Skrillex is the Biggest Name in Electronica

By on June 17, 2017
skrillex on tour

Skrillex might just be the biggest name in all of electronic dance music. The DJ is well known across different musical genres. When Skrillex tours, his shows almost always sell out, no matter how big the venue is. Tickets to Skrillex are always hot items, and if this is a show that you want to go see, you’ll need to move as soon as tickets go on sale. If you can’t find tickets, don’t worry; we can help you out. Be sure to check out ticket sites like SeatGeek to find available passes even after tickets have sold out. There are many other reputable sites like this out there if you still can’t find tickets, so don’t despair.

The DJ that we know as Skrillex was born as Sonny John Moore. He grew up in California and was originally a member of the hardcore band From First to Last. He cites Daft Punk as his big influence for his move to electronic dance music after seeing them perform. Skrillex plays a high energy type of electronica music, but he’s played with several different types of musicians over different types of music. Some of these groups include String Cheese Incident, Incubus, All Time Low, and Diplo. He’s even played at the Burning Man festival. Songs like “Make War,” “Glow Worm,” “Signals,” and “More Monsters and Sprites” have skyrocketed Skrillex into fame, and it appears that he’s still growing in fame. In the world of electronic dance music, he is the hottest DJ out there. He also has several Grammys and MTV Video Awards to back up this claim.

Thinking about going to see Skrillex perform? Be sure that you move quick. He’s extremely popular and where he plays, people go to see him. Whether you’re a longtime fan of his music, or you’ve just discovered him, tickets to Skrillex are big money items. If this is a tour you’re interested in getting in on, the only way to get there is by grabbing tickets when you can. But move quick; this is one act that has a huge following of fans.