that SoFi Stadium hosts a multitude of events, making it crucial to highlight some of the major ones. Let’s begin by discussing NFL Football as a prominent sporting event, followed by major concerts that are worth exploring. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the diverse range of events available.

Securing the optimal seats within SoFi Stadium can be challenging, especially when budget constraints are a factor. To assist you, we will provide insights into various sections you should consider, along with tips on selecting rows that can help you save money while enjoying the experience to the fullest.

Best Seats for Sporting Events:

SoFi Stadium annually hosts numerous sports events, with NFL games predominating, primarily featuring the Rams and Chargers. Let’s discuss the best seating options for these games.

There is only one other shared stadium in the NFL and that is in New Jersey, which is MetLife which hosts the New York Giants and New York Jets. We discuss where to sit there as well.

Our aim is to help you navigate the seating chart of these football games to find optimal seats within your budget. SoFi Stadium, with its enhanced seating, can seem daunting if you’re unfamiliar with stadium layouts. We aim to demystify the process, helping you confidently choose seats.

SoFi Stadium Football Seating Chart
Based on the representation above you can see there are plenty of places to sit inside SoFi Stadium.

Inner Bowl – The inner bowl’s sideline seats, primarily club-level, offer a premier viewing experience. Despite a premium price tag, SoFi Stadium ensures these seats feel worth every penny. For more economical options, consider visitor’s sections, which offer savings of $30-$100.

EndZone 100 – A fantastic choice for soaking in the game, these non-club level seats have a significantly lower price, making them a smart addition to your consideration list.

200 Level – Offering a stellar vantage point, the 200-level mix of regular and club-level seating is ideal for experiencing the SoFi atmosphere. For the best value, look to the endzone corners.

300 Level – Situated beyond the suite zones, the 300 level offers an excellent view. For optimal experience, seek out seats within the 40-yard lines. With a wide price range, a bargain is waiting to be found.

400 Level – A modest yet appealing choice, the 400 level provides a slightly enhanced view for those wanting more than the 500 level. Its charm lies in its smaller sections and fewer rows, making for a more intimate spectator experience.

500 Level – These furthest seats, consisting of 22 rows, may not be the first choice for many but can be surprisingly rewarding if chosen around the center. For a minor price bump, the 300 level could be a more appealing alternative.

Club Levels – Overflowing with club seats, SoFi may seem to have an overpriced selection, but the included amenities can justify the cost. Review the specifics on the SoFi website to understand exactly what your ticket offers. Club seats span from the sidelines to the uppermost sections.

VIP – Boasting some of the best views, the VIP seats come with an array of perks, including access to exclusive lounges, in-seat service, premium parking, and an exclusive entrance. The price tag may be high, but carefully scoping out the VIP sections might unearth a great deal.

Suites – These are the pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity, requiring either a large group or a special connection to secure. Offering a full array of amenities, suites stretch from the field level up to just below the 400 level, promising an unmatched viewing experience.

SoFi Ticket Buying Scenario and Tips

Explore the image below as we guide you in not only finding the best seats but also the ideal time to purchase your football tickets. Think of each section in the stadium with varying availability, depending on the opponent and the current season.

Row 1 – This row sets the section’s benchmark price. Ignore listings further back with higher prices.

Row 2 – Just one row behind, these tickets offer a $50 saving per ticket. While front-row seats may be tempting, purchasing two tickets here could save you $100—fund for your additional expenses at the game.

Row 5 – A bit further back, but with an additional $15 saving per ticket. Two tickets in this row could free up enough for a couple of celebratory beers.

Rows 10-14 – Row 10 offers no advantage over row 5, and the minor savings in row 14 might not warrant the extra distance.

Tip – Keep an eye on your preferred section and price range. If Row 1 sells out, prices may surge above their original rate. When a good deal appears, it’s sometimes best to seize the opportunity promptly.

SoFi Stadium Section Seat Selection
Be sure to go Row by Row before Pressing the Buy Button. Savings!


Best Seats for Concerts:

SoFi Stadium attracts only the most prominent artists, and one name that stands out among the rest is Taylor Swift. With five scheduled shows in 2023, she undoubtedly represents the pinnacle of the concert industry. While not all stage setups will resemble Taylor Swift’s, you can use her performances as a reference point when attending other remarkable shows, such as Metallica or Beyoncé.

We’ll take a look at the seating chart and see if there are some deals to be had. Selecting her as our example isn’t probably the best choice with her ticket prices being so high, but looking at the seating chart breakdown could shed some light on finding deals at other shows.

SoFi Stadium Seating Chart is Worth Checking Out
Finding the Best Seats in SoFi Stadium will Carry a Heavy Price Tag. Make sure you have a budget.

There are various seating options to consider when attending a concert at a large venue like SoFi. It can get a bit perplexing, so let’s break it down. Where to sit at a concert in SoFi Stadium has many different answers.

Floor Seats – Okay, so floor seats are where it is at. These are the seats we all strive for when we get into the ticket queue at TicketMaster. In many cases, especially events at SoFi, floor seats become more of a dream than a reality. If you can score a floor seat early go for it. However, if you are after the presale and onsale dates, you’ll be faced with an expensive decision. Going through the seating chart above, there are only a few seats available. This means inventory is way low and the price is way high. Consider the rows further back within a closer section to the main stage or go center floor seats in the back.

Inner Bowl – This is where we think you should be. Why? this is because with everyone wanting floor seats, demand and prices will be super high. With the inner bowl at SoFi, there are a lot of seats included in these sections. Remember, there are usually club seats and VIP Seats splashed in so always be aware of this when selecting. We like the seats in Sections 121, 122, and 123. These are dead-center views of the stage. In a lot of cases, you will find these seats to be less than closer inner bowl sections. When you have a stage that comes out so far, you know the artist will be out in that area a lot. You’ll get some nice close-ups.

200 Level – If you are looking for some kind of raised view these are the seats for you. There are suites and club-level seats mixed in as well. Not to mention for certain tours there will be VIP seats. We don’t see much value here, but the amenities will be great. This is a great way to get a top-level concert feels without buying suite or VIP tickets.

300 Level – These seats are okay. The nice thing is there are fewer rows per section. We feel like this was done on purpose to provide so many upgrades in the stadium. Prices could be decent here since they aren’t as great but still have that middle-grade upgrade. Try to get the first 3 rows in these sections.

400 Level – These are for those that can’t afford the 300 level but don’t want nosebleeds. We only suggest you get these seats if you can’t get something below. Try to get a center for these seats. Think 429, 430, and 431

500 Level – Last resort sections or you don’t have the budget. For a Taylor Swift concert, these seats have an extreme pricing level that is probably more than some of the best seats for other artists on the floor.

Club Level – Consider the club level throughout the stadium if you are looking for some nice amenities for your concert experience. Prices will jump substantially even if you compare a section over. Your access and amenities will be better in sections C113, and C114 than in sections 119, 120, and 121. Remember, many of the seats for a concert in the lower bowl will be club-level seats. There are club sections all the way up close to the 500 level.

Suites – Talk about going in style. This is where you want to be if money isn’t an issue and you want to really enjoy yourself. These are hard to come by at SoFi, but people will price these seats to sell at a high level. Surprisingly we see a lower-level Suite ticket for $3800, which is just a bit more than regular sections. It’s not the best location, but it is something you need to look for.

VIP – There are always VIP seats in SoFi stadium no matter the performer. These are next-level sections and you won’t find these seats for less than most sections. You usually get things like in-seat waiter service, VIP parking, access to private bathrooms, and other things to make your experience better. Only look here if you can afford it or just want to be wowed.

ADA Seating

With this state-of-the-art facility, there were a lot of things taken into consideration in terms of ADA seating options and amenities. Tickets are available in the 100, 200, 300, and 400 levels.

Some of the options available include assistive listening devices, parking with specific parking passes, elevators in several sections of the building, service animal access, restrooms, wheelchair lifts and escorts, and plenty of other options to make your visit better. You can always call the stadium at 424.541.9222 for more information.

Upcoming Ticket Prices

Upon its construction, SoFi Stadium set lofty expectations for the Los Angeles region. In 2020, the venue emerged as a spectacular hub for two premier football teams and a stage for world-class concerts. It also hosts other significant football games like the College Football Championship, among other events. We’d like to highlight a few upcoming events with their corresponding “get-in-price” tickets. This refers to the lowest-priced tickets currently available for these events. Please note that these prices are dynamic and likely to change.

Event Lowest Ticket Price
Morgan Wallen $233
Taylor Swift $1211
Metallica $108
Beyonce $134
Eagles at Rams $114
Broncos at Chargers $40

Events from the Past

In its brief yet vibrant history, SoFi Stadium has been the stage for an abundance of extraordinary events, in addition to hosting annual NFL games. Below, we highlight a few of the most noteworthy happenings that have graced this impressive venue.

Super Bowl 56
2023 CONCACAF Gold Cup Final
Kenny Chesney
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Bad Bunny
Morgan Wallen
Taylor Swift

Parking Around SoFi

Parking isn’t the best but manageable around SoFi Stadium. There are a ton of spots around the stadium. We highly suggest you get a parking pass ahead of time to avoid any entrance issues. You also have access to parking lots outside the main destination parking areas. Use apps like SpotHero and ParkWhiz to help you with your parking situations. If you are in some of the premier seats you should have access to VIP parking which is quite expensive but worth it.

In terms of tailgating, be sure to check out the rules of the lot. Each lot will have a different set of rules on what you can and can’t do. Be sure to double-check this.


This question has many different answers and it will depend on your budget. There are amazing seats that are really expensive. There are also really good seats that aren’t as much. We discuss this in great detail and provide you with some options.

They try to make tickets available for all budgets. Depending on the event that is happening will dictate the price. A Super Bowl or Taylor Swift concert won’t have cheap tickets, however, most events will carry cheaper tickets.

This will depend on the designated parking areas. Some will allow it while others will not. The SoFi Stadium website discusses which parking areas permit tailgating and for which events. Please check the rules.

You’ll have access to some great food in the many lounges around the stadium. These are great spaces for before and after the game. You’ll also have access to private entrances, bathrooms, and in-seat services. Not to mention, the seating is much more comfortable.

SoFi Stadium Experience

Having come this far, you’re clearly primed to secure the best seats SoFi Stadium has to offer. With a plethora of events annually, your access to this magnificent venue is a gateway to unforgettable experiences. Being mindful of your budget without compromising the quality of your experience is key. So take your time, observe the fluctuating availability across the sections, and you may stumble upon some fantastic deals far below the expected price. Equipped with our tips on securing the best seats for sports events or concerts, we’re confident that your next event will be etched in your memory forever. Take the leap, get your tickets, and prepare for a remarkable SoFi Stadium experience.


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